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TTRS: Battle of the Bands Championship

Times Table Rock Stars Battle of the Bands:

The Greenside Championship 2021

The competition that gripped the school in 2020 is back! 

Who will be crowned Greenside TTRS champions for 2021?

Will the Creative Caimans regain their crown?

Will Mr Khan and the Adventurous Anacondas get their revenge?

Or will we have brand new finalists in 2021?


Round 1: Well done to everyone who took part in a fantastic first round of Rock Battles. We have been so impressed with your determination, friendly competitiveness and, most importantly, your times table learning. Congratulations to the Toucans, Dolphins, Anacondas and Caimans for making it through to the semi-finals.

Well done to our Most Valuable Players: Frances (Dolphins), Dillon (Pumas), Luca (Anacondas), Jaiden (Chameleons), Zach (Toucans) and Avan (Caimans).


The Semi-Finals start on Monday 22nd February and end on Friday 5th March. The Persevering Pumas will also battle the Confident Chameleons at the same time. Good luck everyone!