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27.4.2020 Home Learning Week 4

Thursday 30th April

Me again! Just a quick one about the White Rose Maths work. I too have noticed that some of the questions coming up are very tricky! Please don't worry if you find them difficult, just move on and we will cover the gaps once we are back at school (whenever that may be!). On the other hand, if you are enjoying the challenge, do carry on! If you need anything in relation to the Maths, don't hesitate to drop me an email . I'm always here to help!

Miss Makepeace x


Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a lovely week so far . I must say I am SO impressed with some of the Anglo-Saxon work i've seen already! I can just tell you are going to love this topic and I can't wait for us to learn all about them together (from a-far!). I have been in school this week and was very lucky to receive a visit from Lily H through the gate at playtime! She is already loving the new history topic but let me know that she is missing all of you! I also received a video from Isla this week telling me all about the Anglo-Saxons. I thought it would be lovely to share this on here as it's a familiar face for you all to see!

Keep up the fantastic work - I am so proud of you all and missing you all so much 

Miss Makepeace x

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Home Learning wb 27.4.2020

Hello Chameleons! Can you believe this is the fourth week of home learning?! Time is flying by but as always, I am so proud of how well you've adapted to this! I know it was tricky for some of you getting back into the swing of home learning again last week after the Easter holidays but don't worry about it! It was tricky for me too! If you are feeling worried at all or are in need of some motivation just send me an email, i'm always happy to help . This week we will be continuing our home learning with English and Maths as usual, as well as some History (a new topic!) and some Computing. Read on below to find out what you will be getting up to .



This week we will be continuing our work on fractions. I know this topic is quite tricky (it always is!) but just keep trying to best with it and I know it will click eventually! We will be continuing to follow the White Rose Home Learning Scheme and we will be looking at Summer Term Week 1 this week. As always, if you have any questions or need any extra work on it just email me and I can send something over. There are for lessons on fractions along with a challenge for Friday! Have a go and let me know what you think! As always, please remember to keep practising your times tables too!


Last week, you were asked to create a rain stick as part of your DT learning. I received so many fantastic photographs of your completed projects as well as comments from your grown-ups about how much you'd enjoyed making them, that I decided to link this week's English work to your rain stick project. 

With this in mind, you're going to write a set of instructions this week detailing the steps you took to create your rain stick. If you did not make one, you could either make one this week before writing your instructions or imagine the steps needed to make one. I've included some Alan Peat sentence types that I'd like yo to try and include this week, as I know how much you enjoy enhancing your writing by using these! See if you can come up with five sentence types for each before adding any to your instructions to impress your grownup!

Please see the document below for extra information about the different tasks involved in your English work this week. You will also find details about this weeks Spelling Shed and Bug Club activities in the document and as always, please continue to read your favourite books at home too! 


I have very exciting news this week, as we are going to be starting a new History topic all about The Anglo Saxons! Have you heard of them already? Do you know anything about them? I understand that the answers to these questions may probably be no, which is absolutely fine! To begin the topic, we would like you to carry out some research about The Anglo Saxons and present it in a creative way. The document below explains what exactly you need to find out, as well as some ideas on how you could present the information. I have also included some extra documents that may help you to complete the activity. Happy researching!


This week also includes a Computing focus. I understand that you have been using computers most days to log onto the online platforms such as Spelling Shed and Mathletics, which is fantastic! Lots of you have also been sending me work that has been completed on Word documents and I must say I am very impressed with your skills! This weeks work will help you to enhance another computing based skill. There are lots of activities so just choose the ones that are of interest to you! Read the document below to find out more.

Finally, remember to stay active! As always, Joe Wicks will be doing PE lessons every morning or if you feel like doing something different one day, take a look at the PE & Sport Blog which has some more fab ideas for you! Another great page that will help you if you are feeling a little confused or uncertain about everything that's going on at the moment, is our Wellbeing Resources page, there are lots of ideas on here to help you to remain calm!  And finally, if you are missing the lovely familiar faces of Greenside, remember to check the assemblies page where Mrs Fuller will be adding weekly assemblies and we may all just add videos now again to make you smile! Have a lovely week. Remember to email me a photo of what you get up to, or similarly if you have any questions. Stay safe, i'll be in touch throughout the week!

Miss Makepeace x