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Hello and welcome to our class page! Here you'll find information and resources required to complete your Home Learning. To access the learning information and resources for each week, click on the 'post it' icon for the week you would like to access. We'll continue to post photos onto this main page throughout the week, however when posting other updates, they'll be done on the weekly page so please make sure to check back!

Mr Khan, Ms Brooks and Miss Brown

Week 12 (WB 29.06.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Teon working hard with a smile :)
Picture 2 Luca chopping his tomatoes
Picture 3 Luca dyed his fabric using tomatoes like a Saxon
Picture 4 Luca's amazing Anglo-Saxon runes!
Picture 5 History research on Anglo-Saxon clothing by Luca
Picture 6 Can you work out Abi's runes message?
Picture 7 Abi making her dye from boiled carrots
Picture 8 Abi trying different dyes - exciting!
Picture 9 Abi's family in Anglo-Saxon clothing - how cool!
Picture 10 Abi finding time to bake - they look delicious!
Picture 11 Marvelous Maths learning by Abi
Picture 12 More Maths learning from Abi
Picture 13 Evie PC preparing her natural dyes
Picture 14 Evie PC's fabric once dyed - which would you use?
Picture 15 Evie PC recorded her findings - how scientific!
Picture 16 Can you work out Evie PC's secret runes message?
Picture 17 Spelling and Anglo-Saxon clothing research by Evie
Picture 18 Halle used spinach to dye her fabric
Picture 19 A white t-shirt turned pale green!
Picture 20 Halle's family in Anglo-Saxon clothing
Picture 21 Halle working hard on her Maths learning
Picture 22 Halle practising her Anglo-Saxon runes
Picture 23 Jake preparing his dye solution
Picture 24 Jake's beautiful drawing of Anglo-Saxon clothing
Picture 25 Runes by Jake
Picture 26 Can you work out Jake's message in runes?
Picture 27 Jake's research into Anglo-Saxon clothing
Picture 28 Josh's balanced argument into clothing
Picture 29 Josh dyeing his materials
Picture 30 How vibrant are Josh's materials!
Picture 31 Josh's research into Anglo-Saxon clothing
Picture 32 Can you work out Josh's secret runes message?
Picture 33 Sophie M's amazing dyed fabrics!
Picture 34 Sophie M's superb balanced argument on clothing
Week 11 (WB 22.06.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Abi hard at work (as always!)
Picture 2 Fantastic Maths learning by Abi
Picture 3 Practise makes perfect - especially when spelling!
Picture 4 History and RE learning by Abi
Picture 5 Evie PC's superb Stonehenge replica
Picture 6 History and RE learning by Evie PC
Picture 7 Beautifully presented learning by Evie PC
Picture 8 Research notes on Anglo-Saxon diets by Frances
Picture 9 Frances enjoying baking and eating bread - yum!
Picture 10 Frances' amazing bread-making instructions!
Picture 11 Halle's superb Stonehenge artwork!
Picture 12 Halle's amazing bread-making instructions
Picture 13 Lego Stonehenge replica by Halle
Picture 14 Delicious rainbow toast by Luca
Picture 15 Luca's Anglo-Saxon bread recipe card
Picture 16 Luca mixing his Anglo-Saxon bread mixture
Picture 17 Following the Anglo-Saxon method for making bread
Picture 18 Taste time! Luca rated the Anglo-Saxon bread 6/10
Picture 19 Luca's modern-day bread recipe to compare
Picture 20 Anglo-Saxon food fact-file by Luca
Picture 21 Mia's well-designed Anglo-Saxon settlement
Picture 22 Mia's hugely improved handwriting - well done!
Picture 23 Reading comprehension by Mia - keep it up!
Picture 24 Penny's beautifully risen sourdough loaves! Yummy!
Picture 25 Halle's well-presented Anglo-Saxon diet research
Picture 26 Halle's Anglo-Saxon menu. Love the font!
Picture 27 Jonah making Anglo-Saxon flatbread...
Picture 28 Doesn't it look tasty?
Picture 29 Jonah's Anglo-Saxon menu
Picture 30 Josh making his Anglo-Saxon bread
Picture 31 Josh's Anglo-Saxon bread - he wasn't a fan!
Picture 32 Josh making his colourful rainbow toast
Picture 33 Josh's instructions on making Anglo-Saxon bread
Picture 34 Anglo-Saxon diet research by Josh
Picture 35 Anglo-Saxon menu and diet research by Sophie M
Picture 36 Sophie M's well-presented bread instructions
Picture 37 Evie C prepping her rainbow toast
Picture 38 Amazing rainbow toast by Evie C!
Picture 39 Evie C's Anglo-Saxon menu
Picture 40 Focaccia bread by Evie C - scrumptious!
Picture 41 Getting ready to tuck in!
Picture 42 Step 1: Mix the flour, yeast and salt
Picture 43 Step 2: Knead the mixture
Picture 44 Step 3: Fry in the pan in Anglo-Saxon fashion
Picture 45 Step 4: Beautiful Anglo-Saxon flat breads!
Picture 46 Researching Anglo-Saxon diets in the garden
Picture 47 Joe Wicks certificate for Abi - well done!
Picture 48 Abi enjoying our weekly class Zoom call
Picture 49 Evie PC's oregano and poppy seed bread - yummy!
Picture 50 Evie PC's creative Anglo-Saxon menu
Picture 51 Bread making instructions by Jake
Picture 52 Jake practising his golfing skills
Picture 53 Jake's tasty rainbow toast
Week 10 (WB 15.06.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Devon working hard in the garden!
Picture 2 Luca's fantastic myth!
Picture 3 Mia making cocoa cornflour slime in Science!
Picture 4 Halle concentrating on her fractions learning
Picture 5 Halle researching for topic
Picture 6 Amazing fact-files by Halle on Anglo-Saxon kings!
Picture 7 Halle's Anglo-Saxon settlement description plan
Picture 8 Halle's Anglo-Saxon job advert!
Picture 9 India's amazing Anglo-Saxon topic work!
Picture 10 India consolidating her column method in Maths
