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Home Learning - The Final Week!

Hi Hedgehogs!

Welcome to our final week of home learning!

This week we would like you to reflect on your time in Reception, now is a time to think about all of the fun we had, the laughs that we shared and all of the things that we have learnt.

Attached is a lovely story about a caterpillar who finds their wings, which might help you to understand all of those feelings you have about moving to Year One.

You will also find some activities below which will help you to write down all of the things which you remember about your Reception year. 


I hope that you have a fantastic week, the summer holidays are just around the corner!

Mrs Clark x


The Twits part 3

A note from Miss Webber:


Hello Hedgehogs, I just wanted to come onto your class page and say a little end of year goodbye. It has been a very strange first year for me at Greenside but your class was the first one I taught when I came to your school and you made me feel so welcome that I knew I just had to stay and get to know you all better.

I have really enjoyed watching you learn, develop and grown this year, you are all more than ready to take on year 1 and I am very excited because I get to teach your class next year when Miss Robinson has her planning time too. I have also been the one adding your photos onto the website during your home learning time so I have seen the wonderful things you have been getting up to. Parents/carers, you are all absolute rock stars!


I hope you all have a wonderful summer and I can't wait to see you all in September.

All the Hog love, Miss Webber x

Goodbyes and Guess How Much I Love You

This weeks home and school learning.

A little gift from us!


Hi Hedgehogs,

Attached to your books (which your grown-ups will collect from school with your reports) is a little gift from me, Mrs Keavy and Miss Carritt. 


Mrs Clark

Mr Happy

Our home and school learning.

Homelearning 06.07.2020

Hello Helpful Hedgehogs,


How are you all? I hope you all enjoyed being super heroes last week. The world started to feel a little bit safer and I know that must have been because you were developing your superhero powers and protecting us all.


I hope you all enjoyed your Zoom chat with your new teacher; Miss Robinson last week. I know that she was so excited to meet you all and can't wait to teach you in September.


Our home learning this week is a little different. At school it would have been transition week so the whole of Greenside are having a special week on transition activities from home. I have posted the links below to direct you to the transition page on our whole school transition activity page:


Mrs Clark will be doing your class Zoom chat again this week. If you have joined the Helpful Hedgehog Zooms previously then Mrs Clark will automatically send you a link. If you haven't joined the Hedgehog Zooms and would like to join this week then please send an email to to let Mrs Clark know.


Have a lovely week Hedgehogs and do remember we're here if there's anything you need.

Mrs Lonergan x

Mr Nosey

Mr Snow

Mr Forgetful

This weeks home and school learning.



Homelearning 29.06.2020

Not all Superheroes wear capes

We are having another themed week this week. Thank you for so many lovely photographs of all your under the sea activities from last week, it looks like you had a great time. This week we are going to be having a superhero themed week but remember not all superheroes wear capes!


Design your own superhero costume

If you could be a superhero, what sort of powers would you have? This is a really important question because this effects the sort of costume that you might have. For example if your super power is to turn people into ice then your costume would need to be warm and water proof. Start off by designing your costume; does it have a mask? A cape? Are you a super hero who wears a dress? Make sure you colour it in and then if you have some card or fabric at home, you may be able to make some of it. A little tip for you- an old sheet makes a really good cape!


Build your own Superhero Quarters

Now, all superheroes need somewhere to meet. They meet at their top secret head quarters to plan how they are going to work together to save the world. Even Spiderman needs somewhere to rest when he's not busy being invincible. Your challenge this week is to build a superhero headquarters so you have a safe base to plan your next adventure. Large sheets of fabric thrown over chairs and pegged in place would work really well or just setting up camp in a tent/ under a table or the bed.


Create your own Superhero badge or story

If you have made your costume and your den then now your super hero needs a super name. This could be a superhero name that you've already heard of or you might want to create your own. Use your phonics to sound out your superhero name and write those sounds down to make your superhero badge. If you want to do a bit more writing after you've designed your badge, why not make up a short story about the adventures of you superhero?


Thank our Key Workers

While we've not been at school there have been lots of people with important jobs working hard to keep us safe. Nurses and Doctors, Police, firefighters and plenty more. These are the superheroes who do not wear capes, they are saving peoples lives everyday but they are not using magic to do it. This week you could use all your best decorations to make them a thank you card. Write them a lovely message inside and you might even want to draw a picture of them hard at work saving people. Once you have used all your best decorations to make their card you could either send it in the post or you could take a photograph of it and send it to them over the internet to make them smile that day. If you send the photograph to our reception email address then I can send it for you so that all the special key workers get your special message.


Marvelous Medicine

Doctors and nurses have to use medicine all the time to make their patients better and this week you can have a go at being a doctor or nurse and making your own medicine. You can use different ingredients out of your cupboard to experiment with making different medicines to make your patients better. Just make sure that you have some help to do this, I look forward to seeing what whacky and wonderful mixtures you come up with!

If you want some ideas to get you started, you can watch this video:


Have a wonderful week superheroes and remember I'm here if you need anything,

Mrs Lonergan x

Mr Sneeze

Storytime with Mrs Hodgson

Monday Motivation!

