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Spring 1 (January 4th to February 18th 2022)

1) North America Fact File Task 

Do some research online based on the fact file headings then fill out the fact file sheet. The map below may help you too with some of it. 

2) and 3) Landmarks of North America Learning Log Task

Research famous natural and man made landmarks of North America (such as the Empire State Building. Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, the CN Tower, Niagra Falls, Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chichen Itza, Palenque)


Find out:

- Where is it?

- What is it?

- How long has it been there?

- Who/how was it created?

- Other facts


Create a double page spread (like a learning log) about the famous landmarks of North America. You could have one page for natural and one page for man made landmarks. Include drawings/photos and facts. Spend time making sure the presentation is of a high quality, thinking about layout, headings/subheadings, fonts, colours and how the information is presented.  

4) Caribbean Music and Dance Culture

Caribbean music styles include reggae, ska, calypso, mambo, salsa and more. Common instruments include claves, maracas and steel pans.


Task 1: Follow the Caribbean Music Styles video and Powerpoint/PDF to learn more about Caribbean music.


Task 2: Then click on the video link to listen to some steel band music.


Task 3: Finally, follow the Zumba Kids Dance videos linked to different Caribbean music styles. 

5) The Windrush Generation Lesson

Task 1: Watch the Newsround video to learn about why lots of people from the Caribbean came to the UK after World War 2 and the issues they faced when they arrived. There is also a Powerpoint/PDF to read to give more information. 


Task 2: Write a diary in role as a person living in the Caribbean who travels on the HMS Windrush to the UK just after World War 2. Write a short entry for the following, describing :

- Just before setting off the the UK (feelings about the journey, why you are making the journey, what you'll miss)

- On the boat (what the journey is like, how you are feeling)

- After you arrived in the UK (weather, first impressions, how you were treated, your thoughts and feelings). 



6) and 7) Totem Pole Task and North America Animals Task