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WB 04.05.20 Week 5

Thursday 7th May 2020 - VE Day update!

Hello Anacondas! We hope you've had a lovely week so far and enjoyed the sunshine. Thank you to those of you who have already completed this week's activities and emailed us too, amazing effort! As you will know from our English learning, this Friday is the very special 75th anniversary for VE Day. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your diary entries and can't wait to read more of them. Below are some fun VE Day activities that you might want to complete over the bank holiday weekend. We wish you all a very safe and enjoyable VE Day and long weekend, whatever you may be doing! Mr Khan, Miss Brooks and Miss Brown

Home Learning - Week Beginning 04.05.2020

Hello Adventurous Anacondas! Welcome to Week 5 of Home Learning. For this week, we have planned Maths, English, History, PE and PSHE. As always, you're doing an amazing job and we are so proud of each and every one of you. Keep sending us emails of how you're getting on and we look forward to hearing from you. Mr Khan, Miss Brooks and Miss Brown


This Friday 8th May, we will commemorate the very special 75th anniversary of VE Day when World War 2 finally ended in Europe. As it is such an important event, we would like you to write a diary entry linked to this. Please read the document below which explains everything you need to do in English this week. You'll also find details about Education City, Spelling Shed and Bug Club activities and, as always, please continue to read your favourite books at home too!


A big shout out to Travis, Penny, Frances, Ruby, India, Mia, Jonah, Abibayle, Evie C, Sophie M, Joshua, Layla, Jake, Halle and Samuel for completing all Education City activities last week!


As of today (Monday 5th) we are the school leaders on Spelling Shed - well done! Let's keep our first-place position until the end of the week by practising our spellings online.


For the remainder of the Summer Term, the White Rose Hub have created a 12-week plan that we are going to follow. This plan will consolidate previous taught skills alongside new essential learning. This will allow children to continue their Maths learning when they return to school. You may find that we have already learnt some content in class. However, as we would do if we were at school, it is important children re-visit and continually practise this learning to further develop and embed it.


There are 5 lessons with teaching videos, activity sheets and answers on the White Rose Hub website. Year 4, when you get to division, White Rose show a different method on their video to the one we did in class. If you'd like to refresh your memory of the 'bus stop method' (the method we learnt), we have posted a video explaining this. 


Once you have completed all 5 lessons, practise your times tables on TTRS. This week, we have not assigned any activities on Mathletics unless you haven't completed previously set learning. A big shout out to Sophie M, Isobel, Joshua, Layla, Abigayle, Penny, Frances, India, Halle, Sophie T and Charlotte for completing all their Mathletics activities to date and have none to do this week!


If you would like some extra Maths resources to help you with any of the lessons, follow the link to BBC Bitesize where you will find more worksheet resources, interactive activities and teaching videos. However, you don't need to complete these if you feel confident in your knowledge and understanding.


This week, we would like you to continue your learning on the Anglo Saxons. We were extremely impressed with the research you conducted last week, which was presented beautifully in many creative ways. Your research this week will be focused around 'When the Anglo Saxons arrived in Britain' and you will also develop your knowledge and understanding of the key words 'invaders' and 'settlers'. There are a few different elements to this week's History learning but the main activity is to create a timeline of British History which allows to be as creative as you like. Have a look at the documents below for some extra information and inspiration for how you might present your timeline. 


We know that it must be tricky for you all with things still being so unusual in the world and we want to say a huge 'well done' for how quickly you've adapted to the changes. We thought it would be a good idea to set some activities that help you to think carefully about your feelings, give you ideas about how you can make sure that you stay positive and ways to help out some of your friends and peers that may be lacking in motivation. The documents below include some information that we think may be helpful towards this, as well as some creative activities. 


Lots of you are continuing to stay active with Joe Wicks every morning which is fabulous or you're enjoying riding your bike, walking or skipping during your daily exercise time. If you'd like to have a go at some different activities, take a look at the Be Active! Be Healthy! document below.