Hi Hedgehogs,

I hope that you are all okay and are staying safe. I just wanted to pop up and give you a little bit of Monday motivation, I certainly needed some this morning and looking through all of the photos that you have sent to me really helped! You are doing such a fabulous job with your home learning. I am so impressed with you all. 

Your determined attitudes have always blown my socks off, but I honestly couldn’t be prouder of you. I’ve seen your beautiful writing and how good you are all getting with your numbers, you have all worked so hard. 

So there are 3 weeks and 4 days left until the summer holidays, we can definitely do this! I know that you are all getting tired and things are tough at the moment, but you really are doing such a fantastic job (and so are your grown-ups! They are superheroes!) 

So lets carry on trying our best, and remember to be kind to each other.

Sending big virtual hugs,

Mrs Clark

The Velveteen Rabbit

Chapter 4

Our home and school learning from the last week.

Homelearning 22.06.2020- Under the Sea


Hello Hedgehogs and welcome to your homelearning for this week. It's a little bit different this week and we hope you enjoy it. As always, do get in touch if you have any problems.

Mrs Clark x


We're going on a treasure hunt

Mums and Dads we are going to need your help with this! Please can you hide any coins you have in your house/ purse or wallet around your house and garden (hopefully if your child is a good pirate you will get these back again) you will then need to make a treasure map for your child to give them an idea of where the coins are hiding. Foxes, you need to use that map to find all the coins and it doesn't stop there! Once you have found all your coins you can to write down what coin you have and how much they are worth on the back of your treasure map. You will then need to be a good pirate and hand your treasure back over to your Mum's and Dad's!


I smell treasure

Another activity for you to try your hand at this week is making your own treasure chest. To do this you can be as creative as you like, you may already have a treasure box that you can decorate or you may want to raid your recycling bin. You'll need a big box that you can fill with special things. You can decorate this however you would like;

paint, glitter, stickers, sequins, jewels, etc.

You will then need to make some treasure to go inside it, why not make some gold/ jewellery or even have a go at making some of the different coins we have been learning.


Whilst you're busy being creative, why not make yourself a pirates hat and an eye patch too? For this you'll need an old pillow case or just some black card or paper with string. If you don't have any of these then you could use white paper and use your felt tips to decorate your pirate hat and eye patch any way you want to, maybe you could colour co-ordinate with your treasure chest.


X marks the spot

Now you have made your treasure chest, you'll have to do what all pirates do and hide it. Choose your hiding spot and then make a treasure map to show where it is hidden. Use your phonics to label different areas on your map, eg the TV/ fridge/ door. Parents, encourage your child to sound out the words independently and even if the spelling is wrong it may make sense phonetially eg fridge spelt frij. Once you have hidden your treasure and made your map send someone else in your house off to hunt for the treasure. You can give them as much or as little help as you want and if you enjoy this then maybe they can have a go at making a map and you can to read their directions to reclaim your treasure.


It's a mermaids life

Now whilst we find pirates sailing on top of the sea, deep beneath the waves live the mermaids. Most of them never come to the surface so you never see them but they are always there. I want you to imagine that you live down in the sea with the mermaids and the rest of your family. I want you to imagine what you might look like and how your lives would be different to now. Once you have an idea in your head I want you to have a go at drawing or painting your mer-family. You can come up with new names for all of you for example Mummy might be Mermmy and the baby might be Merbabe.


Shark attack

Now deep under the sea, living close to those mermaids you will also find millions of different fish. From sharks to dolphins to Clown Fish like Nemo. Your challenge for this week if to use the computer or tablet to find out more about the fish that live under the sea. Choose 3 animals that you like and create a little fact file about them, I'll start you off:


Octopus live in the USA and are very clever animals. They have 8 legs, 3 hearts and their blood is blue. They scare away enemies by shooting a cloud of black ink to confuse them.


We hope you enjoy your learning this week and we can't wait to see pictures of all your treasure/ costumes and artwork.

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Clark x

The Velveteen Rabbit

Chapter 3

The Twits - Part 2

The Velveteen Rabbit

Chapter 2

The Velveteen Rabbit

Chapter 1

Our home learning!

Homelearning 15.06.2020


In addition to your phonics and two bug club books this week I would like you to recap on the story of the three little pigs as this week we are going to make some changes to the story.

Writing challenge

This week I would like you to change the characters and setting of the three little pigs. So instead of three little pigs you might tell a story about three little crocodiles or three little spacemen. Once you have changed your characters I want you to change your setting. Three little crocodiles would of course be building their houses in the river and they might not use straw, sticks and bricks either. Once you have decided on your new characters and setting I want you to write me a sentence about it, for example:

Once upon a time there were three little crocodiles who lived in the river.

As always remember your:

-capital letter

-finger spaces

-full stop

-check it makes sense 



This week in Maths we are going to be learning all about capacity. So either in your bath or your paddling pool I want you to fill 3 different sized containers and put them in order. The vocab we are learning this week is:



-half empty

-half full

-nearly empty

-nearly full

I know that you will find this easy peasy so your next job is a little more tricky. You need to use a measuring jug to fill up your containers but I need you to estimate and record how much water you think they will hold. Once you have written your estimations down you can check you are right. e.g.

