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Home Learning wb 30.3.2020

Hello Otters! I hope you have all had a restful weekend and are ready for the week ahead! I am so pleased with the hard work which has been displayed by each and everyone of you. Both Mrs Hogg and I are very proud! Keep up all your hard work. I have absolutely loved reading your emails, keeping me up to date with all the exciting things you have been up to. Keep these coming!

I'm sure you will all be eager to find out what home learning we have set you for the week ahead! Your home learning for this week is as follows: 



Login to Spelling Shed where we have assigned some games for spelling list 24 ‘Challenge Words’. These are some of the words from the common exception spelling list for Year 2.


last       past       father       class       grass

  pass       plant       path        bath       hour



Every week from now on, we will ask you to access the White Rose Home Learning resource by clicking on  then selecting Year 2. The White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of five maths lessons each week for each year group. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.  

Please complete the Year 2 Week 1 unit this week - continuing with fractions. This weeks main focus is finding a third, followed by looking closely at equivalent fractions. If you can’t print sheets, don’t worry- you could ask your child to orally go through answers with you or use the home learning book to record answers.  I have attached a few additional sheets with a similar focus if you would also like to have a go at these - these are only suggested and not compulsory smiley


Also, if you have the time try to log on to TT Rock Stars, Mathletics and Education City. If you are struggling to log in please let me know and I can sort this for you smiley



In your home learning book, we would like you to write a recount of our trip to Skipton Castle on Friday 13th March. Use time words like ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘then’, ‘finally’ to order your writing. Write about the journey to the castle, the tour and what you learnt, lunch time, the photo hunt and the journey home. We are aware that this as a couple of weeks ago now and you may have forgotten exactly what we got up to, so attached below are some photo prompts to support you with your writing laugh If you didn’t come on the trip, you could write about a day out you have had this year that you enjoyed. When we complete our writing at school, we provide children with a success criteria which states all the features we expect children to include e.g. capital letters, commas, full stops etc. This is also attached below! 


Creative Time

Choose at least one to complete through the week. You can do both of the activities below if you choose. It’s our last week on castles and this week - it’s all about attack and defence!   



Catapults were used during a castle attack. Create a catapult (using the instructions attached or your own design) using household objects and see how far you can catapult small objects such as a pea or a small ball of blu-tac. Take care and be safe when firing objects from your catapult. 

Extra Challenge: 

Can you measure the distance and record your answers to practise those maths skills too?



Research castle defences. In your home learning book, draw a picture of each type of defence, label it and write how it worked (e.g. portcullis, stone walls, battlements, moat, drawbridge, boiling oil from the gatehouse, armed guards).

Extra Challenge: Write some sentences to explain which you think was the best castle defence and why.


This BBC Bitesize video is brilliant for your research:


This Horrible Histories clip will make you laugh!



Update Friday 27th March


Good morning Otters! We are coming to the end of our first week of home learning. I've got to say, I have been amazed at the hard work you are all putting into your learning. I have absolutely loved reading all your emails and seeing what you have been up to. Keep it up! If you have any questions or might be a little bit suck with your learning please email me on the email address provided last week. 


I thought that seeing as it was the end of the week we should share some of the home learning we have all been doing at home. Alfie, Tom and Oliver have been busy making their castles. Max has been writing a fabulous diary entry. Hope has been doing some beautiful natural art in the garden. Jaidan has written an amazing piece on our trip to Skipton castle. Harry has been busy learning his common exception words. Many of you have loved completing the Joe Wicks workout every morning at 9am and finally Tom has been completing his fractions as well as creating his own timetable using Word! Tom, could you make me one too please? 


I am aware that some of you have really enjoyed completing your maths treasure hunt. I have uploaded a second for you to have a good go at! If you timed yourselves last time, do you think you can beat your last time? In addition, I have uploaded a second maths activity which focuses on finding a third. What method to we use to find 1/3? Have a go and let know how you get on. Any questions please ask smiley


Finally, Mrs Shoesmith has asked me to tell you about the great Science page she has created on the school website. She's filled it with lots of fun activities, videos and lessons you can do. It would be great to see you having a go!