Picture 11 An Anglo-Saxon settlement by India
Picture 12 Different Anglo-Saxon jobs researched by India
Picture 13 Anglo-Saxon kingdoms by India
Picture 14 Stonehenge replica by Jake
Picture 15 Jake's awesome stained glass window!
Picture 16 Fantastic RE research by Jake
Picture 17 Josh's History activity
Picture 18 Josh's amazing mythical story!
Picture 19 What a brilliant Stonehenge replica by Josh!
Picture 20 Josh's Stonehenge replica
Picture 21 Josh completing the Summer Solstice comprehension
Picture 22 Sophie enjoying exercise (bars) in the garden
Picture 23 Sophie's delicious homemade biscuits! Mmm
Picture 24 Layla constructing her Anglo-Saxon village
Picture 25 Putting the village together
Picture 26 Aerial view of Layla's village
Picture 27 Layla's fantastic Anglo-Saxon village - wow!
Picture 28 Say hello to Dougie, Evie's new puppy! Adorable!
Picture 29 Evie's C incredible Anglo-Saxon village - wow!
Picture 30 A beautifully crafted mosaic by Evie C
Picture 31 Persuasive leaflet on Canterbury Cathedral
Picture 32 Canterbury Cathedral leaflet by Evie C
Week 9 (WB 08.06.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Devon has some amazingly cute spring chicks!
Picture 2 Evie C's fabulous King Alfred portrait
Picture 3 Beautiful King Alfred portrait by Evie C!
Picture 4 Amazing history information poster by Evie C
Picture 5 Evie C's spelling word search - can you solve it?
Picture 6 Evie P-C's spelling and English learning
Picture 7 Creative poster of Alfred the Great by Evie P-C
Picture 8 Frances performing a split jump on a beam - wow!
Picture 9 Frances enjoying reading on Bug Club
Picture 10 Sophie M performing splits on the trampoline
Picture 11 A superb Anglo-Saxon job advert by Sophie M
Picture 12 An Anglo-Saxon party invite poster by Sophie M
Picture 13 Sophie M's great Anglo-Saxon setting description!
Picture 14 Ruby dissolving an egg in vinegar - exciting!
Picture 15 Ruby's rescued bee called BuzzBee!
Picture 16 Ruby's rescued bird - how kind and caring!
Picture 17 Jonah planning his Anglo-Saxon village description
Picture 18 Jonah's description of an Anglo-Saxon village
Picture 19 Plan of an Anglo-Saxon village by Josh
Picture 20 Josh making his Anglo-Saxon huts
Picture 21 Josh colouring the mud paths of his model village
Picture 22 Josh's completed Anglo-Saxon village - phenomenal!
Picture 23 Josh's fab description of an Anglo-Saxon village!
Picture 24 Jake's fantastic Anglo-Saxon home
Picture 25 Jake's Anglo-Saxon job advert - will you apply?
Picture 26 Jake's Anglo-Saxon setting description
Picture 27 Jasmine experimenting around the house
Picture 28 Baking with a smile
Picture 29 Making salsa - yum!
Picture 30 Jasmine and Oscar enjoying a scenic bike ride
Picture 31 Jasmine and Oscar relaxing with a good book
Picture 32 Fantastic teamwork by Jasmine and Oscar
Picture 33 Making bubble mixtures...
Picture 34 Jasmine's completed bubble mixtures
Picture 35 Luca and Milo not deterred by the rain!
Picture 36 Luca enjoying a treasure hunt
Picture 37 Luca's amazing Anglo-Saxon home
Picture 38 A fabulous Anglo-Saxon village design by Evie C
Picture 39 Evie C's marvellous Maths learning!
Picture 40 Evie C's awesome Anglo-Saxon village description!
Picture 41 Evie PC's super Anglo-Saxon village description
Picture 42 Evie PC enjoying time in the garden
Picture 43 Luca back at football practise with a smile
Picture 44 A robot suit by Sophie - phenomenal!
Picture 45 Sophie T getting creative with Maths in the garden
Picture 46 Abigayle's Anglo-Saxon job advert for a woodcutter
Picture 47 Research into Anglo-Saxon settlements
Picture 48 Abigayle constructing her Anglo-Saxon village
Picture 49 Abigayle's amazing Anglo-Saxon village!
Picture 50 Farm and allotments in the village
Picture 51 Homes, a bridge and a river - fantastic!
Week 8 (WB 01.06.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Jake's character description through dialogue
Picture 2 Jake's fantastic Grendel character description
Picture 3 Jake's SMART targets
Picture 4 Halle's creative Anglo-Saxon timeline
Picture 5 Miniature playground by Halle
Picture 6 Halle enjoying the outdoors over the half-term
Picture 7 Keeping cool in the warm weather
Picture 8 Halle enjoying time with her family
Picture 9 Josh's Beowulf character description
Picture 10 Amazing drawing of King Alfred the Great by Josh
Picture 11 Josh working hard at Maths
Picture 12 Josh enjoying the paddling pool in his garden
Picture 13 Targets and goals by Joshua
Picture 14 Laura and Lukas finding time to relax
Picture 15 Laura channeling her inner creativity
Picture 16 Penny's fantastic poster on Alfred the Great
Picture 17 Sophie M's amazing Grendel character description!
Picture 18 Sophie M enjoying another good book
Week 7 (WB 18.05.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Beautifully intricate Anglo-Saxon buckle by Evie C
Picture 2 Evie C playing the 'We Are the Anglo-Saxons' song
Picture 3 Authentic-looking Anglo-Saxon salt dough brooch
Picture 4 Awesome Anglo-Saxon sail boat by Evie C
Picture 5 Evie C's eye-catching & informative magnets poster
Picture 6 Abigayle's beautifully illustrated unicorn
Picture 7 Abigayle singing along to We are the Anglo-Saxons
Picture 8 Informative and well-presented magnets mind-map
Picture 9 Abigayle hard at work completed all her learning
Picture 10 Evie P-C's super Anglo-Saxon Minecraft village
Picture 11 Science and spelling learning by Evie P-C
Picture 12 Evie P-C's fantastic retelling of Beowulf

