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Spelling at Greenside

Welcome to the 'Spelling' page on our school website. We hope you find the resources here useful to help you practise your spellings and make you the best possible speller you can be!


From Reception to Year 1, you will learn how to spell using your knowledge of phonics. If you are in these year-groups, please have a look at the Phonics page which has lots of fantastic resources (link at the bottom of the page). From Year 2 upwards, we follow the Spelling Shed scheme in school. Each week you will be taught 10 new spellings linked to a pattern or rule. You will then need to practise these over the weekend as homework on Spelling Shed.


Fact: Did you know that 87% of words in the English language follow a spelling pattern or rule? Therefore, knowing the rules will really help you learn your spellings!

Spelling Assessment Lists:

Please find below the spelling lists for each year-group. You will be assessed on these spellings at the end of each half-term once you have been taught them. Three spellings are taken from each weekly rule and the grey spellings are the common exception words (spellings that do not follow a pattern). Get a head start on this half-term's spellings by practising them now!

Useful Resources:

Please find below useful resources to support you with learning your spellings. Remember, the statutory spellings lists can be found in your Pupil Planners, along with your Spelling Shed login details. If there's anything else you feel would improve your spelling, please speak to your class teacher who will be more than happy to help!

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