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Home Learning wb 6.7.20

Hello Otters, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! It was fabulous to see all your faces again in this weeks zoom chat. I hope you all enjoyed the scavenger hunt as much as I did! This week we will be doing some drawing.. so remember to have a pencil and some paper ready at your sides! Parent's, if you have any issues with this weeks zoom meetings do get in touch. We now only have 2 weeks left until the summer holidays. That's two more weeks of you all showing me your hard work and determination! You are all superstars and I am so proud of each and every one of you.


Follow the most recent link to discover this weeks home learning. If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing the Years 1 and 2 email address provided at the start of lockdown. I very much look forward to seeing all the amazing learning you'll be getting up to next week so please make sure you send me one email showing or letting me know just how well you have all got on. As mentioned previously, I will be in school, so it might be another member of the KS1 team responding to your emails smiley


Have a great week Otters and keep working hard! 


Miss Robinson and Mrs Hogg x


Picture 1 Amber's hot air balloon!
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 Colby being super creative
Picture 5 Harry's fabulous home learning!
Picture 6 I hope its not too cold Harry!
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 Hope watering the plants
Picture 10
Picture 11 Hope's lemonade!
Picture 12
Picture 13 Jaidan's acrostic poem
Picture 14 Amazing rocket!
Picture 15
Picture 16 Jenson's Aircraft models
Picture 17
Picture 18 Amazing bike riding Jenson!
Picture 19
Picture 20 Louis relaxing after a long day home learning!
Picture 21 Mathilde directing herself all the way to school!
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25 Fab maths Max!
Picture 26
Picture 27 Mylo's 3D shapes
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31 Nylah busy experimenting with science!
Picture 32
Picture 33 Brenda listening intently to Spencer reading

Shape unit of work 


Hello Otters

It was so lovely to see you all yesterday on our zoom calls! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did laugh

I am aware that some of you gave been finding our shape unit of work a little bit challenging.. especially when you don't have all the shapes by your side to help you count the edges, faces and vertices! 

Below I have attached a sheet all about 3D shapes and their properties to support you with this weeks learning. 


Enjoy the rest of your week and have a fabulous weekend!


Love Miss Robinson x

Katie has been working hard on those fractions!

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See Poppy go!

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Friday 22nd May 2020


First of all, a huge virtual high five to all of you who have told us about your learning this week, whether it has been making and describing scarecrows, doing your online learning, taking part in physical activities, watering and measuring your plants…the list goes on! You make us proud every day and 5 Dojos have been awarded to each of you. Well done Otters for a truly amazing half term with home learning. See below for this week’s online learning shout outs.


Next week, no home learning will be set as it is half term. We want you to relax, recharge and do whatever makes you happy! If you want to still do some online learning, then remember you have access to so many resources such as Mathletics, Spelling Shed, TT Rock Stars, Bug Club, Education City and BBC Bitesize. Don’t forget to check out the songs and stories lower down on the class page and also the Music, Science and P.E. pages on the website too for lots of fun links and activities.


Have a fabulous half term everyone! Love Miss Robinson and Mrs Hogg x

Update 22.5.20

Well done for all your hard work this week Otters. Here is an update as to all the exciting things you have been up to this week. 

Amber has been busy with her home learning working hard with her maths. She has even made a poster for teacher appreciation day which has put a huge smile on my face! Colby has been making marshmallow 3D shapes (yum) and has made a fantastic scarecrow which you can see below. He has also been working hard practising his handwriting. Go Colby! Jaidan has also created a scarecrow which he has called ROBO and has been enjoying the sunshine with his brothers. I have been told they've been playing with water pistols! Jenson has been fishing. He caught a fish (which he put back). How exciting. Tilly the tadpole has not grown much at all, however Bob continues to grow. Katie has been riding 6 miles on her bike!! She has also been doing lots of reading. Kenzie has been baking with his mummy, and has been at the pond looking for tadpoles. Nylah has been for a lovely walk at Yeadon Tarn and has been working super hard with her home learning. Spencer has planned created a scarecrow! Tom has been busy gardening (which I have been told he absolutely loves) and has been working hard with his writing. Woody has written a fantastic postcard and has been enjoying days out with his brothers. Woody had also befriended a dog on one of his walks! Ella has been working very hard on her writing and has also created a scarecrow which she has called Sam. Harry has been keeping a close eye on his seeds and monitoring them on the growth table. Harry has informed me that the plants outside seem to have grown less! Hope has been helping her little brother Ted with his learning, and has also created a scarecrow called Ivy. Fabulous! Mathilde has written chapter 4 of her novel and the description words she uses are just amazing! She also had a lovely day at the seaside along with her little sisters. Finally Rupert has been making dream catchers and has also been busy baking shortbread! YUM. 


