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We are the Positive Penguins, the Year 1 and 2 Class. 

Our Staff Team: Mrs Shoesmith - Class Teacher (Monday - Wednesday), Mrs Percival - Class Teacher (Wednesday - Friday) and Miss Nicholas - Teaching Assistant (Monday- Friday).  

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Monday 6th July 2020

Good Morning Penguins and welcome back to another fantastic week of home learning! A virtual high five to everyone for all of your amazing work last week, we are very proud of you all. We enjoyed our class zoom calls again this week and had lots of fun playing the scavenger hunt game. We are looking to seeing you all again next week either in school or virtually on our Friday class zoom sessions. We hope that you enjoyed your zoom transition sessions with your new class teachers last week. They were all very impressed by how fabulous you all are and are very excited to have you in their classes in September. Make sure that you take a look at our 'Online Learning Shout Outs' section below and join us in celebrating your fantastic online learning achievements. Keep up the fantastic work Penguins and don't forget to send us your fabulous photos. We miss you all so much and we look forward to seeing pictures of all of your fantastic work as well as hearing about it from you during our zoom calls.


This week our home learning is slightly different and will focus on transition in preparation for starting in your new classes in September. We would also like you to take part in our virtual sports day on Tuesday 7th July. All of the information you will need is stored in the special star folders below. You can also access further information on the Transition Home Learning page and the PE and Sports Blog page on the website just click on the links below. 


We have also included our usual academic and creative home learning activities for those of you who also wish to complete those. You will find all of the information you need in the 'Current Home Learning' star folders below. Please let us know if you need any help with anything and remember to email us and send photos of your fabulous work and adventures. Our email address is


Remember to keep checking the Songs and Stories from Mrs P and Mrs S section below. Gangsta Granny chapters 1 to 28 are ready and waiting for your listening pleasure and the final chapters will be added this week.


Don't forget to listen to this weeks Greenside Weekly Playlist on the music page. Click on the link below.


Have a fun filled week and enjoy your learning everyone! 


Mrs Shoesmith, Mrs Percival and Miss Nicholas smiley

Online Shout Outs w/b 29.6.20

Lots more online learning 'shout outs' again this week. Keep up the great work everyone!


It was Week One of TT Rock Stars Battle of The Bands as Year 2 took on Year 3 to earn as many points as possible and what a week it was! As I wrote these shout outs on Sunday 5th July at 8pm, the scores were 17970 for Year 2 and 17258 for Year Three so well done Year 2, you are winning so far! There is still one week to go so keep going- we need all children in Year 2 to play along if possible. Special shout outs to all those who have played to contribute to our winning score: Harrison, Poppy, George, Imogen, Eadie, Alex and Fliss. A huge well done also to Poppy who has earnt a new rock star status and has climbed up 7 rock statuses since starting and to Harrison who has earnt his first rock star status. Amazing! For those in Year 2 who want to join in earning rock status awards, simply play on the ‘Studio’ section ten times to create your baseline speed and then you can start earning awards for improving your average speed per question. 


On Numbots last week, Addison, Sophia and George worked on their addition and subtraction maths skills to increase their robot level.  There are 18 robot levels to work through which become progressively harder: Rust, Iron, Tin, Brass, Copper, Steel, Chrome, Glass, Tungsten, Aluminium, Kevlar, Carbon Fibre, Titanium, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. I wonder how far you can all get?


Bug Club shout outs for last week go to Oliver B, Henry, Addison, George, Isaac and Imogen who did some online reading last week and completed the quizzes. Lots of you are reading other books too so well done- we love to hear about anything you have been reading. Keeping up with regular reading is one the most important things you can do during home learning so please try to read a few times a week, whether online or a ‘real’ book.


It was a very ‘buzzy’ week on Spelling Shed once again last week with thousands of Bee points being earned for correct spellings- amazing! A virtual high five to Isaac, Sophia, Addison, Alex, Dylan, Eadie, Fliss, George, Grace. Harrison. Henry, Imogen, Max, Ollie B and Poppy for completing some spelling games.


 Now to our Mathletics shout outs… Oliver B, Poppy, George, Eadie and Alex all earned Bronze awards.Super job! Children need to earn 1,000 points per week to gain a Bronze award. Collect 5 Bronze awarded to earn a silver certificate and collect 4 Silvers for a Gold. Click the ‘My Awards’ button to view your certificates.  If you have any problems accessing or downloading certificates yourself, please send an email and let us know.


