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Afternoon lessons wb 4/10/21

Wednesday- RE

In RE we have begun to explore Sikhism. In this week's lesson we are learning about the 5 K's.

Watch the video in the lesson instructions and do your own research using the websites you have been given.

Then, we would like you to write a short paragraph about each of the 5 K's sharing what you have learnt. smiley

Thursday and Friday- Topic (Vikings)

For our topic, we are learning about the Vikings. For this week's lessons we would like you to do some research about the Vikings and present the information you find out as a double page spread. Read the lesson instructions and look at the examples for support. As this requires you to complete research and present your findings, we would expect this to take a couple of sessions. We suggest you complete the research first on one day and then present the information you have gathered on the next day- we are looking for information in your own words and for it to be presented to a high quality and standard in terms of punctuation, spelling and handwriting.  Please bring your finished work into school when you are back and we will stick it in your topic book and put some on display smiley

Extra Music Challenge for Year 5's only! Competition Time!

Mrs Percival needs to put up a display in school to show everyone all about our violin lessons and needs your help. Can you do a careful observational drawing of a violin and bow and label the parts such as bridge, strings, neck, fine tuners, pegs...? (Google will help!) The picture of the violin needs to be between A4 and A3 size so it can clearly be seen and the labels written in large and neat writing. Your violin pictures have the chance to be displayed in school for all to see. Good luck!