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4th April 2020

Good Morning Elephants,

Happy Saturday! I hope you've all had a relaxing morning. You have had a very busy week this week and so definitely deserve a break. Thank you for working so hard and being so fantastic (as you always are). I am so proud of you all. 


I've just popped on to let you know that you are now on your Easter Holiday! So, for the next 2 weeks the Key Stage 1 teachers and I want you to have lots and lots of fun. We will post up some fun Easter activities for you to have a go at during your time away from home learning. 


I will be recording the rest of our Enchanted Wood story and will post the remaining chapters at some point this weekend for you to listen to over the holidays. 


I want to end this message by saying a huge thank you to your grownups at home. I am aware that this home learning business is a lot and can be stressful but what you have done has been amazing - the pictures and emails I have received have proven this. I hope you can take these 2 weeks to have a well earned rest (with a large mug or glass of something) from your new jobs as teachers just enjoy your time with your lovely little ones at home. Quality time like this is precious in a normal world but is endless in this new, very strange one. 


Enjoy the break and please stay in touch. I'll check in on the Years 1 and 2 email.


Speak to you soon,


Miss Johnston x

A message from Miss Johnston 3.4.20

Hello Elephants!


A HUGE well done for completing your second week of home learning. I am so impressed with your determination and enthusiasm; you've done me, your grownups and, most importantly, yourselves so very proud.

It seems like so much longer than 2 weeks since we were last altogether but hopefully, seeing your friends on Zoom chats and hearing and seeing what they've all been up to on our class page has made it feel as though we're not apart!


Here's the final update of the week of what you've all been up to:

Molly has been busy putting her learning about weight into practice and has been making pizzas and buns, she's also been crafting some beautiful pictures to leave on her family's doorsteps to cheer them up; Shammah has completed all her Phonics and White Rose Maths activities for the week - wowzers!; Lilly has made a beautiful castle, made a Minnie Mouse puppet and wrote a super recount of her trip to Disney Land; Freddie's also caught the baking and making bug and he's made some delicious-looking Easter buns and he's made an awesome castle for some of his Avengers characters and even made a catapult to see how far he can fire them!; Eben's been busy this week planting sunflower seeds, writing about castles and has done some super maths work - he's also earned himself some dojo points from his Mum too!; Felix has been teaching his little brother Maths (amazing!) and wrote a super recount of our trip to Skipton Castle; Alvie has been doing lots of Easter crafts, he's made some buns and has written some silly stories and, last but by no means least, Euan has drawn a superb castle, he added in the moat, the long drop, the kitchen and an ogre! Yikes!

Have a look below, I'll be uploading some pictures...


Have a wonderful weekend: Rest, relax and be kind.


The next 2 chapters of the Enchanted Wood are up!


Miss Johnston x


Look! No stabilisers!

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Story Time!

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 23 and 24

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 21 and 22

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 19 and 20

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 17 and 18

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 15 and 16

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 13 and 14

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 11 and 12

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 9 and 10

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 7 and 8

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 5 and 6

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 3 and 4

The Enchanted Wood - Chapters 1 and 2

Home Learning wb 30.3.20

Hello parents/carers!


Underneath are all the downloadable resources for the week. I'll be checking in mid-week and adding a couple of extra bits and bobs for those who may whizz through or want to try something else.



Working through the pack of resources as and when suits you.



The scheme we use for Maths, White Rose Maths, is doing daily lessons! They follow the usual format of how we teach Maths in school so the children are used to this. They include videos and tasks to do. Additional info is in the overview down below.



Before the home learning commenced, the children had planned a recount of our trip to Skipton Castle. They were really enthusiastic to write it and so this week their challenge is to complete it. I've put a couple of resources below to help.

Order of events mix up - ask the children to either cut and stick the events in the right order or number them. This should (I hope) jog their memory of the day and help them structure their writing. If they can't remember I've put the correct order on the page afterwards.

Pictures and word mat - there are pictures to help remember what they saw and also a word mat to help with the key words they may need. 

Success criteria - this is the, potentially, fun bit parents/carers. I've put up a success criteria for this piece of writing. This is what I would be assessing against when marking their writing. Green is what I would expect of most children and gold is an additional challenge. I show them these before writing and have them visible throughout the time they are writing so they know what to aim for. Please don't be alarmed if things go a bit pear-shaped as the children are out of practice! Just encourage them to try their best and make light of you going along marking their work!



All information about the creative tasks for this week have been beautifully summarised by Mrs Percival and Mrs Shoesmith in the overview. 


If you have any problems at all - please just email!


Have a great week.


Miss Johnston x

Home Learning Overview wb 30.3.20

Hello Nugget!

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KS1 Home Learning WB 23.3.2020

Welcome to  Enthusiastic Elephants!