Container 1

- estimation: 500ml (1 jug)

-capacity: 450ml (nearly 1 jug)

Don't forget to send me your photos, specially if you are lucky enough to do this in your paddling pool.


Hedgehog Project

Mr Uppity

The Twits - Part 1

Time for one of our favourite stories! Grown ups, now is your chance to drink a cup of tea whilst it’s still hot. This ones a long one! You’re welcome!

Mr Jelly

The three little pigs

Chick popping out

Chick looking out

Homelearning 08.06.2020


In addition to your daily phonics and 2 bug club books this week I would like you to have a go at learning a story and some actions to go with it. Instead of our Mr Man story we are going to have a story with Mrs Lonergan that you all know very well today. Just like Jack and the Beanstalk we are going to learn the story and the actions and build on it over the next few weeks.


Writing Challenge

For your writing challenge I want you to have a go at writing part of our well known story. This might be just a character and a picture from the story, you might want to have a go at a sentence, you might try writing the beginning/ middle or end or some of you might even want to have a go at rewriting the whole story over the course of the week. I know you'll enjoy this one and I can't wait to see the writing you come up with.



This week we are going to be returning to addition and subtraction. Use numbots as a quick refresher to help you remember how to add and subtract and then we are going to have a go at some word problems. I have uploaded some word problems below. Draw pictures and cross bits out to help you understand and solve the word problem, for example:

3 lions are eating (draw 3 lions) and 4 more come to join them (draw 4 more lions) how many lions are eating altogether?

I have 5 cubes of chocolate (draw 5 cubes of chocolate) but I eat 3 of them (cross 3 cubes of chocolate out) how many do I have left?


Hedgehog Project

This week we are going to pretend to be Robin Hood and make our own bow and arrow. These bow and arrow's are for protecting your forest (garden) only and are not to be used on siblings or other family members!


Hello my lovely Hedgehogs,

I hope that you are all okay? I just wanted to let you all know that I won’t be uploading as many story times for you over the next few weeks as I am working in school everyday. 

I am as sad about this as you are, I really enjoy reading you stories!

I will try and upload as many as I can each week for you, Mrs Lonergan will be uploading all of the home learning and will be sharing her storytime to our class page on the days when I don’t, which is very kind!

I will still be answering my emails, so you can always chat to me! 

I am missing you all lots and I’m sending lots of love!

Mrs Clark x

Home learning 01.06.2020


I have had so many messages from your Mummies and Daddies telling me about your super reading and phonics, well done all of you! Keep doing those daily phonic sessions and aiming to read 2 bug club books a week.


Writing Challenge

The chicks are chirping away in their nest but we don't have any names for them yet. So your writing challenge for this week is to choose a name for one of the baby chicks. Write a sentence with your name suggestion and then I will choose a selection and that will become the names for the new chicks. As always remember with your writing to use your capital letter, finger spaces, full stop and read it back to check that it makes sense.


Maths Challenge

This week we are going to be learning all about measuring. We are going to learn the vocab:

long, longer, longest

short, shorter, shortest.

We're then going to have a go at applying this in our houses or our gardens. So go on a hunt for 3 different items and put them in order, starting with the shortest up to the longest. Talk to your Mummy and Daddy about your object using the length vocabulary and explain how you know for example that the shortest item is the shortest.

If you find this super easy, you can make it more challenging by measuring these different items. Mums and Dads; talk to your child about what they can use to measure the different items they have found and then record them in a list eg:

spoon: 8cm

bottle: 16cm

table: 30cm

Encourage your child to look at the numbers, how do we know looking at our list that a spoon is the shortest?


Hedgehog Project

This week we are going to make bubble wands. The weather is going to be sunny so have a go at doing this outside if you can. Get creative with the different resources and sizes and have a go at using the vocab you have learnt in your Maths challenge this week to talk about and compare the different wands that you make.

A new Hedgehog!

Hi Everyone,

I would like to introduce you to a new member of our class, Anneliese. Anneliese likes to be called Coral and she will be joining our class as soon as we go back to school. I know that you will all make her feel welcome.

Mrs Clark x

Chirping Chicks

A big bug feast!

Hungry baby birds!

Happy Half Term Hedgehogs!

am not expecting you to do any work over the half term holiday, you have all worked SO hard and definitely deserve a break. Enjoy a week playing games, watching TV, baking, going for walks in quiet places and just enjoy being with your families. 

I will be posting a few bird updates for you over the holidays, so keep checking our page.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how incredibly proud I am of you all, you have truly amazed me with how well you have adapted to a different routine, all whilst keeping your smiles. I miss you all lots and I can’t wait to see you again, when it’s safe.

Keep being kind to your grown-ups, they are doing an amazing job!

Mrs Clark x

Alfie Wins A Prize

In my heart

Baby bird update

I wonder if you can spot the baby bird with its bottom in the air, that does a poop on its brothers and sisters!

We're going on a bear hunt

Tadpoles promise

Prepare to laugh your socks off, it’s one of our favourite stories!

