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22.6.2020 Home Learning Week 11

wb 22.6.2020 Home Learning Week 11

Hello Chameleons! Can you believe how fast time is flying? I can't believe we've only got four weeks to go until the Summer holidays! As always, you've been blowing me away with your positives attitudes and levels of determination towards the work that is set each week. Another huge well done to you all, I am so proud of you! I hope you managed to enjoy some sun this weekend and are well prepared for more of the great weather that is (hopefully) coming our way this week too! It was so lovely to see and speak to some of you over Zoom on Wednesday! If you didn't manage to join last week but would like to this week, just get your grown up to send me an email and I can add you in smiley. Remember to bring something you're proud of to the session so you can show me and your friends! As always, please remember to drop me an email to let me know how you've been getting on this week! This week's home learning involves more on the Anglo-Saxons with an exciting challenge of making your own bread! Read on to find out more smiley

Miss Makepeace x


Maths this week is (finally!) moving away from fractions and on to shape with a focus on angles. You will be finding right angles in shapes, comparing angles and looking at different types of lines including horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel. As always, we will be following the White Rose Maths scheme. Please use the link below to take you to the daily videos and see the worksheets attached. As well as this, make sure you go on to the BBC Bitesize website on Friday to have a go at their Friday Maths challenge! I've also set some fraction based activities on Mathletics for you to have a go at smiley.


This week's English work is linked to your fabulous DT activity of making bread! Once you've had a go at making your bread (and tried it of course!) we would like you to write a set of instructions explaining how to do it. As well as this, make sure that you log into Spelling Shed and practise this week's spellings and sign into Bug Club too.

I've also added some '60 second reads' which are great for working on your reading comprehension skills. We worked a lot on these skills when we were in school so these short reads are a great way of practising! The best part is they're very short so won't take long at all! Try to complete at least one a day smiley


The History learning this week continues with the Anglo-Saxon theme and you will be finding out about what the Anglo-Saxons ate and drank. We know that the Supermarkets weren't around during the Anglo-Saxon era which meant that they had to grow, catch, hunt for and rear their own food. Find out more about what they grew on their land and which animals were kept for food through research and complete the activities in the document below. Using your research, you will create both a fact sheet and your very own Anglo-Saxon menu! 


From your History research, you will now be aware that bread was very important to the Anglo-Saxons as they ate it with almost every meal! Following the activities outlined in the document below, find out more about Anglo-Saxon bread and bread in our modern day society - are there any similarities or differences? Then, in Great British Bread Bake Off style, make your very own Anglo-Saxon bread - I hope it tastes as delicious as it sounds!