We are the Enthusiastic Elephants, the Year 1 Class.

Our Staff Team: 

Miss Johnston - Class Teacher

Mrs Escritt - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hair - PPA cover (Wednesday morning)

Mrs Farr - Trainee Teaching Assistant (Friday)

Class information

PE is on a Wednesday; pupils should come to school dressed in their PE kit.

Homework is set on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. Homework is put in the children's homework folders if it is a task sheet or will be set on Mathletics or Education City to be completed online - please find the links to these websites in the 'Useful Links' section.

Please scroll down to see our latest learning.
Spring 2

Sport Relief 2020

The children had a great day on Wednesday doing their bit for Sport Relief. They ran the Sport Relief mile and they worked so hard during it that their faces ended up the same colour as their red tops! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Our Gymnastics skills are reaching new heights!

In our indoor PE sessions we have been following RealGym. The children have learned some of the basic shapes used in Gymnastics: straight, tuck and star. We have had lots of practice on how to make these shapes and have worked our way up to making those shapes on different high equipment. We got the large climbing wall out, the high tables and the benches to see if we could incorporate the shapes we have learned on this equipment. We were really good at it and had so much fun - as you can see by the children's faces! The teachers were so impressed with our skills and, what wowed them even more than that, we even managed to get out and tidy away the equipment ourselves without any help.  Parents/carers take note: these children are excellent at tidying up after themselves! Don't let them tell you otherwise...

Pancake Making

In English we are looking at how to write instructions. Luckily, Pancake Day is the perfect opportunity to follow instructions and recipes. The children worked well helping Miss Johnston to weigh the ingredients out and mix them together in the bowl to make a smooth batter. Then, we poured the mix into the frying pan and flipped our pancakes. We all had a turn and had so much fun! The best part of all was eating the pancakes though; we drizzled some honey on and gobbled them up. 

Spring 1

11th February 2020 Safer Internet Day!

The children took part in some super activities for Safer Internet Day. We read the story 'Chicken Clicking' about a chick who sneaked into his farmer's house and spent all his money buying things online without his permission and then put his personal information online and accidentally made friends with a fox - oh no! We drew story maps to help us remember the story and did a 'Role on the Wall' to think about the chick's actions and how he might have felt in the different situations. 

Later in the afternoon, the children created their own identity maps looking at the things they enjoy doing both on and offline. We all love watching things on Netflix, playing on Mathletics and doing GoNoodles online and enjoy skipping, choosing time and playing with our friends at the park in real life. We thought about the different aspects of our personalities that would be and wouldn't be safe online. The children had great ideas and have a really strong sense of how to be safe online. We are very proud of their sensible and mature attitudes to their safety!

Computing - Programming BeeBots!

This half term, we have been getting to grips with programming BeeBots. We created our own treasure maps with obstacles and X marks the spot. We learned how to input a sequence of instructions into the BeeBot to make it travel around the map, avoiding the trees, swamps and rocks, and land on the X to get the treasure. We had so much fun programming the BeeBots - we knew how to do it better than the grownups did!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


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Chinese New Year ICE Day

On 27th January, we celebrated Chinese New Year. We began the day with by looking at zodiac symbols and learning all about the zodiac story. We looked at which zodiac each of us were (most of us either the horse or the snake!) and we even learnt how to write this as a Chinese symbol! We continued our fun-filled day by making dragon puppets out of paper and lollipop sticks. We learnt dragon puppets are usually red and gold (meaning good fortune), but quite often they are also found to be bright colours! 

The children got to make their very own home-made spring rolls. They were delicious. It was a fiddly job though trying to roll the thin pastry and to keep all the ingredients inside at the same time!

Finally, we spent our afternoon practising writing and speaking some Mandarin. We learned how to say ‘how are you?’, ni hao ma, and that to answer with ‘I’m good’ is wo hen hao! We then wrote Happy New Year! In Mandarin too. To finish off our wonderful day, we performed our Chinese dragon song to the Year 3/4s with our dragon puppets and some instruments.

Moving Words Poetry Workshop

Colin, Julie and Adam came into school to deliver a fantastic poetry workshop all about communication. Through words, actions and dance, we learnt about cave paintings, carrier pigeons, the telephone, the telegram, texts, emails and much more! We enjoyed performing to parents, carers, grandparents and to Mrs Fuller at the end of the day. 

Dia De Los Reyes (The Day of the Kings)

The children participated in a wonderful theme day based upon the Spanish festival Dia De Los Reyes (The Day of the Kings). During the day, we made non-alcoholic sangria; tasted some delicious Spanish food; played traditional Spanish games and practiced greeting each other in Spanish! The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned some interesting information about Spain. A big thank you to Mrs Haigh Del Rio for baking a delicious Roscon and teaching us a little Spanish!