Frances playing the clarinet to 'We are Anglo-Saxons!'

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Sunshine and a book - Laura's loving life!
Picture 2 Mia's amazing Anglo Saxon research
Picture 3 Mia's fantastic lockdown poem
Picture 4 Layla scooting for charity
Picture 5 Layla proud of her fantastic charitable effort!
Picture 6 Layl's 5k walk, bike and scoot for charity
Picture 7 Amazing fundraising effort Layla!
Picture 8 Jake's magnets fact poster
Picture 9 Testing for magnetic materials
Picture 10 Jake's push and pull playground equipment
Picture 11 Testing for magnetic materials by Jake
Picture 12 Fantastic Anglo Saxon timeline by Jake
Picture 13 Sophie M enjoying the sunshine with trampolining
Picture 14 A great way to stay cool in the heat Sophie M!
Picture 15 Frances working very hard at Mathletics
Picture 16 Frances on her bike in the sunshine
Picture 17 India's amazing Anglo Saxon brooch and shield
Picture 18 Joshua typing his Beowulf story
Picture 19 Joshua putting together his mini playground...
Picture 20 still constructing...
Picture 21 What an amazing finished piece! Incredible effort!
Picture 22 Joshua's research into forces and magnets
Picture 23 Pushes and pulls by Joshua
Week 6 (WB 11.05.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Happy 9th birthday Frances!
Picture 2 Evie C's 1940s inspired afternoon tea for VE Day
Picture 3 Evie C and Sophia making pasta
Picture 4 Evie C's VE Day diary - loving the aged effect!
Picture 5 Beautifully designed happiness poster
Picture 6 VE Day street art
Picture 7 Evie C baking brownies - yum!
Picture 8 Mia writing her VE Day diary
Picture 9 Mia's awesome Anglo Saxon research
Picture 10 Luca hard at work!
Picture 11 Penny performed 10 consecutive cartwheels!
Picture 12 Penny enjoying the sunshine
Picture 13 Jonah designing an Anglo Saxon place names poster
Picture 14 Jonah's completed Anglo Saxon place name poster
Picture 15 Sophie M's super Anglo Saxon place names poster
Picture 16 Josh's intricate brooch design
Picture 17 Josh's completed brooch - super authentic looking!
Picture 18 Josh working hard at Maths
Picture 19 Josh drafting his poem
Picture 20 Josh's fantastic poem about lockdown life at home
Picture 21 Abigayle's amazing Anglo Saxon research
Picture 22 Designing and making an Anglo Saxon brooch
Picture 23 Fantastic Anglo Saxon brooch by Abigayle
Picture 24 Abigayle's awesome Anglo Saxon place names poster
Picture 25 Evie C's colourful homemade scrunchies
Picture 26 Evie C's amazing homemade headband
Picture 27 Evie C typing up her lockdown poem
Picture 28 Isobel working hard with a smile :)
Picture 29 Halle focussed on tackling Maths
Picture 30 Halle completed her Anglo Saxon geography learning
Picture 31 Halle celebrating her 9th birthday: Happy Birthday
Week 5 (WB 04.05.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Evie P-C's VE Day cupcakes and poster
Picture 2 Evie P-C spoke to her grandma to write her diary
Picture 3 Layla baking with a smile
Picture 4 Hard at work
Picture 5 Layla's futuristic robotics!
Picture 6 Computing in action
Picture 7 Isobel's feelings wheel
Picture 8 Jonah's diary entry
Picture 9 Luca focused on his learning
Picture 10 Evie P-C's History research about the Anglo Saxons
Picture 11 Exercising in a costume for Abigayle
Picture 12 Abigayle hard at work
Picture 13 Time to read with a good book
Picture 14 Halle enjoying the outdoors safely
Picture 15 Halle completing her History research
Picture 16 Halle's feelings wheel
Picture 17 India tackling Maths
Picture 18 Sophie T enjoying home learning
Picture 19 Ruby's colourful pancakes
Picture 20 Ruby preparing wartime carrot cake
Picture 21 Wartime carrot cake by Ruby
Picture 22 Ruby hard at work!
Picture 23 Joshua's British History Timeline
Picture 24 Feelings chart by Joshua
Picture 25 Joshua writing his VE Day diary entry
Picture 26 Sophie M's positive food poster
Picture 27 Sophie M's beautiful aqua bead flag!
Picture 28 Sophie M's VE Day diary
