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Maths Newsletter

Please have a read of the latest Maths Newsletter below, which should support you in helping your child with Maths at home. 

Curriculum Overview

At Greenside, we have developed a ‘mastery’ approach to mathematics to provide our pupils with the best opportunity to achieve a secure and deep understanding of each mathematical concept. By following the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of learning, we use a combination of concrete, pictorial and abstract examples to present the learning in a variety of ways and ensure that our pupils are fluent with the concept being taught. Each lesson also includes reasoning, so that pupils know they need to be able to explain why their answer is correct and how they worked it out, and problem solving, which requires the children to apply their learning in different scenarios to show mastery.

At Greenside, teachers use a wide range of teaching strategies to ensure that all children are stimulated and challenged. Long-term planning recognises that Maths has excellent cross-curricular links, particularly in subjects such as science and geography, and teachers often incorporate a range of practical, computing and physically active learning into lessons. Pupils are also given regular opportunities to revisit previously taught learning through our Mini Maths sessions, which take place at least 2-3 times a week and ensure that children remain confident and fluent with recalling their Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs). Furthermore, we use the online programmes, Mathletics, Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) and Numbots to support pupils’ learning at school and at home.