Homelearning 18.05.2020


Writing Challenge

For your writing challenge this week, I would like you to write a word/ sentence or a recap of your favourite  story from the ones I have been reading for you on your Hedgehog page. You can choose your level of challenge depending on how tricky you want to make your writing focus for this week. Don't forget

-Capital letter

-Finger spaces

-Full stops

-Read it back to check it makes sense

Happy Writing, I can't wait to see the finished products!


Maths Challenge

This week I want you to focus on telling the time. I have attached a powerpoint for you to recap and learn about the different times of the day. See how many different types of clock you can find in the house, I bet there are more than you think. I have counted 6 in my house. Ask your Mummy or Daddy to talk to you about the difference between digital and analogue clocks, which one do you prefer?

Once you have recapped on time, I want you to have a go at ordering the different events that happen in your favourite book. Put these events in order and decide what time they happen. You can use your Maths books to draw the pictures and write the time of the day next to them e.g.

Little Miss Neat

-9:00am Mr Clumsy arrives at Little Miss Neat's House

-10:00am Mr Clumsy spills cake all over the walls

-10:30am Little Miss Neat cleans


Hedgehog Project

For your Hedgehog Project this week, I would like you to have a go at making your own playdough using the recipe below. I know how much you enjoy this job with Mrs Clark at school so I know how excited you will be to get all those ingredients out of the cupboard.

Once you have made your playdough, I want you to have a go at making the characters from your chosen story. You can then have a go at retelling the story, doing a mini performance for the rest of the people who live in your house.


Happy Home learning Hedgehogs and as always, any questions just ask.

Mrs Clark x

Gordon's Great Escape

Funny Bird Update

Today the Daddy bird flew into my mum and dads house through an open window! They managed to get him out safely, but he did leave a poop on my mums sofa!

Here he is, wondering how to get out of the window!

Mummy and Daddy feeding the chicks

Some of the eggs have hatched, mummy and daddy are working very hard feeding their chicks.

Peter Rabbit

Mystery Tour

Mummy bird sitting on the eggs

A tour of Pumpkin and Patch's new house!

You all know that I have two rabbits, Pumpkin and Patch, they used to live in my garage at my old house, so they needed a new home building at my new house. Mr Clark and I have been really busy building them a mansion to live in, so instead of storytime today, I thought I would show you around it! I can’t wait for them to see it!
If you have been doing some DIY at home, or making something then I would love to see it!

VE Day

Tomorrow is a very exciting day, it's a bank holiday. It is a special bank holiday because it is to celebrate VE Day. I have uploaded some resources. Here is a link which Max's Mum found for us to explain a bit more about the celebrations:

Have a wonderful time caelebrating and don't forget to upload any photos to EexAt or send them over to the Reception email.

Mrs Clark x

Home learning 11.05.2020


Please continue to access the daily phonics and aim to read 2 Bug Club books each week. If you notice that your child needs a higher level of challenge in their reading, please let me know.


Writing Challenge

Well done to you all for completing your writing challenges for this week, I am looking forward to uploading them all for you to see the messages from your friends, you have all worked so hard on them. For this weeks writing challenge I would like you to make a prediction about what will happen next to the eggs. Try and write your prediction in a sentence by starting:

I think that the next thing to happen in the life cycle of a chick will be...

Parents get your child do have a go at writing the start of this sentence without copying.


Maths Challenge

Thank you for your super sharing pictures this week. We are going to focus on shapes this week. I have attached a powerpoint document for you to recap 3d shapes, focus on whether they have flat faces/ curved sides and how many. How many verticies can you count? Once you have done this I want you to go on a shape hunt. Take paper and a pencil with you and I want you to find all the 3d shapes in your house or garden. Write down the 3d shape you are looking for and then see how many of that shape you can find in and around your home.


PSHE challenge

We love doing yoga at school but have you taught any of our yoga to your Mummy's and Daddy's? Log on to:

and complete at least on of our yoga stories. This will help you to feel peaceful and relaxed, it will be a good activity to save for a day that you are feeling a little anxious or frustrated.


Hedgehog Project

We celebrated VE day this bank holiday and to mark this I wanted to send you all on a Scavenger Hunt. Do you know what this flag is? Do you know why it is important? Have a go at going on a hunt for as many red, white and blue items as you can, take a picture of them all and when you get home write a list. I'll be keeping an eye on who manages to spot the most!

Storytime with Mrs Clark

An update on the family of blue tits

Hi Hedgehogs, 

I hope that you have had a lovely weekend? 

I have an exciting update on the nest! There are now 10 eggs safe and sound in the nest box. I have uploaded some photos and a video below for you to see.


Hello Mummy Bird

Storytime with Mrs Hodgson

Still image for this video

#10 at Greenside special assembly 1.5.20

10 at Greenside special assembly 1.5.20

The heart and the bottle

A beautiful family of Blue Tits 

As I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s story time, my Dad has a family of birds living in a nest box in the garden. He has a special camera hooked up so that he can keep a watchful eye on them.

He has promised to send some pictures and videos over to us a few times a week, so that we can watch the Mum and Dad look after the eggs, and hopefully see them hatch! 

Please find the first picture below, there are seven eggs in total - how exciting! 

