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Welcome to Persevering Pumas! 

Hello Persevering Pumas and Parents/Carers and welcome to our class page! 

Here you will find all of the information and resources required to complete your home home learning and to support your son/daughter with their learning whilst they're at home.


I have made a few changes to the page, which hopefully makes it a little more organised and easier to navigate. To access the learning information and resources for each week, click on the crayon icon for the week we're on. If you're still catching up with a previous week's learning or you'd like to revisit some of the learning, click on the crayon icon for the week you'd like to access. Full explanations have been provided for every learning activity and resource, but if you have any questions at all please email me. 


I am exceptionally proud of every single Puma and their dedication and maturity towards their home learning during this strange time and parents, you're all doing an absolutely fabulous job juggling your work commitments whilst supporting your child to learn, thank you! 


I love to hear about what you've been up to and see photographs of your great work, so please continue to send me a weekly update showing me what you've achieved and work you're proud of. To celebrate everyone's learning together, the photographs I have received and continue to receive will be posted below. 

Stay safe everyone, 

Miss Winkley 

Week 12 (WB 29.06.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs
Picture 1 An incredible Anglo-Saxon house Angelina
Picture 2 Sophia's Anglo-Saxon family and dyed fabric
Picture 3 Ellie's Anglo-Saxon style paper
Picture 4 Harvey has baked bread!
Picture 5 Maisie working hard on her maths
Picture 6 Angelina has baked bread!
Picture 7 Poppy doing maths (with Lola on Facetime!)
Picture 8 Angelina baking some scones
Picture 9 George's t-shirt dye made from beetroot
Picture 10 Sophia's Anglo-Saxon message
Picture 11 Ava's Anglo-Saxon rune message
Picture 12 Lola's family dressed as Anglo-Saxons
Picture 13 George's family dressed as Anglo-Saxons
Picture 14 Ava making a dye from spinach
Picture 15 Lola's Anglo-Saxon rune message
Week 11 (WB 22.06.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs
Picture 1 Maisie continuing to work hard
Picture 2 Maariyah's great Anglo-Saxon food and drink work
Picture 3 Maisie's brilliant Anglo-Saxon Gods work
Picture 4 Angelina has enjoyed a day at the seaside!
Picture 5 Ophelia baking her Anglo-Saxon flat breads
Picture 6 Sophia's Anglo-Saxon bread baking
Picture 7 George mixing the dough for his bread
Picture 8 Ellie making her Anglo-Saxon bread
Picture 9 George has found all the features in the text
Picture 10 Lola's dough, ready for the oven
Picture 11 Zach enjoys looking at everyone's learning
Picture 12 Lola's weighed out the ingredients for her bread
Picture 13 Zach working hard on his maths work
Picture 14 George's delicious looking bread
Week 10 (WB 15.06.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs
Picture 1 Angelina working hard on some English learning.
Picture 2 Maisie working hard at the computer.
Picture 3 Niall enjoyed a day out with his family.
Picture 4 Great maths work Maisie!
Picture 5 Beautiful sunshine artwork Sophia!
Picture 6 Lucy enjoying some ocean themed art work at school
Picture 7 Part of George's great visitor guide
Picture 8 Lola's done lots of excellent work on the computer
Picture 9 George painting a beautiful stained glass window!
Picture 10 Very creative sun and stained glass window Lola!
Picture 11 Lucy making cocoa slime in her bubble at school
Picture 12 A beautiful woven sunshine Ava
Picture 13 Harvey with his fantastic Summer Solstice work!
Picture 14 Ava's excellent guide to Canterbury Cathedral

