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Spring Term 2 (February 28th to April 1st 2022)

Afternoon Lesson Instructions:

Whilst you are home learning, please work your way through the following afternoon lesson activities, one per day. You may not get all the way through them if your isolation has ended and you are due back to school but just start at number 1 and get as far as you can whilst you are at home. The first activity is labelled 1) 2) and 3) because to do well will probably take you 2 to 3 sessions. 


If you do not have a printer or just want to save on printing, write your answers in an exercise book instead. Any issues with accessing the work, please contact your class teacher via the tier group email address

1), 2) & 3) Rio de Janeiro Topic Task

Create a double page spread over the next 3 afternoons all about Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Make it colourful, full of facts and well presented. You could add pictures, photos or drawings as well as fact sentences. You could have lift the flap bits, funky fonts and make it really stand out!


Use the videos and information below to get you started and you can do your own research too. You might want to have sections such as Landmarks, Food, Where to Stay, What to See and Do and The Rio Carnival or you may want to focus your whole double page spread on one area such as The Rio Carnival or on Landmarks. It's up to you! 

4) Rio Dance Tutorial 

Follow the link to the Rio Carnival dance tutorial where you will learn dance moves linked to the film Rio 2 then put them into a performance. Once on the 'Getting Started' video link, you will then find the other tutorial videos to follow:


- Dance Move 1: Miss Jewel

- Dance Move 2: Bongo Magic

- Dance Move 3: I Spy

- Dance Move 4: Samba

- Dance Move 5: Blu's Groove

- Dance Move 6: Hide and Seek

- Dance Move 7: Funky Monkey

- Putting It Altogether

5) Art/Craft: Make a carnival mask

Watch the video about how Rio Carnival costumes and masks are made. Then create your own. If you have some craft materials like sequins and feathers, you could design a 3D mask using the blank template below. If not and you have colouring pencils/pens, use these to create a 2D design. There are also some examples to look at and a colouring sheet as an extra activity.