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Spring Term 1 (January 4th to February 18th 2022)

This half term our new topic is 'Castles'.

Watch the BBC link below to find out all about the Tower of London and complete the attached task sheet.


You could also explore castles furthers and have a go at some of these learning ideas:

* Research different castles in England and produce an information text or poster to advertise them.

* Build a castle out of Lego, construction kits or from old boxes/toilet tubes etc that you may have at home.

* Paint or draw a wonderful image of the Tower of London (or another castle of your choice). Look at the ideas below. You could also watch the videos from Art for Kids Hub to learn how to draw a sandcastle or knight too!

* Listen to, and participate in, the BBC audio dance lessons themed around Castles and Knights - see link below.

* Have a go at some of the Castle brain teaser & colouring activities below.