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11.5.2020 Home Learning Week 6

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Hello Chameleons, I hope you're having a lovely week! smiley I have been in school a few times this week already so thought I would share some of the things we've been up to! On Tuesday, we drew summer flowers and today we pained some pictures of nature to deliver to the local residential home on Friday. We hope that the pictures will cheer the residents up! I've really loved hearing from lots of you in emails smiley keep them coming! Mrs Percival & Mrs Shoesmith have created a music page with some lovely songs for you to sing along to as well as some musical challenges too! I will post the link below and also onto our 'Useful Links' page in case you want to have a look. I've also found a great story that you might want to have a read of! It's called 'How not to go to school' and I think it's very fitting right now but still funny at the same time! Enjoy the rest of your week! Remember to send me some pictures if you take part in the baking challenge on Friday (if you're lucky I might share some pictures of my baking too!).

Miss Makepeace x

We drew summer flowers!
We painted pictures for the local residential home
We painted pictures for the local residential home

Home Learning wb 11.5.2020

Happy Monday Chameleons! I hope you had a lovely long weekend and had the chance to enjoy the sun! Home learning resumes this week with some Maths & English as always, as well as some Anglo-Saxon themed Art & Geography work. I can't wait to see what you get up to this week! smiley I've added some inspirational quotes to our page this week to remind you all how fabulous you are! I'm so proud of how well you are doing with your home learning and even though it gets difficult sometimes - just know that you can pick yourselves up and continue when you are ready! Having a break is absolutely fine! As always, I'm just at the other end of the email if you do need anything! Have a lovely week - I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!

Miss Makepeace x


Well done to: Harry B, Isla, Francaesa, Isaac H, Daisy & Matty who all read at least one book on Bug Club last week!

Also well done to: Harry B, Iris, Isla, Jennifer, Neve, Francesca, Dillion, Lily H, Archie, Daisy, Sam, Violet, Charlie & Matty who played on Spelling Shed last week! Keep it up! smiley


Great news! We have finally finished our fractions topic (woohoo!) and will be moving onto money this week. This unit should be easier as we covered quite a lot of it when we were in school. I do however think it will be good to recap smiley. As always, have a look at the White Rose Maths website. We are still a week behind so make sure you look at Summer Term Week 3. Friday's Maths challenge is very exciting as it's a baking challenge! You might want to take a look at this a little in advance if you want to have a go, to make sure that you can pick up the ingredients before hand. If you find you can't do this recipe, why not bake something else? I've been doing lots of baking of my own at home - it's very fun! Please also remember to log onto TTRS and Mathletics and if you do want any extra fractions work to consolidate your learning, I've added lots to Education City.


We are now onto Week 6 of home learning and all of use have experienced many changes to our daily lives during this time. Some of the changes have been really positive, however, other changes have been much harder to adapt to. Given all the changes that have happened in our lives, I thought that I'd be nice for you to write a poem to reflect on this time. Read the document below to find out more about poetry writing and the different tasks you should complete before writing your poem. You will also find details about this weeks Spelling Shed and Bug Club activities in the document and as always, please continue to read your favourite books at home too!


This week, you are going to be continuing our topic on the Anglo Saxons, however you are going to be looking at the geographical aspects of the Anglo-Saxons. I would like you to look into the places where the Anglo Saxons settled, the names of their Kingdoms and the meanings behind these names. Complete the activities outlined in the document below and use the information provided to support you. 


Finally, and also linking to our topic on the Anglo Saxons, I have set you some art activities researching, designing and creating belt buckles and brooches, items which the Anglo Saxons where very skilled in making and wore as a symbol of wealth. Look carefully at the document below which takes you through a series of activities to complete. I look forward to seeing your excellent creative abilities in action!