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30.3.2020 Home Learning Week 2

Friday 3rd April

Special congratulations to Isaac D, Francesca, Timmy and Isla who have received their bronze Lumi French Awards! 

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello again Confident Chameleons! Can you believe it's April? I hope some of you managed to catch your parents out with April fools tricks yesterday, and that non of them caught you out by pretending we were going back to school! Well done on another fabulous week of home learning (almost! One day to go!). I'm so impressed with the work that you're all sending me but am glad to see you're still having fun too! Remember to send me an email with what you've been up to if you haven't already! I can't wait to hear from you all . If you're looking for some fun things to do this weekend and into the Easter holidays next week, why not check out the Science page? Mrs Shoesmith has added lots of exciting links to experiments you could try at home! Miss Robinson has also updated the PE page with some daily challenges from the Leeds Rhinos football team! I have put some links to these pages below. You've definitely earned a break for the next two weeks so rather than putting up school work, we will be adding some fun challenges for you to complete if you like. Have another look at the page on Monday morning to see what these are . Keep up the good work, and stay safe! Miss Makepeace x

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hi there Chameleons! I've been busy in school today with a few of the children from KS2, so I thought i'd share with you what we were getting up to! We had lots of fun making a start on the 'Lumi's French Award' some of the children are close to receiving their certifiates! Have you made a start with this? I'd love to see any work you've been doing! Remember if you complete the different levels of the award, i'll send you a certificate over .

Home Learning wb 30.3.2020

Hello Confident Chameleons! Welcome to your second week of home learning. I'm sure you're well into the swing of things now and are eager to find out what activities we have set for you for this week! I absolutely loved seeing what you were getting up to in the pictures and emails that you sent me, so please keep these coming this week! . Our main focuses this week as well as English and Maths, are going to be Geography (Rainforests) and MFL (French). As we are focusing on our language skills this week, i've also found a few links for 'active' French learning too! I'm sure you're all loving Joe Wicks workouts as much as I am (parents too!) however if you fancy something different, take a look at the French document below for some active French links! My other top tip for this week is that Audible is offering free audio books for children whilst we're not at school. Maybe part of your quiet time, near to bed time or whilst your parents are getting on with their work, you could listen to an audio version of your favourite story! You could even find a new story to listen to! ( Please remember the suggested timetable is there to help, but again don't feel like you need to get everything done! Complete the activities in your own time, have fun and be safe!

Miss Makepeace x



Our new maths unit this week will be Fractions! Before you begin this unit, please have a go at the mini block test below (just to make sure your understanding of measure and perimeter is secure!). If you find that you need any extra help with last weeks unit, let me know and I will send some extra activities over . For this weeks maths, I would like you to have a look on the White Rose Maths website (the link is below). To support you with your learning, the White Rose Hub (the scheme we follow in school) have created some excellent resources. I know we are currently in week 2 of home learning, but I would like you to focus on the Week 1 maths activities from this website, as they will introduce you to fractions. There are 5 lessons for you to complete, each with a teaching video, activity sheet and answers. If you have a printer, feel free to print the worksheets and glue them into your Home Learning Book. If not, simply write the answers to the questions into your book. Once you have completed the 5 lessons, I have assigned Mathletics activities for the objectives covered this week for you to complete. (For those of you who still have lots of activities to complete on Mathletics, please try to get these done!)


In English this week, you will be writing a fact file linked to our Rainforest topic, about Brazil. Use the document attached to help you to work through steps that will help you to produce a fact file . We have also assigned some spellings for this week as well as a new book to read on Bug Club.

Topic - Geography (Rainforest)

Your topic learning this week is a continuation of our work on the rainforest with a specific theme of plants and animals which live in the rainforest.  Read the document beneath which outlines a set of activities for you to complete in your home learning book. Any resources you may require are posted as separate documents below. If you are feeling creative, please feel free to add your own activities to enhance your learning of plants and animals in the rainforest to the ones we've suggested.

Topic - French

Bonjour! As you've worked hard on improving your French skills over the last few months, I thought that it'd be great to continue this learning at home. The are a series of challenges on the document beneath which enable you to practise your French. If you complete either the Bronze, Silver or Gold challenges that have been set, email us with your work and you will be awarded with a certificate!