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Home Learning wb 1.6

Home learning wb 1.6.20

Hello Otters, welcome back to another week of home learning! I hope you have all enjoyed a well deserved half term and hopefully you have all had a relaxing week and feel recharged and ready for the week ahead. I have definitely been making the most of the fabulous sunshine by having lots of bbq's and enjoying some lovely walks... I hope you have all too! 


Quick note: I will be back in school every day this week so it may not be me reading and replying to your wonderful emails, instead it might be another member of the KS1 team. However, I will try my best to respond to each and every one of you. Parents, I will only need to see 1 email a week letting me know how your child has got on with their home learning that week. If there are any issues with the home learning, then one of us will get back to you as soon as we can! 


Please scroll down to find out what exciting learning we have got planned for you this week...!



Login to Spelling Shed where we have assigned some games for spelling list 30 – The suffixes ‘-ful’ and ‘-less’

                                         careful        playful        thankful        helpful        wonderful

                                        useless       careless     homeless     hopeless       spotless



Continue to access the White Rose Home Learning resource by clicking on  then selecting Year 2. Watch the short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child complete the activity successfully.


Please complete the Year 2 Summer Term week 6 unit this week – the 10x table, sharing, grouping, odd and even numbers, and of course a Friday Maths Challenge! Please note that the activity worksheets are no longer available on the White Rose Maths Home Learning page but are on your child’s class webpage with the other home learning resources. Remember, after watching the White Rose Maths learning videos and completing the worksheets you can click on the BBC Bitesize link for more information and lesson content or access through  


Also try to spend some time on Mathletics and Education City this week where activities have been assigned linked to current learning (logins in planners) plus keep practising your times tables on TT Rock Stars!




To celebrate the Leeds Year Of Reading, we would like you this week to write a book review of one of your favourite books. There are several book review templates to choose from in this week’s home learning resources.


Before you start your review, you will need to look at the Year 2 WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) book review in this week’s resources and hunt for the different ‘remember to’ skills that have been used from the list below. Your challenge is to then include all of the skills in your book review, not forgetting that neat, cursive handwriting too!  


Your book reviews will give other children in your class (and the teachers) lots of ideas for what they could read next so make sure to send in a clear photo of your review for the class webpage.


Remember to:

  • Make sure your KS1 common exception word spellings are correct and that you apply spelling patterns carefully to words.
  • Write in full sentences with a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop, exclamation mark or question mark (depending on the sentence type)
  • Use a capital letter for a place, a character’s name and for the book title.
  • Use conjunctions such as and, but, so, because, when, if, that to join two sentences.
  • Include commas for lists.
  • Use some adjectives (such as amazing, funny, brilliant, special, fantastic)
  • Use some adverbs (such as very, extremely, totally, completely, absolutely)




Creative Time 

Choose at least one to complete through the week. You can do all of the activities below if you choose. We are keeping with our book theme this week…



We would like you re-create the front cover of a book using yourself, any willing family members (or pets) and/or any props you already have.

Get ready, get into position and freeze! Make sure someone takes a photo which you can send in to us along making sure you tell us the title of the book or attach photo of the real front cover.

The front cover you choose could be from the book you used for your book review or from a different book that you have in your house or can find a picture of online.

There are lots of book cover examples on a document saved in the attached resources to help you if you are stuck.

We thought it would be a chance to get creative, have fun and make each other smile with our real-life book cover creations!



Continuing the book theme, we would like you to sing along to the song we sometimes sing on World Book Day.

The song is called ‘Pick Up a Book’ and is extremely catchy which means your grown-ups will be singing it for days!

The words and lyrics can be found in the attached resources for this week.


Extra Challenges:

Add actions to the song as you sing it.

Record yourself singing the song with actions and send it in to your teacher.

Rewrite a verse using your favourite book characters.


Have fun with the home learning and I can't wait to see what all you Otters have been up to. 


Continue to stay safe and stay happy. Mrs Hogg and I miss you all lots! You continue to make us both very proud. 


Miss Robinson and Mrss Hogg x

Pick up a book audio