Week 9 (WB 08.06.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs

Picture 1 Abi has been creative with her painting at home.
Picture 2 Excellent mindfulness work Angelina!
Picture 3 Sophia has worked hard on her PSHE work.
Picture 4 Niall has got 7 new pets!
Picture 5 Fantastic creative time work Sophia
Picture 6 Angelina camped in her living room!
Picture 7 Ophelia is enjoying learning about Beowulf!
Picture 8 Abi has continued to work hard on her maths work.
Picture 9 Zach has been entrepreneurial with some baking!
Picture 10 Sophia's goal is read more books - great idea!
Picture 11 Great job advert George!
Picture 12 Maisie working hard on her maths work!
Picture 13 Naiah has done some interesting history
Picture 14 Lovely Anglo Saxon work Sophia!
Picture 15 Abi has learnt to ride her bike during lockdown.
Picture 16 George has planned out his Anglo Saxon village!
Picture 17 Abi has continued to work hard on her maths.
Picture 18 Hannah working hard as always
Picture 19 Lola cooked a delicious meal for her parents
Picture 20 Fabulous Anglo-Saxon job advert Ava.
Picture 21 A fantastic Anglo-Saxon village Maariyah
Picture 22 An amazing Anglo-Saxon village George
Picture 23 A brilliant Anglo-Saxon village Sophia
Picture 24 An excellent Anglo-Saxon village Lola
Picture 25 Ava's beautiful Anglo-Saxon village
Picture 26 Abi has baked some delicious cookies this weekend!
Picture 27 Ellie's very creative Anglo-Saxon village

Richard's Challenge!

This week, Richard has worked very hard on designing and making his very own set of rock monsters. He's hidden them in Pudsey for others to find! When you're out on your daily walk, look out for Richard's monsters and if you're lucky enough to find one, take a picture and send it to me then I can share it with Richard and on here for the whole class to see! Hopefully somebody will locate one of Richard's monsters!! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Week 8 (WB 01.06.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs
Picture 1 George has painted Alfred the Great.
Picture 2 Lukas is drawing a vase of flowers.
Picture 3 George has set himself some targets!
Picture 4 Lukas and Laura enjoying a game of Dobble
Picture 5 Ava has completed lots of work again this week.
Picture 6 Fantastic Anglo-Saxon King portrait Ellie.
Picture 7 Harvey has worked hard on his spellings.
Picture 8 Lola and Grace enjoying the sunshine.
Picture 9 An incredible Anglo-Saxon king portrait Maariyah!
Picture 10 Harvey has set himself some goals.
Picture 11 Richard enjoyed his first fish & chips in 11 weeks
Picture 12 Lola has done some great work on Anglo Saxon kings
Picture 13 Richard creatively made his own fish tank.
Picture 14 Ava has been working on her netball skills
Week 7 (WB 18.05.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs
Picture 1 Richard concentrating hard on Jenga!
Picture 2 Abi has been working hard on her fractions!
Picture 3 Evie J's put together a great historical timeline
Picture 4 Lukas has been reading his book in the sun!
Picture 5 Richard helping his brother to learn!
Picture 6 Sophia's been finding push and pull forces at home
Picture 7 Zach's cat has been helping out with the learning!
Picture 8 A fantastic forces playground Sophia!
Picture 9 Very creative Richard!
Picture 10 Brilliant Science learning Lola!
Picture 11 Fantastic Science learning Naiah!
Picture 12 Lola working really hard as always!
Picture 13 Naiah has been having lots of fun in the sun!
Picture 14 Evie J has done some beautiful artwork.
Picture 15 Ophelia concentrating on her spelling work!
Picture 16 Ava's still practising her guitar; very musical!
Picture 17 Maariyah with her fantastic Beowulf story.
Picture 18 Ava working very hard as usual!
Picture 19 A very creative castle Maariyah
Picture 20 2 out of 6 pages of Ava's Beowulf story!
Week 6 (WB 11.05.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs
Picture 1 Niall and Lily with their VE Day decorations!
Picture 2 Zach has been working hard in his family business
Picture 3 Lola worked hard on her history and PSHE work.
Picture 4 Sophia has been very creative with her painting
Picture 5 Abi is continuing to work hard on her maths.
Picture 6 Isobel has been creative by making rock monsters
Picture 7 Harvey's done some excellent Anglo Saxon research
Picture 8 Sophia completed a computing challenge
Picture 9 Naia's inspiring motivational quote!
Picture 10 Sophia's beautiful Anglo Saxon art.
Picture 11 Angelina's planted and is looking after her seeds
Picture 12 George has been working really hard on his English
Picture 13 Look at Angelina's extremely creative fish tank!
Picture 14 What a brilliant message in a bottle from George!
Picture 15 Sophia has creatively drawn her ultimate space toy
Picture 16 Ava worked extremely hard as always!
Picture 17 Hannah has been working very hard on her spellings
Picture 18 Lola hard at work designing her Anglo Saxon brooch
Picture 19 Sophia's worked really hard on her Geography!
Picture 20 Ava has been very creative with her pastels.
Picture 21 Ophelia's done some French to gain her BronzeAward
Picture 22 What a fantastic and reflective poem Ava!
Picture 23 Sophia has really captured the changes in her poem
Picture 24 Evie's made some fantastic Anglo-Saxon jewellery
Picture 25 Niall has enjoyed painting in the sunshine
Picture 26 Lola has done some excellent topic work research
Picture 27 Abi working hard on her maths work.
Picture 28 Ellie has done lots of work this week.
Picture 29 A fantastic belt buckle, designed & made by George