Please see all the amazing pictures below. Have a lovely half term everyone. 


Miss Robinson x

Katie riding her bike!

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Mathilde chapter 4 clip

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Home Learning wb 18.5

Hello Otters. I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend! As last week, to find your suggested learning for the week ahead, click on the most recent link below. If you are hoping to find any information or resources from previous weeks please also find these below. 


Miss Robinson x


REAL PE at Home 


Greenside Primary School is a Real Legacy School


Real PE at home includes an online programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme specifically for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 with 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun and activity. This programme is great for family play and fun.

For children in Key Stage 2 there are carefully selected personal best challenges, skills and games designed for the home and garden. Daily and weekly guidance is provided for both programmes in addition to an option to choose your own themes and activities.

There are so many benefits to being active, not only to our physical wellbeing but also to our emotional and mental health, especially in such testing times for all of us. We hope that the ideas help support you and your family to stay fit and healthy in the coming months.


You can discover the Real PE platform by clicking on the following link 

Log in details will be sent home shortly via a text to parents. 


Any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. Continue to stay safe and well, 


Miss Robinson 

Well done Mylo! laugh


A massive well done to Mylo who has learnt how to ride his bike this week. We are all so proud of you Mylo. Love Miss Robinson, Mrs Hogg and the rest of the Otters x

Update 12.5.20

Good afternoon Otters, I hope you have all had a good start to your week of home learning! Already I have received so many emails and pictures, informing me of what you were up to over the weekend and over the last few days! Before I lose track, I thought I thought I would do a quick update to let you all know what fabulous things your class mates have been up to this week!


Colby and his family were busy over the weekend celebrating VE day. Colby's plants have also started to make an appearance! Hope has had an artistic start to the week, finger painting! Jenson continues to observe his tadpoles (Tilly and Bob I have been informed). Bob has lost his tail and has started growing eyes! Katie has been working hard practising her handwriting, and has made a fabulous start to her Jack and the beanstalk story. Lyle created an outstanding and very artistic union jack for VE day, he has also been working very hard on his maths and his plants have also started to make an appearance! Louis has been enjoying his daily exercise and having fun in the sun with Molly and Aubrey. He has also been working hard completing the home learning! Mathilde has already created her fitness game - a dance mat game (you can see more on the PE and Sport blog). Mylo has finally finished his swimming pool... and what a pool it is! I hope it's not too cold Mylo! Nylah has also been celebrating VE with a socially distanced street party. It looks like great fun! Rupert has made a start to the week with baking... yum! Tom has also been keeping a close eye on his plants, making healthy snacks and completing his virtual karate lessons. Poppy completed her observational drawing.. a very beautiful bluebell.. well done Poppy. Spencer has worked super hard writing his Jack and the beanstalk story which you can read below. Zak has also loved completing all the VE day activities as well as working super hard with his maths and spellings. Go Zak! Zak has also started the week with a bit of PSHE, where his has been leaving kind noted around the house for his family members. I have heard these put a big smile on lots of peoples faces!


Continue to keep up all the fabulous work Otters. 


Love Miss Robinson and Mrs Hogg

Update 7.5.2020

Hello Otters! Well done with yet another week of learning. You all continue to make Mrs Hogg and I super proud! Last week the Otters were the highest scoring class in both Spelling Shed and Bug Club and are currently the class to beat. Lets continue to keep it up and stay at the top Otters! laugh