Home learning 04.05.2020


I have now uploaded a schedule for the different phonic sessions so that you can see what sound will be taught each day. If you don't get a chance to complete the lesson at the designated time it does stay on the RWI phonic youtube channel for the next 24 hours:


Don't forget to keep aiming to read 2 bugclub books a week in addition to this if you can.


Writing Challenge

Well done on all your writing from last week! Your parents have sent me some absolutely fantastic sentences. This week we are going to have a go at writing a message to our partners from school. This can be as long or short as you like, Mums and Dads if you send me a picture of your child's message when it is written and I will upload it to the website so that you can all read your messages to each other. If any of you have forgotten who your carpet partner is then let me know and I will send you a reminder.


Don't forget when attempting your writing to sound out how the words sound, using your sound mats to help you. It doesn't matter if the spellings are not correct, as long as your child is sounding the words out for themselves. They might need some help to hear all the sounds in a word for example h-e-ll-ow, your child might only be able to hear h-ll-ow and may need your support to discriminate between the different sounds. Your child may also need reminding to include finger spaces. Encourage your child to say what they are intending to write 5 times before they put pen to paper. They then may need a little support to hear what word is coming next, however let them try to remember on their own to begin with. I hope all this extra detail is a help and does not make it more confusing, as always any questions do ask.


Maths Challenge

For your Maths focus this week, I would like you to focus on sharing. We will begin by doing this practically and focusing on choosing an amount to share that will leave no remainders. We are going to consolidate this skill by having a teddy bears picnic. Encourage your child to make invitations to invite their different toys to a picnic. Once you child is all set up with a few toys/ teddies give them a number of items to share between their group, loose fruit works well such as strawberries or raisins. Make sure that you give your child an amount of fruit that can be shared between their number of toys, for example if they have invited 3 toys then you can give them 6 pieces of fruit and see how many each toy has each. Emphasise that sharing always has to be fair and try introducing different numbers of toys and changing the amount of fruit for example taking a teddy away so that there are 2 toys to share 8 pieces of fruit between.


Once your child has grasped this (you may want to repeat this same activity over a few days) then introduce them to the idea of sharing an unequal amount. Can I share my 7 pieces of fruit fairly between my 5 bears? No? Why? What happens? You can explain that each bear has 1 piece of fruit and you have 2 remaining. You can then reverse the roles and you can go to the picnic allowing your child to create the different scenarios. You can challenge them by asking them to do a fair share or an unfair share which will leave some remaining.

Have fun in the sun this week and create a bug hotel. When the weather gets warmer that's when all our 4, 5, 7 and 8 legged friends venture out to play. You could record what bugs come to visit your hotel and how many of them you can spot.


Have lots of fun Hedgehogs,

Mrs Clark x

RWI Phonics schedule

Scrambled Egg Super

Story Time with Mrs Clark

Story Time with Mrs Clark 28.4.20

A message to all of your superhero parents.

I will start by saying that you are doing an incredibly outstanding job.


Just six weeks ago, with four days notice, you became your child’s teacher. What you probably didn’t realise is that you have always been your child’s teacher. You have been teaching them since the day they were born, I was only there to help with the academics! 


The learning opportunities that you are providing at home have blown me away and I’ve come to realise that this generation of children may return to school knowing things that we would have never had time to teach them if they were coming into school each day. How to wash a car, how to look after a plant, how to cook, clean and make a bed (to name a few).


Its okay to be worried about your child falling behind, but let me tell you that they probably aren’t, and if they are, they will catch up - that’s what schools are great at!


Our children will remember this time for the rest of their lives, when they look back on it let’s let them remember that time when they got to stay at home for a while, not that time when they felt scared or confused about the world. If this means that you focus on your child’s wellbeing rather than phonics and maths, then that’s absolutely fine.


Don’t forget, you are not in this alone and if you need anything at all please email.

Mrs Clark x






Storytime with Mrs Clark and Moon

Enjoy listening to story time from my garden today!

Home learning wb 27.04.2020


Hello Hedgehogs, How was your first week back after Easter? I hope you all enjoyed our challenges for last week and thank you for all your wonderful photos.


Phonics and Literacy

You have all been doing so well with your phonics, well done! Read Write Inc have updated their phonics schedule and you will now find:

Set 1 speed sounds @ 9:30

Set 1 word time @ 9:45

Set 2 speed sounds and word time @10:00

These work up in order of challenge so depending on how easy or tricky your child is finding the phonic sessions, please select the phonics session most appropriate for you.


Please also continue to aim to work through 2 bug club books each week, I've been so impressed by how many of you are using the bug club books, I can only imagine how much all your reading is moving forward.


Writing challenge

This week I want you to have a really good think about how you are feeling at the moment. Talk to your Mummy, Daddy, brother or sister about how you have been feeling since we started staying at home all day. You might be feeling really happy because you are getting to spend lots of time with your family but you might also be feeling a little bit sad because you are missing your friends and going to school. You might feel worried because life has been really different since we started having to stay at home more and you might also be excited because staying at home has meant that you can do lots of new things that you might not have time to do normally. Write a list of your feelings, aim for at least 5 and then have a go at writing a sentence using one of those adjectives.


