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Hello Chameleons! smiley To navigate our class page, use the links below. You will see that they each week is clearly labelled as well as the 'Useful Links' page. The most recent weeks crayon will always be in red so you can easily find the set work for that week. I will continue to post photos onto this main homepage throughout the week however when I post updates, they will be posted onto the weekly page so make sure you check back smiley.

Miss Makepeace x

Week 14 Home Learning Pictures

Isaac D's caterpillars turned into butterflies!
Isaac H has re-created himself as a superhero!
Francesca's non-chronological report! Well done!

Week 13 Home Learning Photos

Lily's self-portrait!
Paige's self-portrait!
Amelia's self-portrait!
Lily's self-portrait!
An amazing superhero identity by Lily H!
Violet has been learning cat's cradle!
Fantastic skills!
Dillon has been finding out about Argentina!
Francesca had a great day at the beach!
Super superhero work by Violet!
Harry (& Jake!) at the zoo!
A fantastic self portrait Harry!

Week 12 Home Learning Photos

Austin practising his times tables!
Francesca has been writing Anglo-Saxon messages!
An authentic looking message by Francesca!
Ike baking Anglo-Saxon bread!
Dillon working on Anglo-Saxon clothing!
Isla's secret message for the class!
Violet's secret message for the class!
Harry's fantastic Anglo-Saxon art!
Harry (and Jake!) Strawberry picking!
Amazing Anglo-Saxon art by Ike!

Week 11 Home Learning Photos

Isaac received a Blue Peter certificate! Amazing!
Ike camped out for the summer solstice!
Ike's on a school trip!
Dillon doing some Anglo-Saxon research!
Myles has been going on lots of bike rides!
Francesca's fantastic Anglo-Saxon menu!
Timmy has been fishing! How exciting!
Violet made Anglo-Saxon bread! Yummy!
Lily H has been doing exciting science work!
Dillon has made some lovely bread!
Archie made naan bread! Yummy!

Week 10 Home Learning Photos

A great setting description Iris! Fantastic vocab!
Iris has been continuing to work hard!
Francesca doing research about Anglo-Saxon myths!
Isaac enjoyed making a rocket in the Pink Bubble!
Francesca and her super Anglo-Saxon village!
Iris attempted my baking challenge!
A star baker!
More super work by Violet!
Fantastic descriptive writing by Harry!

Week 9 Home Learning Photos

Neve has made some soap! Fantastic!
Timmy has been doing lots of Maths work!
Ike with his super Grendel description!
Francesca making animals for her Saxon village!
Lots of amazing Anglo-Saxon work by Violet!
Isla can now roller skate! Amazing!
A super tree house design by Austin!
Myles has been working hard with his Maths work!
Niko is learning all about the Cival Rights Act
Harry has been continuing to work hard!
Daisy and her super Anglo-Saxon village!
An amazing Anglo-Saxon village by Harry & family!
Harry is very happy to be writing his diary entry!
Jennifer has been loving Bug Club!
Dillon's super Anglo-Saxon village design!
Ike's amazing Anglo-Saxon village!

Week 8 Home Learning Photos

Francesca has started her character description!
Super Anglo-Saxon King portrait from Francesca!
Voilet's amazing work on the Anglo-Saxon Kings!
Eadie enjoying the sun before it disappeared :(
Harry learning about Anglo-Saxon Kings
Harry built a den at the Chevin!
Dillon's super topic work
Myles has been working on his computing skills too
Iris has been practising riding her bike!
Isaac's super art work!
Archie working hard as always!

Week 7 Home Learning Photos

Austin (and Rae) working hard as always!
Everyone, meet Lily's adorable kitten George!
Francesca is loving home schooling life!
Archie's creative juices are flowing for Beowulf!
Isla working hard on Bug Club!
Myles catching up with Mathletics!
Violet working hard with Maths!
A very chuffed Iris with her Spelling Shed score!
Ike and his Anglo-Saxon brooch!
Niko is playing a very fun timestable game!
Eadie doing some baking!
Jennifer and her Ukulele!
A very proud Dillon with his Beowulf writing!
Harry working hard with the Science activities!
Matty searching for The Anglo Saxon settlements!
Harry and his lovely brooch!
Noah working hard with his brother too!