Here's an update of what fabulous things we have all been up to this week. Alfie has been completing his 'How to plant a tomato seed' instructions. His mummy has very kindly videoed Alfie reading his instructions and you can watch the video below! Colby has been creating a bug hotel, and has been putting his artistic skills to the test by creating bugs to live in the hotel. Ella has been working hard on her spellings and maths - as well as showing her little brother Isaac how to bake! What a fabulous big sister Ella. Harry has also been baking shortbread - yum - and completing his Jack and the Beanstalk reading comprehension. Jaidan has been whizzing through his maths, reading under his garden table and made a start on his VE day activities! Kenzie has created a beautiful rainbow for all the key workers - out of stickers! I'm sure your rainbow will put a smile on a lot of peoples faces Kenzie. Mathilde has written chapter 3 of her new novel (you can watch below) as well as carrying out yet another exciting experiment all about how humans breathe. Max has been busy with his writing, along with his younger sister Layla, who i'm sure he is helping with her learning too! Mylo has been making delicious home made Pizza and... he has even started building a pool in his back garden! Mylo I cannot wait to see the finished result laugh. Jenson has been learning all about habitats, food chains and plants. He even went tadpole hunting and created his own habitat to see how they grow and change. This sounds fabulous! Poppy has finished her instructions for how to plant a seed and has very beautifully decorated her musical instrument. Rupert has had an afternoon tea party which looked absolutely delicious and has even made a super volcano.. which him and his mummy are going to create an experiment to make the volcano erupt. I am very much looking forward to seeing this! Spencer has been working very hard creating his stunning observational drawings. He has even looked closely at the similarities and differences of various leaves. I have also been informed that Spencer continues to read to his dog, Brenda. And finally, Nylah has been working hard with her spelling AND Nylah has learnt how to ride her bike! Nylah what a fantastic achievement we are all so proud of you!


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend Otters. You all (and parents) deserve a well earned break this weekend. Have fun and enjoy the lovely weather. 


Love Miss Robinson and Mrs Hogg cheeky


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Mathilde _Trim_Trim.mp4

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6.5.20 VE Day Activities


On Friday, people all over the UK and in other countries will turn their thoughts and attention to the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. This is a really important day in our country's History. Back in 1945, the 8th of May marked the end of World War II. Since then, every year on the 8th of May people have celebrated this special day and are thankful for the end of the war. 


So, down below are lots of different activities for you to try that will help you learn all about VE Day. There is a little idea planner that shows all the different activities available for you to do to help you decide what you would like to do.


Once you've completed them, don't forget to send emails so Mrs Hogg and I can see all the super things you've been up to and the fantastic learning you've done all about VE Day.




Miss Robinson and Mrs Hogg x

VE Day Activity Ideas

The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow (Part 1)

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The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow (Part 2)

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Update 1.5.2020


Hello lovely Otters! We have come to the end of yet another week! As always, I continue to be amazed at how hard you are all working and settling into your home learning. I have loved seeing all your musical instruments, how you made them and watching you play them. 


I received an email from Mr Khan this week with some exciting news. Our class for the last two weeks running are currently the highest scorers on not just BugClub... but Spelling Shed too! This definitely reflects what hard workers you all are and you continue to make Mrs Hogg and I very proud teachers! Special shout out to the following children who are currently the top scorers:

- Albi

- Mathilde

- Katie 

- Latona


A few more updates to see what the class have been up to this week. Mathilde has began writing her own Novel! She has written the first 2 amazing chapters and has also created a front cover for her story. You can see this below! (unfortunately I've had to cut short as I couldn't fit it on the page!) Albi has been busy making musical instruments and along with his brother, Eben, has made a new song all about his school (Moore Academy). Louis has been making his fabulous drum kit along with creating his own plant pots for his seeds! Mylo has been busy with some tricky maths and telling the time. Go Mylo! Tom has also made a drum kit and has been keeping a close eye on his plants and measuring them. Pictures and videos are below!


Have a lovely weekend laugh


Miss Robinson




Albi 1.MOV

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Mathilde video_Trim.mp4

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Update 30.4.20

Good morning Otters! Wow. It looks like it's been a busy week! I have received so many emails telling and showing me all the exciting thing we've been up to so far this week. I thought you'd all like to see what your friends and class mates have been up to!


Firstly, children at school we spent the start of the week making a rainbow out of natural materials! We spoke about what materials would be best to use for each part of the rainbow so we could see each part well! Hopefully when the weather is nice we can put this outside so if any of you are walking past you can see and know that we are all thinking of you!




