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Home Learning wb 30.3

Home Learning wb 30.3

Hello Otters! I hope you have all had a restful weekend and are ready for the week ahead! I am so pleased with the hard work which has been displayed by each and everyone of you. Both Mrs Hogg and I are very proud! Keep up all your hard work. I have absolutely loved reading your emails, keeping me up to date with all the exciting things you have been up to. Keep these coming!

I'm sure you will all be eager to find out what home learning we have set you for the week ahead! Your home learning for this week is as follows: 



Login to Spelling Shed where we have assigned some games for spelling list 24 ‘Challenge Words’. These are some of the words from the common exception spelling list for Year 2.


                                                last       past       father       class       grass

                                                pass       plant       path        bath       hour



Every week from now on, we will ask you to access the White Rose Home Learning resource by clicking on  then selecting Year 2. The White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of five maths lessons each week for each year group. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.  

Please complete the Year 2 Week 1 unit this week - continuing with fractions. This weeks main focus is finding a third, followed by looking closely at equivalent fractions. If you can’t print sheets, don’t worry- you could ask your child to orally go through answers with you or use the home learning book to record answers.  I have attached a few additional sheets with a similar focus if you would also like to have a go at these - these are only suggested and not compulsory 


Also, if you have the time try to log on to TT Rock Stars, Mathletics and Education City. If you are struggling to log in please let me know and I can sort this for you 



In your home learning book, we would like you to write a recount of our trip to Skipton Castle on Friday 13th March. Use time words like ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘then’, ‘finally’ to order your writing. Write about the journey to the castle, the tour and what you learnt, lunch time, the photo hunt and the journey home. We are aware that this as a couple of weeks ago now and you may have forgotten exactly what we got up to, so attached below are some photo prompts to support you with your writing  If you didn’t come on the trip, you could write about a day out you have had this year that you enjoyed. When we complete our writing at school, we provide children with a success criteria which states all the features we expect children to include e.g. capital letters, commas, full stops etc. This is also attached below! 


Creative Time

Choose at least one to complete through the week. You can do both of the activities below if you choose. It’s our last week on castles and this week - it’s all about attack and defence!   



Catapults were used during a castle attack. Create a catapult (using the instructions attached or your own design) using household objects and see how far you can catapult small objects such as a pea or a small ball of blu-tac. Take care and be safe when firing objects from your catapult. 

Extra Challenge: 

Can you measure the distance and record your answers to practise those maths skills too?



Research castle defences. In your home learning book, draw a picture of each type of defence, label it and write how it worked (e.g. portcullis, stone walls, battlements, moat, drawbridge, boiling oil from the gatehouse, armed guards).

Extra Challenge: Write some sentences to explain which you think was the best castle defence and why.


This BBC Bitesize video is brilliant for your research:


This Horrible Histories clip will make you laugh!