Ellen's Cooking

Still image for this video
Ellen has made a delicious chilli con carne for her family and has shared her cooking step by step in this great iMovie!
Week 5 (WB 04.05.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs
Picture 1 Richard enjoyed experimenting with Science!
Picture 2 Sophia has been very creative over the weekend.
Picture 3 Super creativity with your drawing Richard!
Picture 4 Some of the ways to be happy in Sophia's PSHE work
Picture 5 George's very creative underwater scene
Picture 6 Naiah has invented her own times table game
Picture 7 George has written a fantastic VE Diary
Picture 8 Ava used emojis to help with her PSHE work.
Picture 9 Maariyah has researched VE Day and Anglo Saxons
Picture 10 Hannah has competed some great maths work.
Picture 11 Great motivation from Ophelia
Picture 12 An incredible piece of diary writing Ava!
Picture 13 Maariyah hard as work at her work station.
Picture 14 A fantastic feelings wheel Lola
Picture 15 Maariyah has worked incredibly on her PSHE work.
Picture 16 Keep up the hard work Lukas!

Anglo Saxon Facts - By Ellie

Still image for this video
Ellie has created this excellent video full of Anglo Saxon facts!
Week 4 (WB 27.04.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs 
Picture 1 Ellie's fabulous finished rain stick
Picture 2 Incredible RE research and writing Maisie!
Picture 3 Ophelia decided to make Brazilian Brigadeiros!
Picture 4 Harvey working hard on his Captain Tom Newspaper!
Picture 5 Ellen has been working hard on her Maths.
Picture 6 Maariyah's impressive creative skills!
Picture 7 Lukas is completing all of his Mathletics work!
Picture 8 Abi and her rain stick
Picture 9 Sofianna has continued to practise her skipping!
Picture 10 Maariyah's incredible newspaper article.
Picture 11 Excellent writing about Brazil Sofianna!
Picture 12 Amazing instructions Naia - great work!
Picture 13 Amazing Anglo Saxon fact file Ava!
Picture 14 Lola concentrating really hard on her maths work
Picture 15 Ava doing a computing problem-solving activity
Picture 16 Amazing effort with your maths work Zach!
Picture 17 Angelina has practised her typing using Dance Mat
Picture 18 A great start to Anglo Saxon learning Evie J!
Picture 19 George's excellent rain stick instructions!
Picture 20 Fantastic work ethic Ophelia - concentrating hard!
Picture 21 Sophia has baked buns! Delicious!
Picture 22 Maisie has been very creative with her sock puppet
Picture 23 Fantastic Anglo Saxon research on 'Horsa' Lola
Picture 24 Poppy has been working extremely hard this week!
Picture 25 Great use of your creative time Sophia
Picture 26 Ellie conquering computing activity 8!
Picture 27 Evie H has done lots of research about religions
Picture 28 George quickly mastered computing activity 8
Picture 29 Hannah has been working really hard all week!
Picture 30 Sophia's great Anglo Saxon research!
Picture 31 Excellent writing about the Anglo Saxons Abi!
Picture 32 Niall working hard on his maths learning.
Week 3 (WB 20.04.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs 
Picture 1 Angelina created this beautiful Easter bonnet.
Picture 2 A very inventive new board game Ava!
Picture 3 A delicious cake from master baker Ellen!
Picture 4 Naia is working very hard on her maths this week!
Picture 5 Fabulous RE work Poppy, a great start to the week!
Picture 6 Lots of great information in Evie J's report!
Picture 7 Excellent maths work Ophelia - very neat!!
