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20.4.2020 Home Learning Week 3

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Hi Chameleons, you're almost at the end of another week of your home learning journey. It has been lovely to hear from some of you! As always, I am so pleased with the quality of the work you are producing, despite the circumstances. I'm also very proud of your parents who are doing their best to ensure that you keep up the home learning to a high standard - thank you so much for this parents! If you haven't already sent me an email with what you've been up to, please do! It's so strange not seeing all of you so an email will suffice perfectly right now! Here is a link to a website that's giving free virtual tours of well known places, as well as live streams and videos of some amazing zoos! Take a look if you fancy - they're very interesting! I've also added a few more links to the top of the page that will support your learning. Have a lovely last few days of the schooling week, enjoy your weekend and I will be in touch again on Sunday night .

Miss Makepeace x 

Home Learning Week Beginning 20.4.2020

Welcome back Chameleons! I hope you had a lovely two weeks off for Easter and managed to have some fun at home with your families! Home learning begins again this week with some Maths, English, RE, Topic and of course PE with Joe! As always, I'm proud of how well you are coping with this new way of learning so keep up the hard work and remember to keep letting me know how you're getting on . Read on to find out what you will be getting up to this week!



In Maths, we will be continuing with fractions. I understand that this is quite a tricky topic and you may need to refresh your memory of what you learned before the holidays! Do this by logging on to Mathletics to complete some of the fractions activities that i've opened up for you. Once you feel confident with this, please go onto the White Rose Maths website (as you did before the holidays), and complete 'Week 2', remember we are a little behind where they are at so we are on Week 2 for Spring not Summer. There are wonderful videos to help you with each topic as well as follow up activities. Please let me know if you have any issues finding these! To further consolidate your learning, please complete the Mathletics activities that I have assigned, and of course, don't forget to keep practising those timetables using TTRS!


Did you see the amazing war veteran Tom Moore who was walking laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS? What an amazing achievement! This week, we would like you to write a newspaper article based on this fantastic recent news story. Please see the documents below for extra information. We have also included some extra activities based around this topic that you might want to complete at home to help you to celebrate such an amazing man!

As well as this, please remember to practise your spellings (also on the document below), as well as sign into Bug Club to read some books and answer some questions about them. As always, please also make sure you're reading your favourite books from home!


Last half term in RE, you were learning about Gurus with Miss Webber. For this week, she has planned a research activity for you to complete based on five different religions: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Sikhism. Please see the document below for extra information on this task. 

Topic (DT &Music)

We have a fun activity planned for you this week! Still part of the rainforest topic, but pulling it to a fun end, we would like you to design and make your very own rain stick that makes the sounds of the rainforest! When you have completed your rain stick, you could use it to play a tune to some of the songs that we have included below. We would love to see pictures of your completed products! You could even send us some videos of you playing your finished products! Please see the documents below for extra information on this activity as well as some documents that may help you with the task. 

As mentioned above, you may want to play your rain stick along to some rainforest songs! Here are a few examples of songs you may wish to use.

Finally, if you are interested in changing your PE sessions for this week, or even adding something extra, I have added a document below with lots of fun ideas. Thank you to those of you who remember to email me each week letting me know what you've been getting up to! Please keep this up - I love to hear from you!  Similarly, if you are struggling with something and feel like you need my help - I am just at the end of an email and always happy to help! I know there are also two other lovely ladies who are missing you all and send their best wishes! Mrs Gaunt & Mrs Ridsdale are proud of you all and hope that you are keeping safe! Have a lovely week, work hard, do your best and stay safe! I will be in touch again throughout the week . 

Miss Makepeace x