Week 4 (WB 27.04.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Laura hard at work
Picture 2 Devon tackling fractions - they can be tricky!
Picture 3 A wonderful rain stick by Mia
Picture 4 Mia typing her newspaper article
Picture 5 Mia's completed newspaper article - brilliant!
Picture 6 Evie P-C achieved the Lumen Gold Award for French!
Picture 7 Evie P-C's timeless rain stick - beautiful!
Picture 8 Enjoying Harry Potter in the garden
Picture 9 Jasmine's home-made slime
Picture 10 Gooey!
Picture 11 Jasmine baking in the kitchen
Picture 12 Jasmine's rain stick coming along nicely
Picture 13 Jonah with instructions on making a rain stick
Picture 14 Halle planting her seeds a few weeks ago...
Picture 15 Look how quickly the seedlings have grown!
Picture 16 Preparing and decorating her rain stick
Picture 17 Halle's festive-looking rain stick - well done!
Picture 18 Down time for Jake - well deserved!
Picture 19 Enjoying the sunshine
Picture 20 Tasty treats by Jake
Picture 21 Jake's awesome article!
Picture 22 Devon hard at work writing a story
Picture 23 Frances's instructions on making a rain stick
Picture 24 Sophie M's instructions on making a rain stick
Picture 25 Sophie M Computing learning - exciting!
Picture 26 Frances taking part in her online clarinet lesson
Picture 27 Jonah's 'How to be an Engineer' acitivity
Picture 28 Penny enjoying a good read - don't we all?
Picture 29 Joshua's amazing Anglo Saxon research
Picture 30 Find the Teddy - Joshua's Computing
Picture 31 Joshua preparing his game for Computing
Picture 32 Game in action
Picture 33 The game Joshua created for Computing - wow!
Week 3 (WB 20.04.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Happy 9th birthday Abigayle!
Picture 2 Abigayle's stripy and colourful rain stick
Picture 3 Devon's delicious home-made Easter cheese cake
Picture 4 Elliot hard at work in the garden
Picture 5 Jonah's multicoloured rain stick!
Picture 6 Luca focused on his RE learning
Picture 7 India preparing meals
Picture 8 Tasty lasagne by India
Picture 9 Halle reading whilst enjoying the sun
Picture 10 Halle's morning workout
Picture 11 Halle helping around the house
Picture 12 Flexible Frances!
Picture 13 Amazing gymnastics Frances!
Picture 14 Frances completing her English learning
Picture 15 Seedlings beginning to grow
Picture 16 A beautifully finished rain stick
Picture 17 Frances's newspaper - looks so professional!
Picture 18 Jake's fantastic rain stick
Picture 19 Ready, steady, cook! Jake showcasing his cooking
Picture 20 Sophie M keeping active
Picture 21 Sophie M working hard on her newspaper article
Picture 22 Star mathematician in the making - keep it up!
Picture 23 Designing and making a rain stick
Picture 24 Sophie constructing her rain stick
Picture 25 Fabulous finished piece!
Picture 26 Joshua completing the PE Challenge
Picture 27 A beautifully finished rain stick by Joshua
Picture 28 Researching and completing RE learning
Picture 29 Joshua typing his newspaper article
Picture 30 Joshua's finished newspaper article
Picture 31 Evie C showcasing her skills in the kitchen
Picture 32 Evie C's multicoloured rain stick - amazing!
Picture 33 What a wonderful sock unicorn by Evie C!
Picture 34 Isobel's creative rain stick
Picture 35 Ruby's wonderfully decorated rain stick
Picture 36 Ruby working her way through the PE Challenge
Week 2 (WB 30.03.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Evie's amazing French learning!
Picture 2 French postcard by Evie
Picture 3 Evie's French postcard - amazing!
Picture 4 Evie's bookmark of French words
Picture 5 Lego friends project
Picture 6 Frances decorating her room
Picture 7 Frances enjoying a run with her family
Picture 8 Frances practising gymnastics
Picture 9 More gymnastics from Frances
Picture 10 Frances focused on Maths
Picture 11 Frances's Maths learning
Picture 12 Frances's French postcard - beautiful!
Picture 13 Jonah exercising to Joe Wicks
Picture 14 Evie H working super hard - keep it up!
