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The Greenside Greenbelts

'Fighting for a Greener Future'


We are Greenside Primary School's Eco-Committee.

The committee was originally the idea of a group Year 6 pupils in our school. In recognition of the environmental challenges that our world is facing, they wanted to encourage more pupils and their families to change their habits and lifestyles in ways that would help protect our planet.


The original members have now moved on to secondary education, but they have inspired others to follow in their footsteps. This academic year, many pupils applied to be part of our Eco-Committee. The elected members of the Greenside Greenbelts are made up of pupils from Year 1 - Year 6. We have regular meetings to discuss the pupils' ideas and initiatives that they want to role out across school. 


If you have any ideas, or you would like to offer support to the Greenside Greenbelts, please contact Mrs Brown.

Spring Term 2020


We have decided to work towards becoming an 'Eco School'. In order to achieve this award we have completed an Environmental Review of the school.

Every class has been involved in this. From this review, the Committee will develop an Action Plan.


During the Spring term we have begun to focus on Target 2.

Actions we have taken to support this target:

  • Travel survey completed of how pupils and staff currently travel to school and what their preferred method of travel would be.
  • Signed up for 'The Big Pedal' 22nd April - 5th May. An event to try and encourage more pupils and families to cycle, walk or scoot to school rather than using the car.
  • Researched dates of national Walk to School Week. 18-22nd May 2020.

Autumn Term 2019

The Committee decided on 3 key target areas that they wanted to work on throughout the year:

1. Reducing the amount of waste we produce.

2. Reducing the amount of energy we consume.

3. Growing more plants and creating a greener environment.


During the Autumn Term we focussed on Target 1.

Actions taken to support this target area were:

  • Introduction of recycling bins into classrooms.
  • The completion of a survey assessing the amount of single use packaging in children's lunchboxes. (We are currently planning a joint meeting with the School Food Ambassadors to look at ways of reducing this.)
  • Researching ways that we could lessen the environmental impact of Christmas. They shared their research by producing a Christmas video with 5 Top Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas. Please view our videos below.

Greenside Greenbelts Christmas Message Part 1

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Greenside Greenbelts Christmas Message Part 2

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Greenside Greenbelts Christmas Message Part 3

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Greenside Greenbelts Christmas Message Part 4

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