Don't forget to take a photo of your amazing wiring and send it to Mrs Clark to have a look at.



I hope you enjoyed doubling last week, this week we are going to recap on addition and subtraction. We're going to have a go at using lots of different games to help us to solve number sentences in a variety of different ways.

To begin with I want you to have a go at adding and taking away using objects:


Once your child is finding they are confident with adding/ subtracting using objects then move onto having a go at adding/ taking away on a numberline:


Your child can also use their fingers to help them to add and takeaway. A good habit for them to practice and a skill which they need to be able to meet by the end of reception, is to be able to count forwards and backwards to find the answer to a sum. It's a challenging skill to be able to hold a number in your head and then count on or back to find the answer to that question but its a really important skill to keep working on. Use the numbots game to practice this:

Let me know how many you can get in the time limit!

Monster Tunnel

This week I want you to have a go at making your own game. You can decorate your own monster tunnel's and then have a go at rolling balls into them. Once you have created your own Monster's you can decorate them however you wold like to. You can then set your game up wherever you want, inside or out. You could even have a go at writing invitations to different people in your house, inviting them to come and play your game. Don't forget to keep a score list while you play the game so that you can see who wins at the end, keep an eye on your Mum and Dad to make sure they're not cheating

Happy St George’s Day!

Its also my birthday, so instead of story time today I thought I would upload some photos of the things I’ve been up to. 

We have a lot of garden games and I have enjoyed playing them. Maybe you could have a go at playing some of them at home if you have the resources!

Mr Clark made me a birthday cake
I made some lemonade
We played a game of ladder golf
We had a round of croquet
And played cornhole
Then I won at Jenga!

Story Time with Mrs Clark 22/04

Hi Hedgehogs!
I posted a little message to you all earlier, check it out below.
Here is today’s storytime, looking slightly less dishevelled than yesterday. Enjoy!


Hi Hedgehogs,

I know a lot of you are finding life a little tricky at the moment, and that is okay. Our world is a little strange at the moment and its okay to feel a bit confused and lost, even the grown ups feel like that sometimes, but I will let you in on a little secret. Talking helps you to feel better.

Sometimes when you have a lot of feelings inside your body, its good to let them go. Talking helps those feelings to pop out of your mouth and leave your body feeling a little better. Guess what? Grown Ups are fantastic at listening to you, so they are the perfect people to talk to!

There's lots of good things happening at the moment too and we must not forget that! We don't have to get up TOO early, so we should be feeling well rested. Our Mums/Dads/Carers are at home looking after us and it's always nice to get those extra cuddles and stories that we miss when we are at school all day! 

I know that you are all missing your friends, but one day, hopefully soon, we will be able to play together again.

I am missing you all so much, but this isn't forever and I will see you and your lovely smiles again.

Stay safe and be kind to your Grown Ups!

Mrs Clark

Story Time with Mrs Clark and Moon 21/4/20

I hope you enjoy today’s storytime! Apologies for looking a little muddy, I have been planting a tree in my garden and I needed to dig a big hole for it!

Storytime with Mrs Clark and Moon 20/4/20

Home learning wb 20.04.2020


Hello Hedgehogs! I hope you had a wonderful Easter, you have sent across some wonderful pictures of you working hard on your #10 challenges- I have really enjoyed looking through them all. 


Welcome to week 3 of your home learning, I know you'll be eager to see what challenges we have for you this week.


Phonics and Literacy

Please continue to participate in your daily phonic sessions:

Please continue to focus on 2 bug club books each week that have been assigned to you, including those important quizes.

Writing challenge

I would like you to have a go at drawing a picture and writing a sentence to go with it about what you have been doing over the Easter holidays. I want to hear all about how much chocolate you have eaten and if you managed to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine. If you can manage more than one sentence, that's fantastic but your challenge is to write one.

Don't forget to make sure your sentence is smiley using:

-Capital letter 

-Finger space 

-Full stop 

-check it makes sense

I will look forward to seeing some photos of your super writing at the end of the week.



This week we are going to be focusing on doubling, this is the opposite to halving which we were working on the week before Easter.

I want you to start off with your Maths challenge- painting a butterfly.

Once you have done that and understand the concept it's time to start doubling whole numbers. Play the ladybird doubling game to support you with embedding this:

By the end of the week you Mum or Dad should be able to say any number to you up to 10 and you should be able to tell them the double of that number, let me know how many you get right!

Maths Challenge

Use your favourite paints to paint a picture of half a butterfly, make it as detailed as you want but make sure it has:

-one antenna

-two spots

-three legs

Now fold your piece of paper in half, when you open it up your butterfly should have doubled and should no  longer be half a butterfly but a full butterfly. Now answer these questions about your butterfly

-how many antenna did he have? How many does he have now? So double 1 is?

-how many spots did he have? How many does he have now? So double 2 is?

-how many legs did he have? How many does he have now? So double 3 is?

Have a go at writing down the answers to these questions, making every effort to form your numbers correctly!

Hedgehog Project

Have a go at making your very own mini me. I know how hard it is at the moment not being able to see some of your favourite people so that's why I'm encouraging you to make them. You can make as many mini mes as you want and then use them to tell as many stories as you want, the more creative the better! I know how imaginative you are and I can't wait to see some of your mini mes!

