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8.6.2020 Home Learning Week 9

Thursday 11th June 2020

Just a quick Thursday check in! It's been lovely to hear from some of you already this week smiley please remember if you've not been in touch yet to send me an email! I'm loving all of the work i've seen so far and can't wait to see the Anglo-Saxon villages that you create! Archie has sent over a second lego animation for you all to see! I've also added a video that Daisy has made of an exciting science experiment she did in the school holidays! Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend!

Miss Makepeace x

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wb 8.6.2020 Home Learning Week 9

Hello again Chameleons! I hope you've had a lovely week and just know you've all been continuing to work hard with your home learning activities smiley. This week we will be continuing with the Anglo-Saxons topic and you will be finding out about the Anglo-Saxon villages, and then creating your own! A huge thank you to those of you who remembered to email me this week - if you forgot, please make sure that you do so next week! I love hearing about what you've been getting up to and it's really important that we stay in touch smiley. As always, I am extremely proud of your amazing achievements during these difficult times. I understand it's hard to stay motivated sometimes and if you do have days where you find it tricky, don't worry! - You can always try again the next day smiley. You are all continuing to be superstars, keep up the amazing work! Have a lovely week!

Miss Makepeace 

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Slightly bad new this week haha (I'm sorry!) we're going to return to fractions again, focusing on equivalent fractions. On the bright side, it's not long since we looked at this topic so I think it's a great opportunity for us to re-cap your knowledge on this. I've provided a link below that has videos to go with each worksheet that i've also uploaded below. On Friday, there will be another Friday challenge for you to have a go at on the BBC Bitezie website (please also see the link for this below). As always, please also remember to log into Mathletics to consolidate your knowledge, as well as TTRS to keep up the fantastic timestables skills that we'd worked on! smiley


This week's English is linked to our topic learning. In History this week, you'll be learning about Anglo-Saxon settlements. Linked to this, we'd like you to write a setting description of an Anglo-Saxon town or village. You will describe all that you can see, hear, smell and feel. As well as this, we would like you to log on to Spelling Shed to practise this week's spellings, read a book on Bug Club and the 60 Second Reads, and as always, remember to read your favourite stories at home too!


This week, we would like you to find out about Anglo-Saxon settlements. We have provided you with some video links, as well as information that will help you to gain an understanding of where the Anglo-Saxons lived. We would also like you to conduct your own research to answer a series of questions. When you have found out about the settlements, please present your findings in a creative way. We would also like you to find out about the different jobs the Anglo-Saxons did. How are these jobs different to the ones we do today? Are there any similarities? Once finding out about a variety of jobs, we would like you to choose your favourite one, and create a job description for it! Below there is a template that you could use, or you could create your own style. Please read the documents below for some extra detail on this week's tasks smiley


This week's DT challenge links directly to our History topic. Once you've completed all of your History work about Anglo-Saxon settlements, it's time to design and make your very own Anglo-Saxon village! We would like you to be as creative as possible, using whatever you can find at home! Please read the document below to find out more information about the steps which will enable you to create your own Anglo-Saxon village. Be creative, have fun and enjoy!


I'm sure lots of you are still enjoying the Joe Wicks daily exercise however if you are looking for a change, i've found a variety of PE challenges that I will upload each week. I tried these out in school last week and the children absolutely loved them! We put a 'workout playlist' on from Youtube, and did each circuit at least twice (sometimes three times!). They were lots of fun and definitely very tiring! Maybe you could try some of these this week? They made me very tired too! Enjoy, let me know if you have a go at them - i'll upload some new ones next week smiley.