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We have started doing phonics sessions with the children in school. Before half term, we will be teaching the children as a whole class group and introducing Set 1 sounds.

If your child has to isolate at home but remains well, you may wish to go over some of the phonics sounds with them. Each week we will aim to introduce the children to 3 new phonic sounds and spend two days recapping over the others we have already introduced.


Week beginning 12th October

This week in school we are looking at patterns.

Use the attached sheet below to complete the patterns that have been started and then see if you can create you own pattern on the shapes below. Challenge yourself by trying to create a pattern with four different colours.


The third attached sheet is asking you to work out what one more and one less of the given objects would be.

Practise writing your numbers as neatly as you can to answer each of these questions.

Our Class Books


We will be reading this book 'Fletcher and the Falling Leaves'. 

Whilst reading the book, we will be discussing how Fletcher is feeling and what is really happening to the tree.

Here is a video link of the book being read so you can share it at home too.

Week beginning 12th October

This week we have started to look at a new class book linked to our current topic of Haloween, "Big Pumpkin".

Use the link below to fin a video of the story being told through song.


There is also a sequencing activity. If you are able to, print of the pictures and use the pictures and the sentences as well as your knowledge of the story to put the pictures in the correct order. Then use the cards to tell the story in your own words.

Weeks beginning 12th and 19th October

For the final weeks of this half term we are having a Halloween focus across the Reception classes.

If you child is having to isolate, you may want to do some halloween based activities with them at home so they are doing similar activities to the children in school.

Some ideas:

  • Make a potion Find colourful or unusual objects in your garden or around the home that you can combine to create your own spooky potion. Ideas could include leaves, fruit, food dye, glitter etc. There are lots of ideas on-line for making your potions extra special. Once your child has created their potion they may be able to write their own spell or create a title for what their potion will do.
  • Cotton wool skeletons

    Make some great skeletons using black paper, cotton buds and glue. The children can use the cotton buds as ‘bones’ to create their own skeleton. This activity can encourage children to talk about their bodies and is a great activity to accompany the story ‘Funny Bones.’

  • Room on the broom bog monsters

    This fun messy activity is a lovely way to extend the story ‘Room on the Broom.’ Add the animals from the story (or any plastic toy animals you have) to a tray with gloop (this could be mashed up jelly) and encourage the children to recreate their own version of the story, making the animals into ‘bog monsters.’ The children can guess what animal is hiding under the gloop.

Autumn 1 Activity Ideas and Resources


Our topic this half term is based around autumn. If your child is currently having to isolate and cannot attend school, but is feeling well. Here are some activities that are similar to activities their classmates will be doing in school over the next couple of weeks.


We will keep updating them with new resources as the term continues.

Use these I Spy Resources to practice counting. Get the children to write the number of each item into the box on the worksheet also attached.

Use the Autumn Leaves colouring sheets as templates. Have a go at missing some primary colour (red, yellow, blue) paints together to try and create some autumn leaf colours and then decorate your leaves with the paint colours you create.

To support the development of fine motor skills, use the Autumn Tree resources and get your child you cut out the different pictures as neatly as they can and stick them to the tree outline to make their own autumn tree.

Use the Autumn themed pencil control worksheets (one a day) to get your child to practise their pencil control and build their confidence with writing and mark-making.

Autumn Activity Ideas to have a go at from home

Hedgehog Themed Activities


One of our Reception classes is called the Helpful Hedgehogs.

See if you can find out some facts about hedgehogs.

Watch the video, can you find out . . .

- what hedgehogs can eat

- what is poisonous to them

- what a baby hedgehog is called

- where you might find a hedgehog

Here are some other hedgehoggy activities you can get up to . . .

Hedgehog art

Get an adult to draw an outline of a hedgehog for you.

Use a fork and some dark-coloured paint to create the spines of the hedgehog by dipping the fork in the shallow paint and then carefully dabbing the fork on the back of the hedgehog to create spines. Try not to overlap your spines too much.smiley