Mrs Clark x

Moon’s Easter Holiday

Moon helped Mr Clark and I to move house
He has made friends with my trolls!
Moon loves playing Xbox and PlayStation
He is very excited to grow a herb garden
Moon has helped me to strip some old wallpaper
He is very good at painting!
Moon has helped me to choose paint colours too!

Story Time with Mrs Hodgson

Mrs Hodgson has been busy recording another fabulous story time for you. Who knew she had secret movie making skills?! Impressive!

Easter Storytime with Mrs Hodgson

Mrs Hodgson has recorded a special Story Time for you! I am extremely impressed with her video skills, I think you will agree that she has raised the bar for Story Time!


Story Time with Mrs Hodgson

Home Learning Photos

Hi Hedgehogs!

I hope you are having a lovely Easter holiday, the sun has certainly got his hat on - hip hip hip hurray!

I have absolutely loved looking at all of your photos, thank you for sending them! I apologise for the little delay in getting them onto here for you to see, I have just had my WiFi connected by the lovely Virgin Media technician so I can finally upload them! 

Mrs Clark x

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Hedgehogs! It's hard to remember what day it is at the moment but it is now your Easter holidays. There is absolutely no expectation for you to do any work over the holidays, I am re-sharing the #10 challenges for the spring term as there will be a new #10 coming for summer. There will be a prize for those children who have completed 10 of their challenges so don't forget to upload your photos to EexAt.


If you would like to keep up some learning over Easter I would recommend that you continue to focus on 2 bug club books each week. RWI who provide our phonics scheme have released some additional resources and books for us to use whilst we are not in school, I have attached the link here:


I wanted to add a little note to acknowledge the importance of looking after our mental health. This is always of the highest importance however for many of us this will need more consideration in times of uncertainty. I have attached a link to the wellbeing section of our website for some activities to help us relax:


I hope you have a really lovely holiday, stay safe and look after eachother.


Mrs Clark

Spring #10

Story Time 2/04/20

huge thank you to everyone who has sent me photos of their home learning! I have really enjoyed looking through them and seeing you having a lovely time safe at home, I miss you all a LOT! I will be posting a few photos of your home learning later today, so if you haven’t sent me a picture yet and you would like to, now is your chance! 

Enjoy todays story time!

Story Time 1/04/20

Happy April Fools Day Hedgehogs! 

Hope you have played some good tricks today?

Story Time 31/3/20

Hi Hedgehogs! 

I hope you have had a great day? I have been super impressed with all of the photos of your learning that you have sent to me! 

Here is the link to today’s storytime...

Story Time 30/3/20

Hi Hedgehogs! 

Sorry that I didn’t upload a Story Time on Friday, I was busy moving house! I hope you are all okay and ready to hear today’s story.

Home learning wb 30.03.2020


Welcome to week 2 of your home learning Hedgehogs. Well done on all your super work from last week, I've really enjoyed looking through all of your pictures!


Phonics and Literacy

Please continue to participate in your daily phonic sessions:

Please continue to focus on 2 bug club books each week that have been assigned to you, including those all important quizes.

Writing challenge

We are going to be doing some baking this week so for your writing challenge please write your own recipe to make a cake.

Monday- Begin with deciding on the cake you would like

Tuesday- Write a list of ingredients you will think you will need

Wednesday- Write the method to making your cake

Thursday- Download your cake recipe, check how many ingredients you have guessed correctly and buy what you need from the supermarket

Friday- Bake your cake

I'll look forward to seeing lots of photographs of your finished cake to make me super hungry in time for the weekend, not as much as I'm sure you will enjoy eating them.



We are going to be learning about halving this week. Begin by applying this context to whole objects, such as a pizza or an orange. Once your child is secure in this concept explain that we can also halve numbers. We can apply this to the recipe we are working on to make our cakes. If we were making a cake half the size, what ingredients would we need? For example instead of 6 eggs how many would we need? Make it practical, this activity will be best done at the end of the week when you are baking your cakes and the children can physically see the ingredients. Focus on learning half of numbers to 10 initially and then if your child is secure in this move onto numbers to 20.

Maths Challenge

It's quiz time! on Friday quiz your child's knowledge by quick firing them these halving questions, see how many they can get right!

(1) Mrs Lonergan has 2 apples but she needs to give half to Mrs Clark, how many apples does Mrs Clark have?

(2) What is half of 10?

(3) Ginny has eaten half of her strawberries, she has eaten 4. How many does she have left?

(4) What is half of 6?

(5) There are 10 pencils in Reception, the Foxes need half and the Hedgehogs need half, how many should each class have?

Creative Challenge

Have a super week hedgehogs. I'm here if you need anything on

Love Mrs Clark and Moon x

Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime


Harrogate theatre are live streaming their pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk today at 12pm. This has been our story for this half term so I'm sure you will all enjoy watching it played out on the stage:

Story Time with Mrs Clark and Moon 26.3.20

Todays story time is a little longer than usual! Grown ups, seize this opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea that is actually hot!