Lets see what the rest of us have been up to this week at home. Albi, Harry, Woody and Nylah have been busy planting their seeds and monitoring them as they start to grow. Colby has been independently researching plants on his iPad. Amber has been learning all about the coral reef and we be writing about it too! Ella has been working hard with her reading and has also been learning how to tell the time. Hope has written a piece of writing telling us all about how we tell the time! Lots of you have been making your musical instruments. Jenson and Nylah have been working hard practicing their spellings. Katie has been baking healthy Joe Wicks cakes and Lyle has been baking too! (YUM). I think i'll have to do some baking today. Jaidan and William have been completing their natural art in the garden - they look absolutely beautiful! Woody has been for some lovely walks enjoying last weeks wonderful weather. Max has been completing his maths with help from his trusty dog - Simba! Poppy has been telling the time practically with her little sister. Rupert has been making delicious Pizzas with Hemi and creating lovely artwork using different shapes. Rupert has also, along with his mummy, been plotting where his friends and family live on a map and dropping off lovely messages - what a fabulous idea! Zak and his family have just started the month of Ramadan! Zak doesn't fast himself because he is only young, but he joins his family when they break the fast at sunset - where they get to enjoy yummy food! Zak helps his mummy prepare the opening of their fast and traditionally they do this with fruit, dates and milkshake. Pictures below!  

Don't worry if you haven't sent me your pictures yet, I can add these on!


Stay safe and stay happy,


Love Miss Robinson and Mrs Hogg

23.4.20 Update 

Good morning all,


Throughout this half term we will be exploring and learning about plants and nature. To support the children's learning, there are some allocated activities set on Education City all about plants. The activities focus on labeling parts of a plant, how plants grow and what they need to grow big and strong! 


I hope you find them useful and fun!


Miss Robinson

Quick Update! 22.4.20

Good morning Otters! I am aware that some of us are really struggling to get back into the swing of home learning. I just wanted to say how incredibly proud Mrs Hogg and I are of each and everyone of you. Sending us your lovely pictures over the last few weeks has put a huge smile on our faces as we love seeing what you have been up to! Not only does it make us smile, but by sending us your work, which is then shared on our class page, encourages and motivates all your class mates to try their best and complete their activities too! So lets keep working together and keep sending us your fabulous pictures     cheeky     laugh     wink


I also wanted to send my apologies because silly Miss Robinson has forgotten to set the spellings online! She has done it now and you should all be able to access them. I am also looking at the minute to see who has been completing their reading on BugClub. Remember, reading is such an important skill to have and I would love to start moving some children onto the next band! If you haven't been on BugClub and you are reading your own books at home that is more than okay. Keep up all your fab work Otters. 


Finally, lets see what we have all been up to over that last couple of weeks. Colby has been very busy the last few weeks having parties with the family, bingo nights and discos! He has also been busy exploring plants in the garden and trying very hard practicing his handwriting. Alfie has been doing lots of reading. Alfie and Hollie have also used chalk to write messages to their family and friends when they walk past the house! I love that. Mathilde has watched her butterflies finally emerge from their Chrysalis - wow! Harry has been working very hard practising his fractions. Tom has been baking some yummy cakes and planting seeds in the garden. In fact - tom couldn't find a pot to plant his seeds in so he used old wellies instead - what a great idea! Oliver and his crazy hair have been learning is times tables on TTRS! Wow everyone. Keep up the good learning cheeky. Have a look at the pictures below!


Miss Robinson 

Update - Friday 3rd April

Hello Otters! I hope you are all well and keeping safe in these unsettling and challenging times. I have enjoyed reading through the fabulous emails and seeing all the smiling faces. The most important thing is that all children feel loved and safe in a time like this and we look after their physical and mental health. Many will be aware of what’s going on so it is important that we continue to be positive and reassuring. I can’t imagine as a child not being able to see my friends, socialise through hobbies and sport, visiting my favourite restaurants and being unable to celebrate special occasions with friends and family!


Understandably, many of you will be feeling stressed, overwhelmed and under pressure by everything that's happening. We just wanted to reassure you that you are all doing brilliantly in different personal circumstances and that we are proud of everyone. Do what you can, when you can - we are here to support you.


Although it doesn't feel like it for many, it is now the start of the Easter holidays laugh Take this time to have a well deserved break, spend time with the family and relax. Rather than putting up home learning, we will be adding some fun challenges for you to complete - if you would like to! Have another look at the page on Monday morning to see what they are. I am not expecting you to email me over Easter - however if you would like to I would love to see what you have been up to. 


Stay safe Otters and stay home!


Miss Robinson smiley

Update 1.4.2020

Hello Otters. Well done for completing another day of home learning. You're all continuing to do me proud and working hard at home with your grownups. 

