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Handwriting at Greenside

Welcome to the 'Handwriting' page on our school website. We hope you find the resources here useful to help you practise your handwriting and make it as neat as it can possibly be!


In school, we encourage you to use cursive handwriting as soon as you are able to correctly form your letters. We teach handwriting in every year so that you are confident, speedy and fluent writers by the time you leave in Year 6. From Year 3 onwards, you will be awarded a 'Pen Licence' if you consistently demonstrate neat, cursive handwriting. However, your licence can be withdrawn at any time if your presentation drops, so be sure to always try your best! If you are awarded a 'Pen Licence', it will be presented to you in our Celebration Assemblies and from then, instead of using a pencil to write, you will write in pen. Great, don't you think?

Useful Resources:

Please find below some useful resources to get your started with practising your handwriting at home. The activities get progressively more difficult as you scroll down. If there's anything else you feel would improve your handwriting, please speak to your class teacher who will be more than happy to help!

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