Picture 8 A fabulous newspaper Zach about Captain Tom!
Picture 9 Sophia has been working hard at home!
Picture 10 Look at Zach's amazing beans and cress grow!
Picture 11 Ava has made pictures for NHS worker packs!
Picture 12 Your mug cake looks delicious Lola!
Picture 13 Ellie has been very creative this week!
Picture 14 Delicious biscuits Hannah!
Picture 15 Look at Lola's amazing rain stick!
Picture 16 Fabulous writing about Captain Tom, Lucy!
Picture 17 Zach has been baking at school!
Picture 18 Abi working hard on her maths work.
Picture 19 Angelina's been very creative with her rain stick!
Picture 20 George's excellent rain sticks!
Week 2 (WB 30.03.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs 
Picture 1 Very organised home learning Ellen!
Picture 2 Working very hard on TTRS Lee!
Picture 3 Lucy has been very creative with this drawing!
Picture 4 Fantastic Education City work Zach!
Picture 5 A very creative fairground Ava!
Picture 6 Keep up the excellent maths work Maisie!
Picture 7 Harvey exploring Post Hill when on his daily walk.
Picture 8 What a beautiful window display Lucy (& Will)!
Picture 9 A super start to your French learning Poppy!
Picture 10 A great take on Tom's Magnificent Machines Maisie!
Picture 11 Zach is growing sunflowers, cress and beans!
Picture 12 Abi working very hard on her topic work.
Picture 13 Part of George's iMovie, showcasing his cooking!
Picture 14 Excellent Maths learning Hannah!
Picture 15 A very creative stained glass window Naia!
Picture 16 Fabulous French work Lola!
Picture 17 Ava has completed her Silver French Award!
Picture 18 A fantastic book review from Evie
Picture 19 George is enjoying using a map for his topic work.
Picture 20 Excellent English work about Brazil Maisie
Picture 21 A fascinating way of learning by Zach!
Picture 22 Ophelia is being creative with some engineering!
Picture 23 Abi has worked really hard on her English work.
Picture 24 Beautiful take on Monet's 'Poppies' Ava!
Picture 25 A fabulous start to the French learning Ellie!
Picture 26 George's great work on French speaking countries
Picture 27 Working exceptionally hard as always Lola!
Picture 28 Angelina and her Silver Award French learning.
Picture 29 A delicious looking Easter cake from Poppy.
Picture 30 Angelina's great rainforest artwork.
Picture 31 Richard is enjoying his creative time
Picture 32 Ophelia is exploring during her daily walk
Picture 33 Richard working hard
Week 1 (WB 23.03.20) - Our Home Learning Photographs 
Picture 1 Lovely to see Naia (& Quinn) enjoying the outdoors
Picture 2 Excellent maths work Ava!
Picture 3 Look at Evie's beautiful watercolour artwork!
Picture 4 Poppy outdoors enjoying the glorious sunshine
Picture 5 Lola (& Grace) working hard at home! Well done!
Picture 6 George setting up his Science investigation
Picture 7 Lukas working hard on Mathletics
Picture 8 Ava's excellent explanation text
Picture 9 Richard working very hard at home!
Picture 10 Lola enjoying a 2K run around the park
Picture 11 George showcasing great English and Science work!
Picture 12 Incredible gymnastics skills from Lucy
Picture 13 Hannah's beautiful Science learning
Picture 14 Evie working hard in her home learning book
Picture 15 Abi completing her maths work - great effort!
Picture 16 Lucy enjoying the sunshine whilst working hard!
Picture 17 Fabulous piece of English work Lola!
Picture 18 Richard is concentrating hard!
Picture 19 Zach is learning sign language - fantastic effort!