On Education City, Eadie, Alex, George, Henry, Imogen and Isaac logged in and completed tasks last week in Maths and English. Shout outs and virtual high fives to you!

Mrs Shoesmith's Hot Air Balloon Adventure.

Hi everyone I hope that you are having a great week. Rather than uploading a new chapter of our book Gangsta Granny today I thought I would share my hot air balloon adventure with you. A few years ago I was extremely lucky to be given to opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon. It was an incredible experience and I would love to do it again one day. Take a look at the PowerPoint below where I share my exciting adventure with lots  and lots of photographs.

Songs and Stories from Mrs P and Mrs S! 

Your Home Learning Photos and Videos

We love to hear from you. Please email us any photos and videos of what you have been doing and let us know if you are happy for them to be shared here on our class blog page. 

Oliver B's bike ride, map and photos. Great job!

Ollie's super book review of 'Through The Lion's Gate'

Week 10 Half Term Fun

Mrs Shoesmith's Science Plants & Bulbs Investigations

Week 1 - On Wednesday 22nd April I planted different seeds at home. As I didn't have any spare plant pots I had to improvise and recycle items that I already had at home. I planted sunflower seeds in old wellies, tomato seeds in an old hanging basket and I cut the side out of an empty juice carton and planted pepper seeds inside. To set up our comparative seed growing investigation I planted pepper seeds in some foil food trays. I labelled the four foil trays carefully and placed them in the following places in my house.


Container 1 - sunshine & water - on the kitchen windowsill - I will remember to water this one!

Container 2 - sunshine & no water - on the kitchen windowsill - I won't water this one.

Container 3 - no sunshine & water - in the under stairs cupboard in the dark - I will water this one!

Container 4 - no sunshine & no water - in the under stairs cupboard in the dark - I won't water this one.


Week 2 - On Wednesday 29th April I photographed our comparative seed growing investigation pots and checked for growth. After 1 week we have no signs of growth yet. I shall keep watering the pots that need water and checking all four pots for growth. The little M&S pots that I planted on the same day are now starting to grow and have little shoots. I have posted photos above for you to have a look. I will keep posting updated photos each week as the plants grow. Have you updated your 'plant growth table' from science lesson 3? Keep watering your plants and updating this chart weekly.


Week 3 - On Wednesday 6th May I checked all of the seeds that I had planted in week 1. The tomato seeds I planted in a hanging basket haven't started to grow yet or the pepper seeds I planted in a recycled juice container. I have been keeping these in a sunny place but they are outside in my garden. Do you think this might be why they haven't started to grow yet? The little M&S pots have started to grow apart from the pepper seeds. I am going to re-pot these in bigger pots over the weekend. The sunflowers in wellies have also started to grow and they are 2cm tall and growing taller everyday. Our seed investigation is still showing no sign of growth. I planted pepper seeds in the pots so I wonder if this is one of the reasons they haven't started to grow yet? I have also moved them to a sunnier location at the front of the house to see if a little more sun light and warmth helps. I have posted photos above for you to see the growth so far. Also remember to keep watering and caring for your own plants and updating the weekly growth chart from science lesson 3. More science home learning coming next week!


Week 4 - Over the weekend I planted the cress seeds for this weeks science investigation. 1 pot will be kept indoors in a warmth and 1 pot will be kept outdoors in the cold. I also started a new seeds growing investigation as those planted in week 1 are showing no sign of growth. This time I planted cress seeds in each of the 4 pots as cress seeds usually grow very quickly. Fingers crossed the investigation works this time.


Week 5 - The cress investigations have all grown very quickly and you can see the results in the photos above. The cress growing inside grew much stronger, greener and healthier than the cress growing outside. Why do you think this is? Is this the result you thought we would see?

The second attempt at the seed growing investigation this time using cress was a big success. The seeds which had both sun light and water grew the best. They grew strong, green and healthy. The seeds which had sunlight but no water didn't really start to grow. The seeds which had water but no sunlight started to grow but looked weak and a yellow colour. The seeds which had no sunlight and no water didn't grow at all. (See the result photos above). Were the results the same as you predicted? 

The sunflowers planted in the wellies are growing taller everyday and the peppers planted in the recycled juice carton finally have shoots!


