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6.7.2020 Home Learning Week 13

wb 6.5.2020 Home Learning Week 12

Hi Chameleons! I hope that you are all well and have had a lovely weekend smiley. I hope you were all as pleased as I was to hear the fantastic news that we will be staying together for another year! I can not wait for us all to be back together in September with two perfect new additions to our class! I know that both Mrs Gaunt and Mrs Ridsdale are so excited to have you all back too! With the lock down restrictions easing more now, I hope that you've had the opportunity to be reunited with your families and maybe even visited some different places too!


I have really been enjoying our weekly Zoom calls and can't wait to do another one on Wednesday smiley. If you haven't joined the Zoom calls yet but would like to, please send me an email to let me know and I will forward you the details!


This week's home learning is going to be a little different to what we normally do, as it's going to be based around finding out information about our new class. I have attached a link to the transition page on the website, here you will be able to find a range of activities for you to have a go at. We are in a bit of a different situation as you won't be having new teachers, however I would love for you to have a go at writing a letter to let me know what you've enjoyed through the lock down period, what you're looking forward to for next year and maybe what you're worried about. As well as this, you will be able to find out about our new class country Argentina and our new class animal which is the Puma! Below you will find a PowerPoint with some information about our new class! Alongside these activities, you will as usual have some Maths activities to complete and there is an exciting 'Virtual Sports Day' happening for you to take part in!


Read on to find out more smiley have a lovely week!


Miss Makepeace x


This week's maths focuses on a different unit of measure, mass. You will be looking at capacity (the measure of liquid), comparing different capacities and adding and subtracting amounts. As always, White Rose Maths have created videos that will guide you through the activities below. On Friday, have a go at the BBC Bitesize Friday challenge! AND REMEMBER! We are still in the TTRS battle with the Dazzling Dolphins! Let's beat them a second time!


This week's PE challenge is very exciting! It's a virtual sports day that has been organised to keep you active with a competitive streak! All of the activities are ones that you should be able to complete at home. The document below outlines more information on each activity, as well as how to record your scores. I've attached the link for recording scores below too, this form is only available from 10am on Tuesday up to 12pm on 8th July, so make sure you record your scores within this time! You will only need to input your school and all of our scores will be accumulated to hopefully win us some prizes! I've also added a link to the PE and Sports blog where there is some more information on the virtual sports day. Have fun! And as always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me smiley