Welcome to Persevering Pumas!

We are the Persevering Pumas, the Year 4 Class. 

Our Staff Team: 

Miss Winkley - Class Teacher

Mrs Beckett - Teaching Assistant (Tuesday - Friday)

Mrs Ridsdale - Teaching Assistant (Monday) 

Mrs Robertson - Trainee Teacher

Useful Information

PE is on a Monday, pupils should come to school dressed in their PE kit and swimming is on a Thursday. 

Homework is set on a Friday to completed by the following Wednesday. In KS2, this is set on Mathletics and Spelling shed, please find the links to these websites in the 'Useful Links' section.

Please scroll down to see our latest learning. 

Spring 2 - Skipping Festival

On Thursday 12.03.2020, we participated in the Skipping Festival at Leeds Trinity University against 4 other Pudsey Schools. We competed in individual skips (including the double bounce, speed bounce, cross-over, pretzel and side swing), group skips (including run-jump-out and keep the pot boiling) and we performed a skip dance to our happy song - S Club's Reach up for the stars! We had practised really hard and we extremely proud to win a whole host of awards including silver in our team skip dance!! 

Run Jump Out Team

Still image for this video

Skipping Warm Up

Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Spring 2 - Sport Relief

We looked great dressed in our red clothing as we ran a mile for Sport Relief! It was great to be involved by doing something active and raising money for a great charity. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Spring 2 - World Book Day

We are having a fabulous time celebrating World Book Day. The children look amazing in their costumes and have enjoyed sharing their favourite characters and books. We are also completing lots of book relating activities! 

Picture 1

Spring 2 - Learning Logs

Over half term, we set the children a piece of learning log homework all about the Amazon Rainforest. We have been absolutely delighted with the hard work and effort that'd been put in to creating these projects and the children have learnt so much about the Amazon Rainforest through their research. All of the children have been given the opportunity to share their work and we have seen some fabulous artwork, fact files, iMovies, games, DT work and even some delicious biscuits! 

Picture 1

Spring 2 - Samba Drumming

As part of our topic about the Amazon Rainforest, we participated in a samba drumming workshop. We loved playing all of the different instruments and creating different rhythms. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Spring 1 - Headingley Water Treatment Works 

As part of our 'Water Cycle' science week topic, we visited Headingley Water Treatment works. We learnt all about where our water comes from, how it is collected, how it is cleaned and purified and how it travels to our homes so that we can drink it. We then used our learning in our wonderful writing!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Spring 1 - Skipping Workshop 

We had a great time participating in the skipping workshop and learning lots of new skips. Jodi (from the Skipping School) taught us skips as a class, with a partner and individual skips - it was great fun!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Spring 1 - Watercolour Art 

During our art lessons so far this half term we have been learning to use watercolours. We tried different techniques in our sketch books and created some lovely results! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Autumn 2 - Science Week 

As part of our science week, we participated in a workshop demonstrating our digestive system from Eureka. During the workshop we explored each part of our digestive system and the role played in taking our food from 'Chew to the Poo'. It was a little bit gruesome but we really enjoyed being hands on scientists! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2