Week 6 Home Learning Photos

Lily's creative way of practising using money!
Fabulous VE Day bunting by Lois!
Lois has been learning to sew! Amazing!
Neve has been getting arty!
Dillon's amazing poem!
Great work Dillon!
Paige working hard at home as well as in school!
Francesca preparing her Anglo-Saxon brooch!
Punch & Judy performance by Isla (& Isaac!)
An amazing poem by Lily H!
A very happy Archie & his super poem!
A fantastic rainbow poem by Archie!
Austin is still working hard on his TTRS speed!
Beautiful brooch Francesca!
A fantastic, funny poem by Iris!
Lily drew a lovely flower picture!
Sam focusing hard on his painting!
Eadie smiling and working hard!
Jennifer keeping busy & working hard as always!
Francesca's lovely rhyming poem!
Dillon completing the Friday baking challenge!
Super Anglo-Saxon work Myles!
Violet doing the Friday baking challenge!
A very happy Violet with her finished product!
Harry (and Ellie)enjoying the field!
Archie enjoying the Friday baking challenge!
Harry working on his Anglo-Saxon timeline!
Isaac's fantastic Anglo-Saxon brooch!

Week 5 Home Learning Pictures

Isla working hard on fractions!
Super fractions work Lily!
Violet's lovely VE Day diary entry!
Super rain stick and instructions Myles!
Niko has been working hard on his timestables!
Fantastic diary writing from Archie!
An amazing, excitable diary entry by Isla!
Francesca getting to grips with British history!
A superb diary entry by Francesca!
Look at Eadie's amazing skills!
Great spelling work Violet!
Daisy has been working hard with Maths!
Super Anglo-Saxon work Daisy!
Fantastic PSHE work by Francesca
An amazing diary entry by Harry!
Ike has been getting arty!
An amazing timeline by Iris!
Super cooking skills Jennifer (and James)!
A lovely VE Day window!
Amazing diary entry by Harry B
Isaac (and Annabelle) baking scones! Yum!
Super Maths work by Timmy!
Matty & his sister have been cooking! Yummy!

Week 4 Home Learning Photos

Super RE work from Ike!
Myles has been working on his Brazil fact file!
Timmy working hard on his fractions!
Very colourful instructions Francesca!
Super Anglo Saxon Research Violet!
So beautifully presented!
Super maths work from Austin as always!
Well done on your rain stick Austin!
I received a secret letter from Lily!
Great rain sticks by Matty and his sister!
Super work Matty!
Archie is making an Anglo-Saxon clay pot!
Super work Eadie! (What a fab mirror!)
Amazing Anglo-Saxon fact cards by Lily H!
A fantastic Anglo-Saxon poster by Francesca!
Great RE work Jennifer!
Super instruction writing Harry!
Fantastic fraction work by Jacob!
Well done for working so hard Timmy!
Wow! Amazing fitness skills Dillon!
Super Anglo-Saxon research Iris!
Isaac (and Annabelle!) having fun outside!

Our Home Learning - Week 3!

I am loving the photos of what you're getting up to! Keep sending them in Year 3 smiley

Fran making a start on her rain stick!
Harry working hard with his Maths!
A fabulous finished rain stick Francesca!
Super reading Harry!
Isaac H working hard with his maths as always!
Amazing art work by Eadie!
Still smiling and working hard as always!
Violet working hard as usual!
What a beautiful Spring window by Lois and family!
Jennifer is working hard on her maths work!
Lovely RE work going on here Lily!
An amazing rain stick Lily! So creative!
Super maths work Matty!
Fantastic rain stick Iris!
Sam has been baking buns at school!
Charlie baking cupcakes!
Sam decorating his cake.
mmmm delicious!
Great rain stick well done Isaac!
Isla is busy reporting on Tom Moore!
A very proud Ike with his amazing newspaper!
A wonderful rain stick by Archie!
Super rain sticks Harry (and Jake!)
Harry B has completed the French Bronze Award!

Week 2 Home Learning Pictures

We have already been busy in the Confident Chameleons this week! Keep sending in your home learning pictures - I can't wait to see them!

