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29.6.2020 Home Learning Week 12

wb 29.6.2020 Home Learning Week 12

Hello Chameleons! Welcome back to another week of home learning activities smiley! You are all continuing to be determined and effective learners and as always I am SO proud of you all! As well as the fantastic learning you've been doing, I hope you all managed to enjoy the lovely weather that we had! Let's hope it returns! I have some very EXCITING news this week! The TTRS battles are returning as of today and we are having a re-match with the Dazzling Dolphins! We did such a great job at beating them last time and I just know we can do it again! Make sure that you log on and play everyday to earn us lots of points in the compettition! As well as a big push on TTRS this week, we will also be continuing with our Anglo-Saxon topic. Read on below to find out more about each subject smiley


I must say I have absolutely loved seeing some of your faces and getting the opportunity to speak to most of you through our weekly Zoom meetings! I've been so pleased to hear that you've all been enjoying them too smiley. I can't wait for our meeting this week! If you haven't joined the Zoom call yet but would like to, please send an email to let me know! As always, remember to send an email letting me know how you've been getting on throughout the week and similarly if you need help with anything, don't forget i'm just an email away! Have a lovely week - remember to play on TTRS!


Miss Makepeace x



This week's Maths continues with our shape topic Monday-Wednesday. Watch the White Rose Maths videos to help you to complete the worksheets. On Thursday, you will be starting a new topic of time. I know time is always quite a tricky topic but it begins with a recap from Year 2 so I'm sure you will be okay with this smiley. On Friday, take a look at the BBC Bitesize daily challenge.

I've assigned quite a lot of activities on Mathletics to fit with both of these topics, to keep you going for the next few weeks. Of course, remember to go on TTRS too!


The English learning this week links directly with the History learning all about Anglo-Saxon clothing. You may wish to complete the History research and History Activity 1 first, so that you're able to draw upon this knowledge when completing your writing. Work your way through the activities in the document below, which lead up to writing a Balanced Argument: Should we wear Modern-Day or Anglo-Saxon clothes? As well as this, we would like you to log on to Spelling Shed to practise this week's spellings, read a book on Bug Club and complete the Reading Comprehension - 60 Second Reads, and as always, remember to read your favourite stories at home too!


The History learning this week continues with our Anglo-Saxon topic where you will be finding out more information about what the Anglo-Saxons wore. Once you've completed some research and found out more about Anglo-Saxon dress and what their clothes were made from, you should follow the activities outlines of the document below. You will be drawing out your own family as Anglo-Saxons (wearing typical Anglo-Saxon clothes) and even have the opportunity to dye some fabric or material, just as the Anglo-Saxons did by using natural produce (fruits and vegetables). 


This week's art work will focus on Anglo-Saxon runes. You will have the opportunity to look at the Anglo-Saxon alphabet, make comparisons between their letters and ours, and create your own secret message. The final art activity for this week will be to present your secret message in a creative way. Whether this is by aiming to make it look like an original Anglo-Saxon message or by presenting it in a bright and modern way, the style is up to you! Once you have completed your secret message, why not see if your parents or siblings can work out what you've written? Use the documents below to help you with these activities.