I have loved seeing all you pictures so far this week! Please keep them coming. Here's a quick update as to what we have all been getting up to so far! Katie has been practicing her gorgeous handwriting with her mummy, Spencer has been reading to his lovely dog, Brenda. Nylah has been baking reindeer biscuits with her mummy. Zak has been learning how to change a battery with his daddy. Mathilde has been measuring the growth of her caterpillars and plotting the growth on a chart. Colby, Spencer and Jaidan have had a fab time making their catapults, then measuring the distance they've traveled. I hope you've been careful! Colby has had a pajama disco with his family. Hope has been having drama lessons from her mummy. Alfie and Max have written some amazing recounts of our trip to Skipton castle. Louis has completed his castle model...and even included a draw bridge! Oliver has written a lovely letter for his grandparents and Jenson has been busy revising our maths money topic! 

Well done to all of you. 

Pictures to come!


Finally, I am really glad to hear you have all been keeping fit and active at home and have loved seeing all the pictures of you and your families completing the Joe Wicks workouts each morning. If you are wanting an extra challenge for this week, the Leeds Rhinos Foundation have released a daily challenge for you to complete. The link for the challenge will be uploaded to the PE and Sport Blog daily. If you do complete any of these, why not take a video or some photos and email them to me?

Please see the link below. Any questions please ask smiley


Miss Robinson x


Update Friday 27th March


Good morning Otters! We are coming to the end of our first week of home learning. I've got to say, I have been amazed at the hard work you are all putting into your learning. I have absolutely loved reading all your emails and seeing what you have been up to. Keep it up! If you have any questions or might be a little bit suck with your learning please email me on the email address provided last week. 


I thought that seeing as it was the end of the week we should share some of the home learning we have all been doing at home. Alfie, Tom and Oliver have been busy making their castles. Max has been writing a fabulous diary entry. Hope has been doing some beautiful natural art in the garden. Jaidan has written an amazing piece on our trip to Skipton castle. Harry has been busy learning his common exception words. Many of you have loved completing the Joe Wicks workout every morning at 9am and finally Tom has been completing his fractions as well as creating his own timetable using Word! Tom, could you make me one too please? 


I am aware that some of you have really enjoyed completing your maths treasure hunt. I have uploaded a second for you to have a good go at! If you timed yourselves last time, do you think you can beat your last time? In addition, I have uploaded a second maths activity which focuses on finding a third. What method to we use to find 1/3? Have a go and let know how you get on. Any questions please ask smiley


Finally, Mrs Shoesmith has asked me to tell you about the great Science page she has created on the school website. She's filled it with lots of fun activities, videos and lessons you can do. It would be great to see you having a go!


Keep smiling and stay safe Otters!


Miss Robinson x

Quick Update 25.3.2020


Good Morning Otters! I hope you have all had an enjoyable few days getting into your home learning, helping your adults at home.... and of course if you can, are enjoying the beautiful weather outside in the garden.  

I have seen lots of emails from you and your grownups letting me know all the exciting things you are getting up to! I am so impressed. You should all be so proud of yourselves, you are all working so hard! Just a quick reminder to children that I am keeping a close eye to see who is completing their home learning. If you are completing different tasks, I would still love to hear all about what you are up to!


I think it is very important that we all make the most of the fabulous weather we are having at the minute. I know that today at school myself and Miss Nicholas spent a lot of time doing different activities outdoors and I think you should too! So... I have created a treasure hunt which children can complete in the garden (or inside). There are 12 questions in total which children can answer. Grownups: if you would like, (and to add a bit of competitiveness to the challenge) time your child to see how long it takes them to complete the hunt. Then, I will upload another which children can complete again and try to improve their previous time. I know that some children don't thrive off competitiveness, therefore let your child take their time and complete the task however they would prefer to do so. This is just a suggested activity and is not compulsory. 


I would love to see how you all get on, so continue to keep me updated using the Year 1 and 2 email address provided last week. If you have any questions please ask smiley Keep up the hard work Otters!


Miss Robinson 

Welcome to the Outgoing Otters!

Our Staff Team: 

Class Teacher: Miss Robinson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hogg


Useful Information



PE is on a Tuesday. Pupils are expected to arrive at school in their PE kit on this day.



Homework is set on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. Homework is put in the children's homework folders if it is a task sheet or will be set on Mathletics, Spelling Shed or Education City to be completed online. Please find the links to these websites in the 'Useful Links' section.


