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Home Learning wb 29.6

Home Learning wb 29.6

Hello my superstar Otters! Some of you may remember that over the last few weeks you have been focusing on the history element of our new topic 'Up Up and Away'. Lots of you have been researching the history of flight and famous figures in history who contributed to all the fantastic things we are all now able to do! Now, this week I am excited to tell you we will be focusing on the Geography element. Please scroll down to find out what we have in store for you all. 

Login to Spelling Shed where we have assigned some games for spelling list 34 Contractions – the apostrophe shows where the letter or letters would be if the words were written in full
                            can’t      didn’t      hasn’t      couldn’t      it’s      wasn’t      doesn’t      mustn’t      I’ll      she’d
You also have your Year 2 Common Exception Word spellings as an ongoing assignment on Spelling Shed so that you can access and practise those weekly.

Continue to access the White Rose Home Learning resource by clicking on then selecting Year 2. Please complete the Year 2 Summer Term week 10 unit this week – measurement - measure mass in grams, measure mass in kilograms, compare volumes, millilitres and of course a Friday Maths Challenge! Remember, after watching the White Rose Maths learning videos and completing the worksheets (saved in this week’s resources on your class page) you can click on the BBC Bitesize link for more information and lesson content through
There are activities assigned on Education City this week linked to this week’s maths topic under the ‘Classwork’ section (logins in planners). All maths activities are also now unlocked on Mathletics so you can complete any tasks you haven’t done yet this year at your leisure.

Times Table Rock Stars Battle of the Bands
Throughout the school year the classes in KS2 have taken part in a TTRS Battle of the Bands challenge. As we come towards the end of the year we thought it would be great to involve Year 2 within the challenge. Year 2 will be competing against Year 3 in the battle. Year 2 points will automatically count towards both the Positive Penguins and the Outgoing Otters class totals as well as the whole of Year 2 total.
The battles will begin on Monday morning at 9.00am and will finish on Friday 10th July at 3.15pm. Here are the different game modes where you can gain points:

Studio - 1 minute of random multiplication and division questions up to 12x12. (1 coin per correct answer)

Garage - Multiplications and division questions for table set by the teacher. (3 coins per correct answer)

Soundcheck - 25 questions. 6 seconds per question. (5 coins per correct answer). This is specifically designed to mirror the Year 4 times table test.

Festival - Multiplayer (all questions) against players from around the world (1 coin per correct answer). • Arena - Multiplayer (teacher set times tables) against your classmates (1 coin per correct answer).

Rock Slam - 1:1 challenge a friend from school including teachers (1 coin per correct answer).

This week we have a common exception words booklet to use for English called ‘Year 2 Spelling & Reading Common Exception Word Activities’ which focuses on practising reading and spelling the Y2 common exception words through fun games and breaking the words down to look at spelling patterns including unusual letter strings, syllables and word families. Also included we have a ‘Year 2 Punctuation – Apostrophes for Contractions Activities’ which links with this weeks Spelling Shed list. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are essential basic skills required for your year group in reading and writing.
There are some creative writing ideas in the creative learning log section below so that you still get chance to apply your writing skills and be imaginative.

                                   ***MAKE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN FOR YOUR CREATIVE TIME ACTIVITIES ***

Creative Time
As explained previously, we have switched our creative time activities to a project style approach, giving you more chance to choose the learning that interests you and really show off what you can do.
We are now in the fourth week of our topic, ‘Up, Up and Away’ and for the next 3 weeks we will focus on the Geography element of the topic for week looking at mapping skills and simple compass directions. This could be through exploring our local area, Yorkshire, England, UK or the rest of the world. Although ideas are given for many other subject areas too, please try to complete at least one Geography activity from the list or from your own ideas as part of the project, as this is our key skill focus.
See the home learning document attached for lots of ideas you could choose from. Please keep using our tier group email address to tell/show us what you have done each week for your ‘Up, Up and Away’ project. We have loved what we have seen so far!


Have a fab week you lovely lot!!!


Love Miss Robinson and Mrs Hogg x