Keep smiling and stay safe Otters!


Miss Robinson x

Quick Update 25.3.2020


Good Morning Otters! I hope you have all had an enjoyable few days getting into your home learning, helping your adults at home.... and of course if you can, are enjoying the beautiful weather outside in the garden.  

I have seen lots of emails from you and your grownups letting me know all the exciting things you are getting up to! I am so impressed. You should all be so proud of yourselves, you are all working so hard! Just a quick reminder to children that I am keeping a close eye to see who is completing their home learning. If you are completing different tasks, I would still love to hear all about what you are up to!


I think it is very important that we all make the most of the fabulous weather we are having at the minute. I know that today at school myself and Miss Nicholas spent a lot of time doing different activities outdoors and I think you should too! So... I have created a treasure hunt which children can complete in the garden (or inside). There are 12 questions in total which children can answer. Grownups: if you would like, (and to add a bit of competitiveness to the challenge) time your child to see how long it takes them to complete the hunt. Then, I will upload another which children can complete again and try to improve their previous time. I know that some children don't thrive off competitiveness, therefore let your child take their time and complete the task however they would prefer to do so. This is just a suggested activity and is not compulsory. 


I would love to see how you all get on, so continue to keep me updated using the Year 1 and 2 email address provided last week. If you have any questions please ask smiley Keep up the hard work Otters!


Miss Robinson 

Home Learning 

Hello Outgoing Otters! Hope you have all had a wonderful, restful weekend and are ready for the week ahead. 


This week, please try to complete the home learning activities below. Have a go and do the best you can smiley    I would love to hear from you, so parents and pupils please feel free to email me at the email address sent out last week to share work, to tell me what you have been doing at home or to ask for any help.


Parents, as previously mentioned we have created a suggested timetable for you to follow at home. But please remember this is not compulsory!


Academic Time: In KS1, we have allocated some tasks which you can complete on our online learning platforms.


Mathletics: Fractions

Task 1: Is it half?

Task 2: Halves

Task 3: Shade Fractions

Task 4: Fractions of a collection

Task 5 Halves and Quarters


Times Table Rock Stars: Practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.



In the Otters class, we were coming to the end of our fractions unit of work. We have been looking carefully at using bar models in order to work out either 1/4 or 3/4 of an amount. I have uploaded a fractions missing digit task, where pupils will need to draw a bar model in order to find the missing digit. There are 2 tasks. Children can choose their preferred one to complete. If they would like to, they could complete both. 



Login to Spelling Shed where we have assigned some games for spelling list 23 ‘short vowel sound o’. This week’s spelling list is;


   other      mother       brother        nothing        cover       money        some       dozen        wonder       done


Active Time:

At 9-9:30am every day, Joe Wicks will be leading a live PE lesson online. We will be doing this in school too and would love if you did this at home with us (don’t forget to send us videos of pictures of you joining in!). To join in, go onto YouTube and type in ‘The Body Coach TV’ and the video will be live streamed there.


Creative Time:

Choose at least one to complete through the week. You can do all of activities below if you choose or do your own creative activities too.



Create a castle picture/model. It could be a drawing, collage, painting or Lego model depending on what you have in your house already.



Research something about castle life and write/draw about it in your home learning book.

Examples: What jobs did people have in a castle? Who would live in a castle?


As said before, if you have any questions please ask. We are happy to help smiley

Welcome to the Outgoing Otters!

Our Staff Team: 

Class Teacher: Miss Robinson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hogg


Useful Information



PE is on a Tuesday. Pupils are expected to arrive at school in their PE kit on this day.



Homework is set on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. Homework is put in the children's homework folders if it is a task sheet or will be set on Mathletics, Spelling Shed or Education City to be completed online. Please find the links to these websites in the 'Useful Links' section.


Scroll down to find out the latest in the Outgoing Otters!

Trip to Skipton Castle

We had a great time on Friday at our visit to Skipton Castle. After a long bumpy coach journey, we finally arrived and we were ready to see the sights of Skipton Castle. We met our tour guide, Barry, who had worked at the castle for a long time (so knew a lot of information!). The first thing he told us was that 'Skipton' actually means 'Sheeptown and the word 'Skip' is an old English word for 'sheep'! Wow!