Scroll down to find out the latest in the Outgoing Otters!

Trip to Skipton Castle

We had a great time on Friday at our visit to Skipton Castle. After a long bumpy coach journey, we finally arrived and we were ready to see the sights of Skipton Castle. We met our tour guide, Barry, who had worked at the castle for a long time (so knew a lot of information!). The first thing he told us was that 'Skipton' actually means 'Sheeptown and the word 'Skip' is an old English word for 'sheep'! Wow!


During our tour around the castle, we saw the old Kitchen, toilets, bedrooms, brewing rooms but the most scary of all was visiting the dungeons! Barry very quickly turned the lights off so we could see how dark it would have been for a prisoner during the medieval times. We couldn't believe how dark it was! 


After a very exciting morning, we spent the afternoon further exploring the castle. Children had a quiz to complete where they had to find features of the castle shown in the pictures. We were shocked at all the details we had missed on our first tour of the castle! 


We all had a fantastic time at the castle and lots of us can't wait to return!










Sport Relief Mile - 11.3.2020

An exciting morning this morning in the Outgoing Otters.... we ran the Sport Relief Mile!!

In order to raise money for Sport Relief, children came into school dressed in sports clothes and an item of red in order to raise money for the cause. I've got to say, I was more than impressed as the class all displayed such positive attitudes towards the mile. Children showed understanding as to why we were taking part in the mile and knew it was important that we gave it a good go. 


The mile entailed 8 laps around both of the playgrounds, which some children ran, some walked and I even saw some skipping there too. The best part was that each and every one of the Otters had a huge smile on their faces! Well done to everyone. 








World Book Day - 5.3.2020

What a great time the Otters Class had yesterday for World Book Day! It was amazing to see all the children in their fabulous costumes! 

We began the day by sharing our characters and books. We discussed why our chosen books were our favourites and what it was about our characters that made us want to dress up as them. We continued the day by creating our own book cover and main character which then led to us creating our own stories!  We finished our day by sharing our fabulous stories to with the year 5s.

Picture 1

Pancake Making

In English we are looking at how to write instructions. Luckily, Pancake Day is the perfect opportunity to follow instructions and recipes. The children worked well helping Miss Robinson to weigh the ingredients out and mix them together in the bowl to make a smooth batter. Then, we watched as Mrs Hogg cooked our pancakes! The best part of all was.... eating them at the end! They were delicious! 



11th February 2020 - Safer Internet Day

The children took part in some super activities for Safer Internet Day. We read the story 'Chicken Clicking' about a chick who sneaked into his farmer's house and spent all his money buying things online without his permission and then put his personal information online and accidentally made friends with a fox - oh no! We drew story maps to help us remember the story and did a 'Role on the Wall' to think about the chick's actions and how he might have felt in the different situations. 

Later in the afternoon, the children created their own identity maps looking at the things they enjoy doing both on and offline. We all love watching things on Netflix, playing on Mathletics and doing GoNoodles online and enjoy skipping, choosing time and playing with our friends at the park in real life. We thought about the different aspects of our personalities that would be and wouldn't be safe online. The children had great ideas and have a really strong sense of how to be safe online. We are very proud of their sensible and mature attitudes to their safety!



Gong hei fat choy from the Outgoing Otters! - Chinese New Year


Today at Greenside we celebrated Chinese New Year. We began the day with by looking at zodiac symbols and learning all about the zodiac story. We looked at which zodiac each of us were (most of us either the dragon or the snake!) and we even learnt how to write this as a Chinese symbol! We continued our fun filled day by making dragon puppets out of paper and lollipop sticks. We learnt dragon puppets are usually red and gold (meaning good fortune), but quite often they are also found to be bright colours! 

The children got to make their very own home made spring rolls. They were delicious. It was a fiddly job though trying to roll the thin pastry and to keep all the ingredients inside at the same time!

Finally we spent our afternoon making Chinese drums. Children wrote the symbol for 'rat' on their drums as this is the zodiac year we are entering. The children then played their drums along with Chinese music. We got to perform this to the year 6s! 






Spring 1 - Dia De Los Reyes (The Day of the Kings)


The children participated in a wonderful theme day based upon the Spanish festival Dia De Los Reyes (The Day of the Kings). During the day, we made non-alcoholic sangria; tasted some delicious Spanish food; played traditional Spanish games and practiced greeting each other in Spanish! The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned some interesting information about Spain!