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May Half Term Holiday

Happy Half-Term Adventurous Anacondas! 

A huge well done to all of you (and your extremely supportive and hard-working parents) for all of your dedication towards Home Learning this half-term. It's been incredible to receive so many photographs of the wonderful work you've done and, more importantly, that you've all still got your beautiful smiles! Whilst there isn't any formal learning this week, as you thoroughly deserve a well-earned break, below is an 'Illustration to Creation' that you might want to use to get your creative juices flowing! Have a fun-filled break with your families and make the most of the beautiful weather in your gardens and on your daily walks. Stay safe and look forward to hearing from you next week! Mr Khan, Miss Brooks and Miss Brown

Creative Time

Illustration to Creation:

If you are looking for something to do this week, we thought this would be a lovely, creative and open-ended task for you to have a go at. It's not just about writing and reading but how an image can inspire art, creativity, design, science, knowledge etc. More examples can be found using the hashtag #Illustration2Creation. 

This week's ideas are inspired by Roberto Innocenti's beautiful images for Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio.

Picture 1
  • Look at the image in detail - list all the sounds you can hear and count the number of children sitting, falling, riding, sliding.
  • Create a fairground ride inspired by your favourite cartoon/game character.
  • Design a fairground park including rides, food stalls, games and shows.
  • Make puppets and then write and perform a show to your family.
  • Describe the scene using powerful verbs, adjectives and figurative language - similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration, hyperbole.
  • Interview and record your families experiences of fairgrounds and rides.
  • Make a musical instrument e.g. drum or trumpet.
  • Make a fruit salad for your family using melon or make toffee apples (with adult support).
  • Design a carousel or tree house.

But most of all, have fun! If you do have a go at this, take some pictures of your creations and email them over to us as we'd love to see them! 

Have a relaxing week!