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Afternoon lesson wb 11/10/21

Monday- R.E 

1) R.E

Last week we learnt about the 5 K's of Sikhism. This week we are going to read the Sikh teaching that led to Sikhs carrying the Kirpin. I would then like you to read the article attached and consider your own views on the issue of whether Sikh's should be allowed to carry a Kirpin in public places.

Read the lesson instructions for a full explanation of your tasks.

Tuesday- P.E.

Wednesday- Topic (Vikings)

Over the next two topic lessons, we are going to find out what main three things made the Viking raids and invasions so successful. Today is our information gathering lesson. Read the task sheet first and then complete task 1 (watching the video) and task 2 (reading the information sheets). Tomorrow, you will present your learning as a double page spread to show your understanding (task 3) 

Thursday- Topic (Vikings)

Read the task sheet again and complete task 3 (presenting your learning as a double page spread). Remember to use the information video and sheets from yesterday but the skill is to pull out key facts and information and write it in your own way- we don't want to just see the information sheets being copied out. Please bring your work into school next week and we will stick it in your topic book and put some on display. Use the pictures below to add to your work if you have a printer, draw pictures or find pictures of your own online to add. 

You will see there are some notes you may find helpful for completing this work. Thank you Mattie, Daisy, Mia and Layla who helped compile them!

Friday- Music

As well as beginning our violin lessons this half term, in music we have been enjoying learning some different songs linked to Viking sagas and Norse mythology. This week our lesson looks at the song, 'Goblins a go-go!'. Use the link below to follow the tasks and enjoy learning the song. Watch the story video, use the tutorial to learn the song and then perform it with the backing track. You could even use percussion instruments to accompany (either a real instrument, anything you can tap/shake/bang or your own body percussion like clapping/stamping/clicking). 



Reminder about the extra Music Challenge for Year 5's only! Competition Time!

Mrs Percival needs to put up a display in school to show everyone all about our violin lessons and needs your help. Can you do a careful observational drawing of a violin and bow and label the parts such as bridge, strings, neck, fine tuners, pegs...? (Google will help!) The picture of the violin needs to be between A4 and A3 size so it can clearly be seen and the labels written in large and neat writing. Your violin pictures have the chance to be displayed in school for all to see. Good luck!