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European Day of Languages 2021

European Day of Languages 2021

We had such an amazing time celebrating the European Day of Languages across school this September! The European Day of Languages is celebrated across Europe every year aims to celebrate the wide range of languages we have across Europe. At Greenside this year, we chose to base our celebrations on the languages we have in school already. Each class was allocated a language based on a link a child had in their class to the language or country. The children in EYFS focused on Spanish as this is our schools key language and they haven't had chance to experience it yet!


The class language/country allocations were as follows:


Friendly Foxes & Helpful Hedgehogs (Mr Phillips & Mrs Clark – EYFS) – Spain/Spanish

Enthusiastic Elephants (Mrs Lonergan & Mrs Shoesmith – Y1) – France/French

Positive Penguins (Miss Robinson – Y1/2) – China/Cantonese

Outgoing Otters (Miss Walker – Y2) – Poland/Polish

Confident Chameleons (Mrs Fox – Y3) – Kenya/Swahii

Adventurous Anacondas (Mr Khan – Y3/4) – India/Hindi

Persevering Pumas (Miss Johnston – Y4) – Greece/Greek

Dazzling Dolphins (Mrs Brown & Mrs Percival – Y5) – Mongolia/Mongolian

Tenacious Toucans (Miss Makepeace Y5/6) – Romania/Romanian

Creative Caimans (Miss Winkley Y6) – Lithuania/Lithuanian


Children came to school dressed in the colours of their country's flag and took part in lots of language and culture themed activities throughout the afternoon. At the end of the day, all children joined together on Zoom.


Year 1 Enthusiastic Elephants: France/French

Frere Jacques 1.mp3

Year 3 Confident Chameleons: Kenya/Swahili

Year 4 Persevering Pumas: Greece/Greek

Year 5/6 Tenacious Toucans: Romania/Romanian

Year 6 Creative Caimans: Lithuania/Lithuanian