During our tour around the castle, we saw the old Kitchen, toilets, bedrooms, brewing rooms but the most scary of all was visiting the dungeons! Barry very quickly turned the lights off so we could see how dark it would have been for a prisoner during the medieval times. We couldn't believe how dark it was! 


After a very exciting morning, we spent the afternoon further exploring the castle. Children had a quiz to complete where they had to find features of the castle shown in the pictures. We were shocked at all the details we had missed on our first tour of the castle! 


We all had a fantastic time at the castle and lots of us can't wait to return!










Sport Relief Mile - 11.3.2020

An exciting morning this morning in the Outgoing Otters.... we ran the Sport Relief Mile!!

In order to raise money for Sport Relief, children came into school dressed in sports clothes and an item of red in order to raise money for the cause. I've got to say, I was more than impressed as the class all displayed such positive attitudes towards the mile. Children showed understanding as to why we were taking part in the mile and knew it was important that we gave it a good go. 


The mile entailed 8 laps around both of the playgrounds, which some children ran, some walked and I even saw some skipping there too. The best part was that each and every one of the Otters had a huge smile on their faces! Well done to everyone. 








World Book Day - 5.3.2020

What a great time the Otters Class had yesterday for World Book Day! It was amazing to see all the children in their fabulous costumes! 

We began the day by sharing our characters and books. We discussed why our chosen books were our favourites and what it was about our characters that made us want to dress up as them. We continued the day by creating our own book cover and main character which then led to us creating our own stories!  We finished our day by sharing our fabulous stories to with the year 5s.

Picture 1

Pancake Making

In English we are looking at how to write instructions. Luckily, Pancake Day is the perfect opportunity to follow instructions and recipes. The children worked well helping Miss Robinson to weigh the ingredients out and mix them together in the bowl to make a smooth batter. Then, we watched as Mrs Hogg cooked our pancakes! The best part of all was.... eating them at the end! They were delicious! 



11th February 2020 - Safer Internet Day

The children took part in some super activities for Safer Internet Day. We read the story 'Chicken Clicking' about a chick who sneaked into his farmer's house and spent all his money buying things online without his permission and then put his personal information online and accidentally made friends with a fox - oh no! We drew story maps to help us remember the story and did a 'Role on the Wall' to think about the chick's actions and how he might have felt in the different situations. 

Later in the afternoon, the children created their own identity maps looking at the things they enjoy doing both on and offline. We all love watching things on Netflix, playing on Mathletics and doing GoNoodles online and enjoy skipping, choosing time and playing with our friends at the park in real life. We thought about the different aspects of our personalities that would be and wouldn't be safe online. The children had great ideas and have a really strong sense of how to be safe online. We are very proud of their sensible and mature attitudes to their safety!



Gong hei fat choy from the Outgoing Otters! - Chinese New Year


Today at Greenside we celebrated Chinese New Year. We began the day with by looking at zodiac symbols and learning all about the zodiac story. We looked at which zodiac each of us were (most of us either the dragon or the snake!) and we even learnt how to write this as a Chinese symbol! We continued our fun filled day by making dragon puppets out of paper and lollipop sticks. We learnt dragon puppets are usually red and gold (meaning good fortune), but quite often they are also found to be bright colours! 

The children got to make their very own home made spring rolls. They were delicious. It was a fiddly job though trying to roll the thin pastry and to keep all the ingredients inside at the same time!

Finally we spent our afternoon making Chinese drums. Children wrote the symbol for 'rat' on their drums as this is the zodiac year we are entering. The children then played their drums along with Chinese music. We got to perform this to the year 6s! 






Spring 1 - Dia De Los Reyes (The Day of the Kings)


The children participated in a wonderful theme day based upon the Spanish festival Dia De Los Reyes (The Day of the Kings). During the day, we made non-alcoholic sangria; tasted some delicious Spanish food; played traditional Spanish games and practiced greeting each other in Spanish! The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned some interesting information about Spain!