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Spring Term 1 (January 4th to February 18th 2022)

Afternoon Lesson Instructions:

Whilst you are home learning, please work your way through the following afternoon lesson activities. You may not get all the way through them if your isolation has ended and you are due back to school but just start at number 1 and get as far as you can whilst you are at home or pick and choose the order you do the lessons. Each lesson will probably take you more than one afternoon to do well. 


If you do not have a printer or just want to save on printing, write your answers in an exercise book instead. Any issues with accessing the work, please contact your class teacher via the tier group email address

1) Rainforest Animal Fact File 

Follow the PowerPoint on PDF to learn all about animals of the rainforest. Then complete your animal fact file, either for one of the animals you have learnt about or a different animal that you have researched that has a rainforest habitat. 

2) Comparing Sherwood Forest (UK) to the Amazon Rainforest (South America)

Firstly, watch the videos about the two forests. They both have trees and are both amazing places but are two very different forests in many ways! Then read the forest fact sheets. Finally, complete your forest comparison sheet. 

3) Rainforest Craft/Art

Watch the video to learn about the 4 different layers of the Amazon rainforest. Then use the layers of the rainforest sheet below to create a 3D rainforest in a shoe box. All of the instructions are on the sheet. If you don't have the resources to do this at home, you could draw and colour a 2D picture of the rainforest layers instead. 

4) Saving the Amazon Rainforest 

Sadly, lots of the Amazon rainforest is being cut down every day. This is called deforestation. Listen to the song, watch the video and then read the information to learn about deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. 


Then complete the sheet, explaining how deforestation affects:

- people 

- animals

- plants