Mrs Shoesmith smiley

Once upon a time....

Still image for this video

Part Two...

Still image for this video

Once upon a time ...

Still image for this video
Alex reading his Jack & the Beanstalk story for us.

Our very own Joe Wicks!

Still image for this video
Max demonstrates some of his PE game for us.

Your VE Day Celebration Photos

The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow (Part 1)

Still image for this video

The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow (Part 2)

Still image for this video

Maisy loving her learning.

Still image for this video
Maisy enjoyed a little brain break along with 'Dance Monkey' and some dancing leaves!

Oliver's Band Challenge!

Still image for this video
Ollie made a shaker from an empty plastic bottle and rice. He also made a super drum kit out of pots, pans and spoons. Listen to him having a 'jam' on his kit!

Fliss reading her letter to Captain Tom.

Still image for this video
Fliss wrote her letter to Captain Tom. He is an incredible person who Fliss admires very much!

Week 3 & 4 Easter Holiday Home Learning Photos

Happy Birthday Alex

Still image for this video
Max encouraged all of the neighbours to stand on their door steps to sing "Happy Birthday" to Alex.

Ready, steady, fire the catapult!

Still image for this video
Take a look at Thea's slow motion video!

5....4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!

Still image for this video
Ollie has been testing rockets. Whoosh!

Pull back and...release the marshmallows! Super catapulting, Mya.

Still image for this video
Mya has worked with her dad to construct this super catapult.

Author at work- enjoy listening to Fliss' story.

Still image for this video

Harrison brightening our day with a song.

Still image for this video
Harrison recorded a song for us using Mrs P's backing track for 'Zootime'.

PE is on a Wednesday. Pupils should come to school dressed in their PE kit on this day.  

Homework is set on a Friday to completed by the following Wednesday. 

Reading books should be brought into school on a Monday and a Thursday. 


Please scroll down to see our latest learning. 

Spring 2 - Sport Relief Mile

We had a very exciting morning last Wednesday (11.3.20) at Greenside. In order to raise money for Sport Relief, everyone came to school dressed in sports clothes and something red and ran a mile. We were all very impressed as everyone displayed such positive attitudes towards the mile. Children showed good understanding for the cause and it was clear that everyone gave it a good go! The mile entailed 8 laps around both of the playgrounds, which some children ran, some walked and some even skipped. The best part was that each and every one of the children had a huge smile on their faces!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Spring 2 - World Book Day


We enjoyed lots of book related activities on World Book Day, including a team quiz, writing our own mini stories about knights and dragons, designing a book token, sharing our stories and learning how to illustrate. It was a fantastic day and our outfits were all fabulous! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Spring 1 - Chinese New Year ICE Day

On 27th January, we celebrated Chinese New Year. We began the day with by looking at zodiac symbols and learning all about the zodiac story. We looked at which zodiac each of us were (most of us either the dragon or the snake!) and we even learnt how to write this as a Chinese symbol! We continued our fun-filled day by making dragon puppets out of paper and lollipop sticks. We learnt dragon puppets are usually red and gold (meaning good fortune), but quite often they are also found to be bright colours! 

The children got to make their very own home-made spring rolls. They were delicious. It was a fiddly job though trying to roll the thin pastry and to keep all the ingredients inside at the same time!

Finally, we spent our afternoon practising writing and speaking some Mandarin. We learned how to say ‘how are you?’, ni hao ma, and that to answer with ‘I’m good’ is wo hen hao! We then wrote Happy New Year! In Mandarin too. To finish off our wonderful day, we shared our learning with the Y5 Dazzling Dolphins class.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Spring 1 - Moving Words Poetry Workshop

Colin, Julie and Adam came into school to deliver a fantastic poetry workshop all about communication. Through words, actions and dance, we learnt about cave paintings, carrier pigeons, the telephone, the telegram, texts, emails and much more! We enjoyed performing to parents, carers, grandparents and to Mrs Fuller at the end of the day. 

Spring 1 - Dia De Los Reyes (The Day of the Kings)

The children participated in a wonderful theme day based upon the Spanish festival Dia De Los Reyes (The Day of the Kings). During the day, we made non-alcoholic sangria; tasted some delicious Spanish food; played traditional Spanish games and practiced greeting each other in Spanish! The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned some interesting information about Spain!