Picture 15 Isobel made this delicious flapjack - yum!
Picture 16 Isobel stirring her flapjack mixure
Picture 17 Penny getting creating with her French bookmarks
Picture 18 Teon working hard - keep it up!
Picture 19 Sophie tackling fractions
Picture 20 Sophie keeping active
Picture 21 Sophie helping out with the stir fry
Picture 22 Josh's French bookmark
Picture 23 Great French postcard Josh!
Picture 24 Amazing French work by Josh
Picture 25 Practise makes perfect! Josh's spellings
Picture 26 Annie's amazing Maths
Picture 27 Luca's fantastic French work
Picture 28 Luca keeping active
Picture 29 Evie typing her orangutan fact file
Picture 30 Baking time
Picture 31 Evie C's awesome artwork!
Picture 32 Ruby kicking around in the garden
Picture 33 Pizza pie from Ruby - delish!
Picture 34 Ruby getting her sweat on to Joe Wicks
Picture 35 Sophie's sloth fact file
Picture 36 Layers of the rainforest by Sophie
Picture 37 Sophie's informative Brazil fact file
Picture 38 Mia showing her support for the NHS
Picture 39 Fabulous French learning by Mia
Picture 40 Mia making her brownies mixture
Picture 41 Mia on Education City
Picture 42 Brazilian salmon tarantula fact file by Joshua
Picture 43 Superb French learning by Joshua!
Picture 44 Joshua's layers of the rainforest explanation
Picture 45 Jasmine working hard from home
Picture 46 Jasmine showcasing her cooking skills
Picture 47 Jasmine's home learning
Picture 48 Jasmine and Oscar working out
Picture 49 Jake keeping fit with Joe Wicks
Picture 50 Jake's Maths learning
Picture 51 Jake enjoying the outdoors with his family
Picture 52 Tasty cupcakes by Jake
Picture 53 Jake planting seeds in the garden
Picture 54 Jake's Science investigation
Picture 55 Halle's mouth-watering stir fried rice
Picture 56 Halle on Spelling Shed
Picture 57 Layers of the rainforest by Evie P-C
Picture 58 Fabulous French by Evie P-C
Picture 59 Evie P-C's plant explanation
Picture 60 Evie P-C's superb creative skills
Picture 61 Abigayle learning in the sun
Picture 62 Planting seeds and waiting for them to grow
Picture 63 Abigayle's French bookmark
Picture 64 Abigayle getting creative
Picture 65 Abigayle's amazing lifecycle explanation!
Week 1 (WB 23.03.2020) - Photos of Home Learning
Picture 1 Sophie planting her bulbs for Science
Picture 2 Sophie's newly planted bulbs
Picture 3 Sophie enjoying creative time by painting
Picture 4 Beautiful Science inspired artwork Sophie!
Picture 5 Sophie's delicious Millies inspired cookies for DT
Picture 6 Those cookies look delicious Sophie!
Picture 7 Sophie and George working out
Picture 8 Halle helping out at home by gardening
Picture 9 Halle working hard at Maths
Picture 10 Luca planting flowers for Science
Picture 11 Luca's amazing fractions learning!
Picture 12 Abigayle's amazing cup cakes!
Picture 13 Abigayle's DT (cooking) learning
Picture 14 Abigayle's Science learning
Picture 15 Abigayle exploring the flowers
Picture 16 Mia working out to Joe Wicks
Picture 17 Jonah learning on Education City
Picture 18 Evie working on her chicken
Picture 19 Evie's amazingly sewn chicken!
Picture 20 Team Cherry dancing to Go Noodle!
Picture 21 Evie having a go at Maths
Picture 22 Evie completing her online learning
Picture 23 Charlotte stirring her biscuit mixture
Picture 24 Charlotte's delicious chocolate coated biscuits
Picture 25 Frances creating her flowering plant diagram
Picture 26 What a beautiful flowering plant diagram Frances!
Picture 27 Frances following instructions to planting bulbs
Picture 28 Carefully planting bulbs
Picture 29 Frances's freshly planted bulbs
Picture 30 Joshua working hard on his home learning
Picture 31 Joshua investigating flowering plants
Picture 32 Joshua's awesome 3D plan diagram!
Picture 33 Devon's DT learning - a pizza!
Picture 34 Devon working hard
Picture 35 Evie P-C's excellent explanation text!
Picture 36 Isobel working hard as always!
Picture 37 Annie's beautifully presented explanation text
Picture 1
Picture 2