I can sing a rainbow 🌈 

If you happen to be walking past school, see if you can spot my rainbow on our school fence! 

Story Time with a special guest!

Here is the link to today’s story time, enjoy everyone!

A little update from Mrs Clark and Mrs Hodgson


Hi Everyone!

Its Mrs Clark and Mrs Hodgson here! We are busy looking after a few children in school, but we thought that we would say hello to you all working hard at home, to let you know that we are thinking of you. 

This morning we have checked EExAT and were so pleased to see that some of you have been uploading photos for us! Molly and Aubrey have been learning about money, Eddie has done some lovely writing, Luke has been working on his number bonds, Annie has been watching my story time videos and Layla has written us a beautiful letter too!

Please keep sending in your photos to the email address given, or uploading them onto EExAT! We love seeing your happy faces! 

Keep having fun and tune in later for the third installment of Story Time with Mrs Clark and Moon heart

Story Time 24/3/20

Moon was a little annoyed at me today, he wanted to go to the park and enjoy this lovely weather, but it’s not safe for him to be too close to people right now, so we stayed in and made him a beautiful costume for today’s story time! He is so proud of his work. 

Check out our newest story here...

Story Time with Mrs Clark and Moon

As you all know, I just love reading stories! So for each weekday that we’re not at school, I will be uploading a story time video for you to watch at home. 


Home Learning wb 23.03.2020


Hello little Hedgehogs and welcome to your home learning page smiley It’s a little strange not seeing your lovely smiles this morning! I am thinking of you lots and I hope your enjoying all this extra time with your grown ups, it’s very precious!

I have a little surprise for you, coming later on today. So pop back to find out what it is!


I have created you a timetable which you can find attached below. I hope you find it useful but please remember it is not compulsory- it's simply there to give you some guidance. If you need anything at all please contact me on the email address sent last week.


Phonics and Literacy wb 23.03.2020


Please follow the link below to access your daily phonics lesson:

Please begin by focusing on speed sounds 1 @ 9:30am, if your child requires more challenge then please refer to the Speed Sounds 2 session @ 10:00am.

These lessons will be available for 24 hours so please don't feel that you need to complete them at the allocated time.


I have assigned all Hedgehogs 2 books for each week to read on bug club, please let me know as you would in your child's planner how challenging they find the level of text and i can assign accordingly. Remember to do the quiz's after reading to support children with their comprehension skills as this is as important as the phonetic decoding of the text.


Writing  Challenge

Write your weekly shopping list. Please don't copy this and make sure you are using your Freddie Frog Fingers to hear all the sounds. Parents- the actual challenge may be what you can actually find on the shelves off your shopping list but we can at least try!


Maths wb 23.03.2020


This week we are going to be recapping number. To support your child with this please logon to Numbots and give your child time to familiarise themselves with their account:

Your login will be stuck inside your child's planner however if you need anymore support please drop me a message on the email provided above.


We would also like to introduce your child to money this week. Have a go at:


Maths Challenge

When you go shopping with the list you have made for your writing challenge and you are out buying your weekly essentials have a go at adding some different coins together to pay for some different shopping items. Estimate how much you think each item of shopping will be. What will cost the most and what will cost the less? You can check the receipt afterwards to see if you are right. Have a go at using some coins to pay for one of the items on your list yourself.


Hedgehog project 23.03.2020


This week we are going to get our musical juices flowing. We had so much fun creating our own band earlier this year that I thought it would be fun for us to create our own musical instruments.

So be as creative as you can, you are going to need to raid the recycling bin, the craft cupboard and maybe the kitchen cupboard too. You can make one instrument or a whole orchestra, from shakers to guitars to recorders; the more creative the better.


Don't forget I would love to see your photos so please keep using your EexAt account to uploads all your wonderful pictures!


Good luck and happy crafting,

Mrs Clark x

Welcome to Helpful Hedgehogs!

We are the Helpful Hedgehogs, one half of the Reception year. 

Our Staff Team: Mrs Clark - Class Teacher, Miss Carrit - Teaching Assistant, Mrs Keavy - Teaching Assistant, Mrs Hodgson - Nursery Nurse (Tuesday AM) and Mrs Fox - PPA Teacher (Tuesday AM).

Our PE day is a Wednesday, pupils should come to school dressed in their PE kit.


Please scroll down to see our latest learning.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Inspired by our trip the the cinema to see Frozen 2 (and our love of frost in the mornings recently!) we have been investigating all things cold!

We have read the story of Jack Frost and have been busy completing challenges which link to this. We have used salt and ink to make magic ice pictures, we really enjoyed watching the salt soak up the ink from our brushes.

We have also discovered how to make ice. At first we were certain that putting water in the fridge would turn it to ice, but this didn't work. We tried leaving water outside, but that didn't work either! So eventually we tried putting it into the freezer and it turned to ice overnight! We enjoyed feeling the ice and describing it.

Next we really want to learn about Polar Bears, stay tuned for more of our investigations!

Our Self Select Paint Area

We are now able to squirt our own paint into a palette and mix our own wonderful colours! It took a little bit of practice, but we have really got the hang of following the recipes to make our favorite colours. 

We can even wash up our own paint pots and brushes once we have finished!