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PE and Sport subject leader - Miss Robinson

We are a REAL Legacy School


Greenside Primary School is a Real Legacy School.


Real Legacy allows us to bring the school, home and the community together to enable cultural change. Our journey commenced with real PE teacher training to support our PE provision to develop the whole child.


The school is supported with teacher training, school based support, enrichment and competitive opportunities and supporting resources from Create Development all through a holistic approach to develop children's physical, personal, social and emotional skills.


Not only are we on a mission to get our children more active by developing the fundamental physical skills that are so often overlooked, our PE lessons are centered around the child to enable them to be successful in the classroom and in later life.




School Games Week -

Monday 15th - Friday 19th March


A key motivator for children taking part in PE & Sport is having fun experiences, and socialising with friends. We know that since lockdown the children have really missed socialising with their friends, and this has negatively impacted mental health. 


This week it is School Games Week! The Yorkshire Sport Foundation and School Games have developed a fabulous initiate in an attempt to encourage all young people to take part in and enjoy sport and physical activity.  There are a series of lessons and a variety of fun cross curricular activities to get children active and engaged in physical activity. We will be taking part at school... will you be taking part at home?

How to Access Real PE at Home


Dear parents and carers,


We know active, healthy children achieve more. At school, we have created an enabling environment where EVERY child feels included, valued, challenged and supported to achieve their maximum potential in PE, school and life.

Your child participates in real PE lessons to develop their Fundamental Movement Skills and important life skills such as personal, social, cognitive and creative skills. Our school also has home learning support through real PE at home where children can continue to be active through fun games and activities on their own and also with a sibling, parent, guardian or other family member.


*Please refer to the texts sent home earlier this week for your log in information.


Click here to view more information including a short video on how to use real PE at home.

We hope you enjoy exploring real PE at home and have fun playing the games and activities.

Ways to stay active at home! 


This Is PE is a new tool and series of videos created by the Yorkshire Sport Foundation designed to support parents and teachers to educate and entertain primary school children at home during the school closures.


If you are struggling to keep the children entertained at home during these unsettling and unusual times, these videos are great. These easy and fun activities aim to focus on the key fundamentals and aspects of the primary curriculum in order to continue to improve children's skill development. All the videos are replicable at home and can be completed with things found in the house!


For more information watch the video provided or have a read of the toolkit below.


The videos will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They can either be found on the following playlist or on the PE and Sport Blog! If you have any questions please email your child's year group on the email provided and I will get back to you ASAP. 


Stay safe laugh


Miss Robinson 


This Is PE - Lesson 8


Today's activity is called 'King of Cones'. It is a competitive game which focuses on aim. Don't worry if you don't have any cones, you could use boxes or even plastic water bottles instead. If you would like to challenge yourself further, there are more ways in which you can do this displayed on the video. Have a go, and good luck!

This Is PE - Lesson 7

Today's this is PE lesson focuses on agility. They will also be looking at other skills such as starting and stopping, reactions, dodging and weaving AND decision making skills. It seems very exciting and even includes a game of tig!

This is PE - Lesson 6

Have a go at lesson 6! All you need is some ties, rolled up tea towels and socks! Enjoy laugh

This is PE - Lesson 5

The next lesson focuses on hand - eye coordination and striking using a hand. It looks like great fun!

This Is PE - Lesson 4

Today's lesson. Rock and Roll gymnastics! The aim of this lesson is to develop your child's balance and coordination skills.

This Is PE - Lesson 3

Have a go at this trowing and catching lesson, focusing on accuracy!

This Is PE - Lesson 2

Today's lesson focuses on our fundamental skills - Agility, Balance and Coordination. Footwork is the main skill for the lesson and I have got to say this one looks very exciting! Enjoy cheeky


This Is PE Lesson 1


Lesson 1 focuses on coordination with ball skills! Darren uses a book and a ball to practise this skill. Can you have a go? laugh

Leeds Rhinos Daily Challenge


If you are wanting a little extra sporting challenge for the week, the Leeds Rhinos Foundation have released a series of daily challenges for you to complete at home. Please see below for all the available challenges. If you do complete any of these, why not take a video or some photos and email them to your class teacher? You can find Challenge 1 below. 





