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18.5.2020 Home Learning Week 7

                                  wb 17.5.2020 Home Learning Week 7

Hello again Chameleons! I can not believe that we are on to our 7th week of home learning can you?! Time is absolutely flying by! I hope you're having lots of fun at home and are managing to get some of the activities we set done however if you've found something exciting to do instead, that's fine! You are learning all of the time and you don't even realise it! Look at the image below to see all of the things that you might have been doing at home that will have seemed fun but you were also learning at the same time! If you are excited to see what we will be getting on with this week, continue to read on! You will find that we are going to be doing Maths and English as always, as well as some Science & Music. Have a lovely week!

Miss Makepeace 


This week's Maths work will be based around recapping some of the skills we covered when we were in school. We are going to focus on 'Week 4' and you will find the worksheets below. White Rose Maths have started to work with BBC Bitesize now so you won't be able to find the videos as easily as before. I've added a document below that has links to all of the videos on for you. This weeks focus will be multiplication and division. White Rose uses different methods to the one we used in class so it's up to you which you choose to use. Remember when we calculated multiplication questions, we used the grid method. For division, we used the number line method. (If you have forgotten these and need a reminder, just send me an email and i'll write on out for you smiley). However if you prefer to use the White Rose methods, then that's absolutely fine too! Remember to log on to Mathletics & TTRS too! I'm hoping to see that you will all have 0 activities to complete on Mathletics soon!


This week's English writing task is linked to our Anglo-Saxons topic. The Anglo-Saxons were famous for their imaginative stories with mythical beasts, gods and superhuman characters. The story of Beowulf is the most famous of all and is over 1,000 years old! Whilst the author of Beowulf is unknown, we would like you to become authors yourselves by rewriting this timeless legend. Read the document below to find out more about the different tasks you should complete before rewriting the story of Beowulf. You will also find details about this week's Spelling Shed and Bug Club activities in the document and as always, please continue to read your favourite books at home too!


As this week is Science Week, it's only right that your topic this week is on Science - you will be learning all about forces and magnets! The learning planned for you begins with some research, so that you can learn all about our new science topic and present your findings in an exciting and creative way. You will then explore household objects that you can push or pull and that are magnetic to complete the small experiments and creative tasks outlined in the document below. I hope the budding scientists within you enjoy this weeks learning! 


Our Music this week will be based around our wonderful Anglo-Saxons topic. We have found a great song for you to listen to and learn. We would then like you to get your creative juices flowing and find something around the house to make music in time to the beat with. If you learn the song AND manage to add music to it, you might even be brave enough to take a video! We would love to see any videos of you singing the song, or playing music to it so please don't forget to send them in!