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Mini Maths & KIRF Targets

Mini Maths & KIRF Targets

Each day in school the children take part in a short maths session we call 'mini maths'. These sessions support children in developing key calculation and mental maths skills. Every half term each year group has 2 focus KIRF targets to work towards. These are KEY INSTANT RECALL FACTS and develop children's speed and recall on key mathematical facts that develop and support their calculation skills.

Year 2 - Autumn 1 Targets

* Count forwards and backwards from any number in ones to 100

* Instantly recall numbers bonds to 20. e.g. 19+1, 18+2, 17+3

Playing on 'Hit the button' is great for getting quick at saying your bonds to 20. Use the link below or give some of the worksheets a try but you need to do them...QUICK!