Isaac has gained a new pet this week! Aaaarh!
Super Brazil research from Iris!
Lois working hard!
A great mind map on Brazil from Lily!
Francesca has started Lumi's French award!
Isla loved learning an the rainforest!
Iris has completed her factfile!
Archie busy writing about sloths.
Some super baking skills here Archie!
Isaac working on his French award!
Another fabulous French piece from Fran!
Isaac working hard on maths!
Super writing Harry!
Ike preparing for a carnival!
Dillon working hard!
Some of Isla's Lumi French award work!
A great poster by Timmy!
Some fantastic writing from Ike!
Great picture Violet!
Fantastic work on the rainforest by Harry B!
Our Home Learning
Francesca (Elsa) working hard on the computer.
Great plant life cycle Isaac!
I can't wait to see your seeds grow Isla!
Excellent cooking skills here Jason.
Lily H keeping fit with Joe Wicks!
Dillon completing his Science work!
Harry working hard
A great plant diagram by Ike.
What a fun obstacle course!
Iris working hard.
Some great Maths work from Myles.
Violet (and Evelyn!) keeping fit with Joe.
Archie has written a letter to the Prime Minister!
Timmy has been busy helping in the garden!
Eadie has been working hard!
Harry doing some fabulous maths work.
Some amazing science work from Lois!
Matty working hard!

Welcome to Confident Chameleons!


We are the Confident Chameleons, the Year 3 Class. 

Our Staff Team: Miss Makepeace - Class Teacher, Mrs Gaunt - Teaching Assistant (Monday - Wednesday),

Mrs Ridsdale - Teaching Assistant (Thursday & Friday),  Miss Webber - HLTA PPA Cover (Tuesday Afternoon).


PE is on a Monday, pupils should come to school dressed in their PE kit. 

Homework is set on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. In KS2, this is set on Mathletics and Spelling shed, please find the links to these websites in the 'Useful Links' section.

Please scroll down to see our latest learning. 

Spring 2 - Save the Amazon Protest!

As an end to our rainforest topic, we held our very own protest! We researched exactly what a (controlled!) protest looks like, created our own eye-catching posters to take along with us and went around sharing our views with the whole school! We shouted chants in unison and walked together as a group to make everyone aware of how strongly we felt about this topic. It's safe to say we were definitely heard around school and possibly in Pudsey town centre!

Spring 2 - Art Day

We enjoyed a fabulous art day linked to our Rainforest topic! We started the day by chopping up a colourful picture of the rainforest into four sections. We then drew a different section each, taking note of the colour and detail using pencils and colouring pencils. We then put them back together to see if we had re-created the original picture! After this, we practised our collage materials using a variety of patterned paper to collage rainforest animals. In the afternoon, we worked in groups to collage each layer of the rainforest. We were very proud of our final pieces!

Spring 2 - World Book Day

We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day in our class. Everyone came dressed up as a book character and brought along a book with them too. The theme of the day was to 'share a story' we especially enjoyed sharing the books we had brought in with our friends. We also enjoyed creating our own stories based on the characters we had dressed up as. At the end of the day, we went to visit the Reception classes and shared our stories with them!

Spring 2 - Samba Drumming Workshop

We had such an exciting morning learning to play the drums in a Samba style! We had the opportunity to play three different instruments and learned to play them in time to different beats. It sounded amazing when the whole class played together! We couldn't believe how much we progressed during the lesson. At the beginning of the morning, some of us found it tricky to even hold the instruments correctly. By the end of the session we sounded just like a real Samba band at the carnival in South America!

Spring 1 - Chinese New Year ICE Day

What an exciting day we had celebrating Chinese New Year! We started the day by making vegetable noodles. We chopped a variety of vegetables, some of which we hadn't heard of or seen before! We then mixed them together and fried to create a tasty dish. We then enjoyed learning some greetings in Mandarin and singing songs that helped us to learn these. We also made our own red envelopes with kind messages to give to our family members. 

Spring 1 - Headingley Water Treatment Works Trip

As part of our science topic, we went on a trip to Headingley to find out about how they treat water. We enjoyed walking through the treatment centre and seeing the different stages of treating and cleaning water. We felt very important as we had to wear high visability jackets, hard hats, goggles and protective gloves. We learned how important it is to save water, and couldn't believe the amounts of water we use in Leeds everyday! 

Autumn 2 - The Romans DT Day

As part of our Romans topic, we had an exciting DT day! Throughout the day, we researched about, designed, made and evaluated our very own miniature Roman shields. We had lots of fun making these and couldn't wait to try them out!