Good luck! laugh


Daily challenge 16 - 5.5.2020

Can you improve on your pancake challenge from a couple of weeks ago? Good Luck!

Daily Challenge 15 - 4.5.2020

Keep on dancing! Wake up shake up number 2. Enjoy!

Daily Challenge 14 - 1.5.20

Can you complete the wake up shake up? Good Luck cheeky

Daily Challenge 13 - 30.4.20

Can you complete the Leeds Rhinos workout challenge? Good Luck!

Daily Challenge 12 - 29.4.2020

Join Jordan and have a go at Hoola Ping-Pong Video Game! This one sounds exciting!



Daily Challenge 11 - 28.4.2020


Today's challenge Andy has a challenge which focuses on improving your reaction time! Good Luck!

Daily Challenge 10 - 27.4.2020


How many star jumps or chair sits can you do in 60 seconds?! Good Luck laugh

Daily Challenge 9 - 23.4.20


Can you have a go at this passing challenge? Don't worry if you don't have a ball, you could use a teddy bear instead! Good luck laugh

Daily Challenge 8 - 22.4.2020


Good Morning everyone! 

Today's challenge - How far can you jump? Good Luck!

Daily Challenge 7 - 21.4.2020


Have a go at this next challenge which focus on footwork skills. Don't worry if you don't have cones - you could use anything! Plant pots, plastic bottles, books - anything you can find available around the house. Good Luck!





Daily Challenge 6 - 20.4.2020


Welcome back everyone - I hope you have all had a fabulous Easter! I will begin to continue to upload the daily challenges from the Leeds Rhinos Foundation now that we are all back up and running with our home learning :) 


Challenge 6 is with Nicola who some of you may remember from dance lessons last year. Can you complete the moves 4 times each to complete a sequence? Good Luck cheeky


Miss Robinson 

Daily Challenge 5 - 9.4.2020


How many times can you hit the target? Don't worry if you don't have a cricket stump - you can use any target!


Good Luck!


Miss Robinson laugh

Daily Challenge 4 - 8.4.2020


Sam is going to demonstrate today's challenge - how many points can you get by knocking the cones? Don't worry if you don't have any cones at home. You can use empty bottles, paper, card etc. Have a go and see how many cones you can hit! Good Luck!

Daily Challenge 3 - 7.4.2020


Have a go at challenge No 3. If you don't have a rugby ball - you can use any type of ball instead. Good Luck! laugh How many claps can you do whilst throwing the ball?

Daily Challenge 2 - 3.4.2020


Today's challenge: How many pancakes can you do in a minute? cheeky Good luck!


Miss Robinson 

Sport Relief Mile 11.3.2020


An exciting morning last Wednesday at Greenside .... we ran the Sport Relief Mile!!

In order to raise money for Sport Relief, children came into school dressed in sports clothes and an item of red in order to raise money for the cause. I've got to say, I was more than impressed as everyone displayed such positive attitudes towards the mile. Children showed good understanding for the cause and it was clear that everyone gave it a good go!  


The mile entailed 8 laps around both of the playgrounds, which some children ran, some walked and I even saw some skipping there too. The best part was that each and every one of the children had a huge smile on their faces!


Thanks to all your donations, we managed to raise an amazing £135. A massive thanks to all the children and staff who took part. 









Netball 12/3/2020


Well done to our school Netball team, who represented us in very challenging weather conditions, in a tournament at Grangefield. The wind made all aspects of the game extremely tricky but the girls maintained a fantastic attitude, despite freezing fingers, throughout all of the games. The girls won 2 and drew one of their matches.

Quick Skip

After a challenging Maths lesson this morning, Year 2 were straight on the playground taking part in the 'Quick Skip'. The aim of the 'Quick Skip' is to increase physical activity during curriculum time and improve children's overall physical health, enhance mental well-being and increase self esteem as well as boost confidence.


