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Reading at Greenside

Welcome to the 'Reading' page on our school website. We hope you find the information and resources useful in developing your skills as a fluent and confident reader.


In school, we follow the Philip Webb ‘5-Phase Approach’ to reading. Each Guided Reading unit starts with a 'hook' where you making predictions about the text you will be reading. Next, you learn strategies to develop your vocabulary and explore the meanings of words in context. After that, you practise your comprehension skills (retrieval, inference and choice) before analysing, creating and evaluating what you have read. Each year, you will read a range of fiction and non-fiction books so that you increase your reading fluency and stamina.


We subscribe to the Bug Club reading scheme which allows you to read books at your reading level both at home and in-school. If you are on a book band between Lilac to Lime, you can have the book read to you. Be sure to improve your comprehension skills by answering the questions each time you see the 'bug' icon - practice makes perfect!

Recommended Reading Lists:

Please find below recommended reading lists as compiled by Explore Learning. How many books can you tick off the list? If you would like further reading recommendations, please speak to your teacher who will be more than happy to recommend their favourite titles and authors!

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