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Home learning wb 30.03.2020


Welcome to week 2 of your home learning Foxes. Well done on all your super work from last week, I've really enjoyed looking through all of your pictures!


Phonics and Literacy

Please continue to participate in your daily phonic sessions:

Please continue to focus on 2 bug club books each week that have been assigned to you, including those all important quizes.

Writing challenge

We are going to be doing some baking this week so for your writing challenge please write your own recipe to make a cake.

Monday- Begin with deciding on the cake you would like

Tuesday- Write a list of ingredients you will think you will need

Wednesday- Write the method to making your cake

Thursday- Download your cake recipe, check how many ingredients you have guessed correctly and buy what you need from the supermarket

Friday- Bake your cake

I'll look forward to seeing lots of photographs of your finished cake to make me super hungry in time for the weekend, not as much as I'm sure you will enjoy eating them.



We are going to be learning about halving this week. Begin by applying this context to whole objects, such as a pizza or an orange. Once your child is secure in this concept explain that we can also halve numbers. We can apply this to the recipe we are working on to make our cakes. If we were making a cake half the size, what ingredients would we need? For example instead of 6 eggs how many would we need? Make it practical, this activity will be best done at the end of the week when you are baking your cakes and the children can physically see the ingredients. Focus on learning half of numbers to 10 initially and then if your child is secure in this move onto numbers to 20.

Maths Challenge

It's quiz time! on Friday quiz your child's knowledge by quick firing them these halving questions, see how many they can get right!

(1) Mrs Lonergan has 2 apples but she needs to give half to Mrs Clark, how many apples does Mrs Clark have?

(2) What is half of 10?

(3) Ginny has eaten half of her strawberries, she has eaten 4. How many does she have left?

(4) What is half of 6?

(5) There are 10 pencils in Reception, the Foxes need half and the Hedgehogs need half, how many should each class have?


Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge 1

Have a wonderful week Foxes, I'm here if you need anything on:

Lots of Foxy love Mrs Lonergan x

Friday Storytime with Mrs Lonergan

Hello Foxes and Happy Friday- I hope you showed your grown ups the Friday dance as part of your home learning today! Our story today is Mr Forgetful:

Don't forget to upload your home learning to either EexAt or to send me a photo via email

( either way is fine. It's so lovely to see the fun you are all having this week.

Lots of Foxy love,

Mrs Lonergan

Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime


Hello Foxes! Harrogate theatre are live streaming their pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk today at 12pm. This has been our story for this half term so I'm sure you will all enjoy watching it played out on the stage:


Mrs Lonergan x

Thursday Storytime with Mrs Lonergan and Ginny


Good afternoon Foxes! Here is the next addition to storytime; Mr Daydream:


I know we've got some daydreamer Foxes in our class so I'm sure you will particularly enjoy this one.


Lots of Foxy love,

Mrs Lonergan and Ginny x

Wednesday Storytime with Mrs Lonergan and Ginny


Hello Foxes! I hope those of you who have a garden have been able to enjoy some of the sunshine today. Today's story is Mr Nosey featuring Ginny and lots of strawberries:


Lots of Foxy love,

Mrs Lonergan and Ginny

Tuesday Storytime with Mrs Lonergan and Ginny


Hello Foxes! Thank you for all the lovely photos you are putting onto EexAt, Ginny and I are enjoying seeing all your wonderful learning from home.


Today's story is Mr Greedy, we hope you enjoy it:


Lots of Foxy love Mrs Lonergan and Ginny x

Storytime with Mrs Lonergan and Ginny


Happy Monday my little Foxes, how I have missed your smiles today! I hope you have had lots of fun learning at home with your Mummies and Daddies. You can see from this video that me and Ginny have been having fun today.


I am going to upload a story for you each day for you to enjoy while your Mummy and Daddy make themselves a well deserved cup of tea. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy making them.


Lots of Foxy love,

Mrs Lonergan

Home Learning wb 23.03.2020


Hello Friendly Foxes and welcome to your home learning page. While we can't be together at school I am going to use this page to keep you updated with lots of fun learning and activities to do while you are at home smiley.


Parents please refer to the timetable below, I hope you find it useful but please remember it is not compulsory- it's simply there to give you some guidance. If you need anything at all please contact me on the email address sent out last week:


I am looking forward to hearing from you all. Stay in touch, look after each other and stay safe.

Mrs Lonergan x

Phonics and Literacy wb 23.03.2020


Please follow the link below to access your daily phonics lesson:

Please begin by focusing on speed sounds 1 @ 9:30am, if your child requires more challenge then please refer to the Speed Sounds 2 session @ 10:00am.

These lessons will be available for 24 hours so please don't feel that you need to complete them at the allocated time.


I have assigned all Foxes 2 books for each week to read on bug club, please let me know as you would in your child's planner how challenging they find the level of text and I can assign books accordingly week by week. Remember to do the quiz's after reading to support children with their comprehension skills as this is as important as the phonetic decoding of the text. You child's bug club login is stuck in the front of their planner but if you have any problems please contact me on


Writing  Challenge

Write your weekly shopping list. Make sure you are using your Freddie Frog Fingers to hear all the sounds. Parents- the real challenge may be what you can actually find on the supermarket shelves from your shopping list but we can at least try wink.


Maths wb 23.03.2020


This week we are going to be recapping number. To support your child with this please logon to Numbots and give your child time to familiarise themselves with their account:

Your login will be stuck inside your child's planner however if you need anymore support please drop me a message on the email


We would also like to introduce your child to money this week. Have a go at:


Maths Challenge

When you go shopping with the list you have made for your writing challenge and you are out buying your weekly essentials, have a go at adding some different coins together to pay for at least one item of shopping. Estimate how much you think each item of shopping will be. What will cost the most and what will cost the least? You can check the receipt afterwards to see if you are right. Upload a photo of what you buy onto EexAt so I can see what you're spending your hard earned pocket money on.

Foxy project 23.03.2020


This week we are going to get our musical juices flowing. We had so much fun creating our own band earlier this year that I thought it would be fun for us to create our own musical instruments.

So be as creative as you can, we are going to need to raid the recycling bin, the craft cupboard and maybe the kitchen cupboard too. You can make one instrument or a whole orchestra, from shakers to guitars to recorders; the more creative the better.


I will miss seeing everything that you are busy doing so please take some photos and use your EexAt account to upload all your wonderful learning!


Good luck and happy crafting,

Mrs Lonergan x

Welcome to Friendly Foxes!


We are the Friendly Foxes, one half of the Reception Cohort.


Our staff team is: Mrs Lonergan - Class Teacher, Mrs Hodgson - Nursery Nurse.

Miss Webber - PPA Cover (Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons).


PE is on a Wednesday Morning. Don't forget to come to school dressed in your PE kit!



As part of their home learning our Foxes have been set 10 challenges to complete at home. Find our #10 saved below and enjoy uploading your challenges to

Chinese New Year

We had the most fun celebrating Chinese New Year for our Ice day. We made Chinese dragons and even had a go at some Chinese writing. Our favourite part of the day was making Chinese spring rolls. We carefully cut up all our own ingredients and wrapped our vegetables up into little parcels. Mrs Lonergan cooked our Chinese banquet at lunch and then we had an afternoon feast- what a day!

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