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VE Day Activities (8.5.20)

VE Day Activities

On Friday 8th May 2020, people all over the UK and in other countries will turn their thoughts and attention to the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. This is a really important day in our country's History. Back in 1945, the 8th of May marked the end of World War II. Since then, every year on the 8th of May people have celebrated this special day and are thankful for the end of the war. 


So, down below are lots of different activities for you to try that will help you learn all about VE Day. There is a little idea planner that shows all the different activities available for you to do to help you decide what you would like to do.


Once you've completed them, don't forget to send emails so we can see all the super things you've been up to and the fantastic learning you've done all about VE Day.




Mrs Shoesmith, Mrs Percival and Miss Nicholas x