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Easter Holidays

Easter Break - 06.04.2020 - 19.04.2020

Happy Easter Adventurous Anacondas! As it's the start of the holidays, we won't be asking you to complete any new learning given that you deserve a hard-earned rest! We'll be back posting Home Learning on Monday 20th April. We're sure you have lots of enjoyable things to do but if you'd like some extra inspiration, keep reading... 

Competition Time

Mrs Fuller has launched a whole-school competition in the Grapevine, asking you to document your time at home so that it can be shared with future generations. You could do this as a piece of writing, a comic strip, photo album, film, song or anything else using your amazing imaginations. We've added the Covid-19 Time Capsule Booklet to help you plan so feel free to use it.

Easter Bingo

We've added an Easter Bingo sheet with lots of exciting challenges for you to try. Choose to do as many or as few as you wish - they are there as inspiration!

Easter Activities

We've also included a few other Easter-themed craft activities that may be of interest to you:

Finally, remember to rest, relax and rejuvenate whilst enjoying time with your family. We'd love to hear from you, so please keep sending us emails of all the creative and active things you do! It’s been a strange couple of weeks without seeing you all but we can see you have settled into home schooling amazingly well. Stay safe everyone, Mr Khan, Miss Brooks and Miss Brown