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WB 06.07.20 Week 13

Hello Persevering Pumas! 

Welcome to Week 13 of Home Learning. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and managed to dodge the showers when spending time outdoors. There's only 2 weeks of home learning left before the Summer Holidays, which means there's only two weeks left of hard work and determination before you earn yourselves a well deserved 7 week break! I'm sure you were all thrilled to learn about your new classes this week and whether that be the Dazzling Dolphins or Tenacious Toucans, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to school in September! The learning this week takes a slightly different turn as, alongside the usual maths work, it is based around transition for your new class. This should hopefully give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to your new teacher and teaching assistant and learn more about your class name and country. There is also a very exciting virtual Sports Day for you to participate in this week, from the comfort of your own home or back garden! Further details can be found below. 


Please remember that the TTRS battle continues until Friday this week, please play everyday to earn points for our class. We need everyone to play so that we're able to beat the Tenacious Toucans! 


As always, it was lovely to see so many of you again on Zoom and if anyone else would like to join our weekly meetings for the final two weeks of term, please ask your adult to send me an email. Please send me a quick update of your learning this week too and, if you are going to be part of the Dazzling Dolphins class next year, I will make sure I forward all of your transition work to Mrs Brown and Mrs Hartshorne, who I know are looking forward to teaching you. 


Have a great week, enjoy learning more about your new class and stay safe. 

Miss Winkley


This week's maths learning is based around the topic of Angles where you will learn to identify, order and compare angles as well as completing some work on the angles of triangles and quadrilaterals. There are four lessons for you to complete this week, along with a challenge on Friday! Each lesson comes with a useful video teaching you the skills and a worksheet for you to complete. All videos for this week can be found on the White Rose Hub website using the link below and the worksheets can be downloaded directly from our class page (below). If you have a printer, feel free to print out the worksheets and stick them into your home learning book. If not, you can simply just write the answers straight into your home learning book instead - it's entirely up to you! We are on Summer Term, Week 11 this week. 

This week, the BBC Bitesize resources are once again directly aligned to our maths learning. If you would like some extra maths learning or extra resources to help you with either of these lessons, I have posted the link to the BBC Bitesize home learning where you will find more worksheet resources, interactive activities and teaching videos. However, you don't need to complete these if you feel confident in your knowledge and understanding once you've completed the worksheets above. These resources might be particularly useful this week as I know we didn't learn about angles when we were at school and it can be a tricky topic. 

Please continue to practise your times tables. Use Times Tables Rock Stars for around 15 minutes of practise each day. It is especially important that you continue to improve your recall speed of your times tables as you will rely on this knowledge heavily in Year 5. 

This week, I have assigned 4 new Mathletics activities for your to complete, linking to the topic of 'Angles'. I would like to congratulate the following pupils who have completed all of their Mathletics activities up to date (until the four new activities were added this week). If your name isn't on the list, please make sure you complete any outstanding Mathletics activities as well as the five new activities.  

Mathletics Shout Out 

A huge well done to Lola, George, Sophia, Evie H, Angelina, Poppy, Ava and Zach for completing all of your assigned activities on Mathletics. 

Transition Learning

As I mentioned above, this week's home learning focuses on transition ready for your new class in September. This learning enables you to introduce yourself to your new teacher and teaching assistant (I know many of you will be taught by myself again, but Mrs Crossland is looking forward to getting to know you better) as well as learning more about your class animal and country. There has been a special page set up with more information about these activities. This page can be accessed by clicking on the 'Children' tab, then 'Class Pages', then 'Transition Home Learning - WB 06.07.2020'

I have created a direct link to this page below: 

Virtual Sports Day

On Tuesday 7th July (this Tuesday) the Yorkshire Sport Foundation are hosting a virtual Sports Day, which Greenside will be participating in. The day involves many exciting activities, which can be done at home with very minimal equipment, taking the place of a traditional sports day. We would like as many children as possible to take part and email in their results so that these can be collated by school as we compete against schools from across Yorkshire. 

Please look carefully at the document below which includes all the information you'll need about the day, including the different events. At the bottom of the information, you'll see a link to a google form. Please complete this form and submit it so that your child's score can be added to the school total - note the form will only be available from 10am on 07.07.20 - 12pm on 08.07.20.