As soon as the children came back into class, they were engaged and ready to continue with their learning. Keep it up year 2!



Cross Country District Finals - 11.3.2020


This afternoon, Libby and Hazel took part in the Yorkshire Sport Foundation Cross Country district finals. What an exciting afternoon it was watching both girls run and represent the school so well! Both girls were amazing and everyone at Greenside is very proud of their achievements. Keep it up girls!!


Results still to follow.




Year 5/6 Football Tournament - 5.3.20 

Well done to our Year 5/6 'A team' footballers who represented Greenside at a Pudsey Schools qualifier this week. The boys did excellently, winning their first match, unluckily drawing their second match (due to some fantastic saves by the opposition goal keeper) and unfortunately losing the third. The boys were so unfortunate not to proceed to the next round, narrowly missing out on second place on goal difference.


Greenside 2 - 1 Waterloo (Harry, Josh)

Greenside 0 - 0 Calverley

Greenside 0 - 3 Lowtown

Leeds Cross Country Finals UPDATE

Again a massive well done to everyone who competed at the Leeds Cross country finals at Temple Newsam earlier this month. There was outstanding effort and teamwork displayed by everyone who competed!

Unfortunately Greenside did not qualify for the next round, but what an achievement by each and every one of our runners for making it this far. A massive well done!


However, a huge shout out to Libby and Hazel who have both qualified as wildcards and will be competing as individual runners against West Yorkshire schools in the next round! We are all very proud of their achievements and wish them the best of luck for their races next week! 


Year 5/6 Football Tournament - 13.02.20 

Well done to our team of Year 5 pupils who represented Greenside at a Pudsey Schools 'B team' football tournament. Playing against many children older than them, the boys did brilliantly to win 2 games and finished the tournament undefeated without conceding a goal.


Greenside 2 - 0 Southroyd (Alfie, Oliver)

Greenside 1 - 0 Lowtown (Oscar)

Greenside 0 - 0 Calverley Parkside

Greenside 0 - 0 Park Spring

Cross Country Finals - 05.02.20 

Following great Success at the Cross Country Event at Stanningley RC in November, 30 children from across KS2 went on to represent Greenside at the Leeds finals at Temple Newsam. 

Every child ran their race with great effort and determination and we are really proud of all the children running for Greenside. We had lots of great results, well done to everyone! 

Whole School Skipping


Last week (15.1.2020) the whole school had a fantastic time taking part in skipping workshops to introduce the 'Quick Skip' initiative at Greenside. The aim of the 'Quick Skip' is to increase physical activity during curriculum time and improve children's overall physical health, enhance mental well-being and increase self esteem as well as boost confidence. All classes will aim to take part in the 'Quick Skip' at least 3 times a week in order to promote physical activity across the school.


The Government sets the expectation that all children should have access to at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, with at least 30 minutes taking place in schools and the remaining 30 minutes taking place outside of school. This is a different and exciting way to increase physical activity during curriculum time.


The children had an amazing time learning new skills and skips, with some showcasing their newly acquired skills to the rest of the school! We hope to see lots of classes taking part in this exciting skipping initiative!




Greenside Girl's Football tournament - Road to Wembley 16.1.2020


The Greenside girls year 5/6 football team started the year with an outstanding performance last Thursday at the road to Wembley tournament. The girls won their first game, followed by a close loss meaning just missing out qualifying for the next round. It was great to see the girls demonstrating great teamwork and sportsmanship. A massive well done to the team and a big thank you to Mr Lockwood for supporting and coaching the girls through the tournament!


Cross Country Qualifiers - Finals!


A massive well done to all those that took part in the Cross Country at Stanningley RC back in November last year. After a long wait, it is a great pleasure to announce that the school has qualified for the finals where we will compete against children from across the city. 


The teams that qualified are: 

- Year 3 Girls 

- Year 4 Girls

- Year 4 Boys

- Year 5 Girls 

- Year 5 Boys

- Year 6 Girls 


Again, well done to all the children that took part and good luck to those taking part in the next round of the competition!