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Suggested Timetable for Home Learning

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Home-Learning - Updated Tuesday 5th January


With all pupils remaining at home today (5.1.21) due to the latest Covid-19 lockdown, we have provided some learning activities to support your child's home-learning. We understand that this is a very challenging time for everyone, so there is no expectation for any or all of these activities to be completed today - these are merely suggestions that you can use if you wish.


We would like you to choose a few of your favourite sounds and then find objects around your house which begin with these sounds, then sort them into piles/bowls/baskets like in the picture below. You could write a list of all the objects in each pile once you have finished sorting them!


Yesterday we learnt how to share fairly, today we would like you to try this at home! You could set up a little teddy bears picnic, give each bear a plate and share out their picnic food fairly.

You could use grapes, biscuits, cereal or even frozen peas! Whatever you happen to have available. Don’t forget to give them all one item first, then if there is enough give them one more, and so on.


We briefly started to learn about Penguins yesterday, so today we would like you to try and make your own penguin at home. The example below uses a toilet roll tube and black paper, but you could do this using whatever you have available. Recycling bins are great for finding materials, you could even cut up a bin bag and stick It into your model if you don’t have any paint or card at home.

Don’t forget to give your penguin a name and take good care of it!

In Reception, children take part in adult-guided learning activities in short bursts with further learning taking place in structured learning zones around the classroom where children learn through play. Therefore whilst at home, we do not expect children to have long guided learning sessions but recommend that the learning activities suggested are used throughout the day with children also having the opportunity to choose other play activities to complete whilst at home. 

We recognise many parents may be having to work from home during this time so please do not worry if you do not have the opportunity to do all of the suggested activities with your child.

Please keep in touch with your child's class teacher and feel free to send in any photos of them completing the learning tasks or of the work they produce. We can share these pictures with the rest of their class via the class webpage so their friends can see what they are doing whilst at home.