Spring 2 - World Book Day

We had an amazing World Book Day as everyone came to school dressed as a book character. We shared our favourite books with the class and enjoyed activities which were planned as part of the 'Share A Million Stories' theme. We wrote our own stories based on the characters from our favourite books and created book marks and illustrations. At the end of the day, we shared our stories with the Enthusiastic Elephants (Year 1). 

Spring 2 - Samba Drumming Workshop

Linked to our Amazon Rainforest topic, we took part in an enthralling morning of Samba drumming! We learnt the Portuguese names for the different types of drums and played them to create a range of rhythms and beats. Whilst it was loud, we thoroughly enjoyed creating our own music and playing together as a class. We couldn't believe how much we progressed during the session as we found it tricky to even hold the instruments correctly at first but by the end of the session, we sounded just like a Samba band at the Brazilian carnival!

Spring 1 - Trip to Headingley Water Treatment Works

As part our Science learning this half-term, we visited Headingley Water Treatment Works to find out how water is treated to make it safe for us to drink. We explored the centre and learnt about the different types of bacteria which can exist in water and needs to be treated. To ensure safety, we wore high-visibility jackets, hard hats, goggles and protective gloves. We learnt how important it is to limit our water wastage as water is a precious resource!

Autumn 2 - Science Week

As part of Science topic on rocks, we investigated the different types of rock and their properties. We carried out a number of investigations such as testing a rock for its hardness, permeability (ability to absorb water) and type (whether it was metamorphic, igneous or sedimentary).