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1.6.2020 Home Learning Week 8

wb 1.6.2020 Home Learning Week 8

Hello Chameleons! I hope you had a lovely half-term - we were so lucky with the weather! I don't know about all of you but I definitely felt like I was on a real summer holiday! Did you all get to enjoy the sun? I hope so! So, can you believe it? We are in the last half-term of Year 3! I know it's been a crazy year and is so strange to think that we haven't all been together in almost 11 weeks now but I am still so proud of your outstanding home learning efforts! With 7 weeks to go before summer, we will be continuing with our Anglo-Saxons topic. We have set you some work based around this topic for this week as well as some PSHE work to get your minds focused and ready for another half-term of home learning. Read on below to find out what we have set for you this week smiley.


This week's maths topic is another recap of one we have done previously. We focused on measure and perimeter at the beginning of our home learning sessions and we will be returning to it this week. I would like you to work on adding and subtracting a range of measurements, remembering to use the column methods for both addition and subtraction. I know that you are all experts with these methods so please remember to apply your knowledge! When finding the perimeter, remember to add the length of each side of the shape. This means that you will be adding more than two numbers together however you can still use the column method! If you need any help just send me an email but I am absolutely sure that you will all be able to do this smiley. On Friday, check out the BBC Bitesize website for their Friday challenge!


This week’s writing task is linked to the most famous of all Anglo-Saxon stories: Beowulf. We know so many of you enjoyed the writing task from last half-term and thought it would be great to continue with the story. As such, we would like you to write a character description of any one of the main characters from the story: Beowulf, Grendel or Grendel’s mother. As well as this, we would like you to log on to Spelling Shed to practise this week's spellings, read a book on Bug Club and as always, remember to read your favourite stories at home too!


This week we will be learning about The Anglo-Saxon Kings. We will find out who they were, how they lived and how they influenced Britain. Below you will see we have provided sources that include lots of information on the Kings but please also feel free to do your own research too. We would like you to create an information sheet about the Kings and how they influenced Britain, as well as create a royal portrait of your favourite King. If you like, we have also included a reading comprehension to help you to find out more about the Kings.


As this week of home learning begins a new half-term, I would like you to reflect on your incredible learning at home so far, how well you've used you superhero Learning Powers and decide upon 3 or 4 new targets or goals for your final half-term in Year 3. This week's activities will teach you what a SMART Target is and give you the opportunity to come up with your own targets and goals for both your home learning and for new hobbies and skills you've taken up or been practising whilst you've been at home. I'd love to see what you're aiming to achieve this half-term and how you present your new goals to put up on the wall next to your home learning area! 

I hope that you enjoy the activities set! Have a fantastic week and remember to send me an email with what you've been up to! I'm back in school full time from Tuesday so if I don't reply straight away don't panic! I will be in touch as soon as I can smiley. Stay safe, work hard but as always - have fun! I can't wait to hear what you get up to!

Miss Makepeace x