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Children's Mental Health Week


Children's Mental Health Week 2022 took place from 7th-13th February and the theme this year was Growing Together. At Greeenside we observed the week in lots of different ways.


Each class worked together to complete the wellness challenge. A grid of 20 activities with a focus on wellbeing and mental health. The classes aimed to complete as many activities as they could and then participated in class discussions about why the activities were important and how the focus of the week had supported them.


The School of Kindness Company ran a workshop for the whole school where we talked about what it meant to be kind and how it helps boost our own mental health. The children all had an activity to do after the workshop to make someone else's day a bit brighter. The children loved getting involved and working together on a random act of kindness.


Express Yourself Day was a huge success at Greenside. The children dressed up in a combination of  colours, fancy dress and went all out to express themselves through their style and unique fashion choices. The day was about expressing your personality through what you wear and letting how you feel on the inside shine through on the outside too.


It was a really special week for us at Greenside and we really enjoyed talking about our feelings and beginning to understand how we can help ourselves and each other to look after our mental health.