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WB 11.05.20 Week 6

Hello Persevering Pumas! 

Welcome to Week 6 of home learning, I hope you're all eager to find out what you'll be doing this week! I hope that you've all enjoyed the fabulous weather that we had over the Bank Holiday weekend and that you all had a fantastic day celebrating VE Day with your family at home. 

I continue to be really proud of you all for your hard work and motivation and look forward to receiving emails from each of you again this week with photos of your learning. This week your learning includes Maths, English, Geography and Art, still based around our topic of Anglo Saxons. Read on to find out more about your learning. 
Stay safe and enjoy your week of home learning, 

Miss Winkley


This week you will start by completing some multiplication and division problems in Lesson 1, to consolidate last weeks learning and then you be re-visiting our learning on area and perimeter. There are four lessons for you to complete this week, along with a challenge on Friday! Each lesson comes with a useful video teaching you the skills and a worksheet for you to complete. White Rose are no longer providing the worksheets or answer sheets free on their website, where you will still find the teaching videos, however, as we have paid into this scheme, we still have access to all the resources and I have provided a link to each of them below. 

If you have a printer, feel free to print out the worksheets and stick them into your home learning book. If not, you can simply just write the answers straight into your home learning book instead - it's entirely up to you! We are on Summer Term, Week 4 this week. 

The White Rose Hub have decided to work alongside BBC Bitesize. If you would like some extra maths learning or extra resources to help you with any of the lessons, I have posted the link to the BBC Bitesize home learning where you will find more worksheet resources, interactive activities and teaching videos. However, you don't need to complete these if you feel confident in your knowledge and understanding once you've completed the worksheets above.

Please continue to practise your times tables. Use Times Tables Rock Stars for around 15 minutes of practise each day. I have assigned the appropriate Mathletics activities for this weeks learning and would like to congratulate the following pupils who have completed all of their Mathletics activities up to date. If your name isn't on the list, please make sure you complete any outstanding Mathletics activities. 

Mathletics Shout Out 

A huge well done to Lola, George, Sophia, Poppy, Evie J, Harvey, Ellie, Hannah, Ava, Naiah, Maisie and Zach for completing all of your assigned activities on Mathletics! 


We are now onto Week 6 of home learning and all of use have experienced many changes to our daily lives during this time. Some of the changes have been really positive, however, other changes have been much harder to adapt to. Given all the changes that have happened in our lives, I thought that I'd be nice for you to write a poem to reflect on this time. Read the document below to find out more about poetry writing and the different tasks you should complete before writing your poem. You will also find details about this weeks Spelling Shed and Bug Club activities in the document and as always, please continue to read your favourite books at home too!


This week, you are going to be continuing our topic on the Anglo Saxons, however you are going to be looking at the geographical aspects of the Anglo-Saxons. I would like you to look into the places where the Anglo Saxons settled, the names of their Kingdoms and the meanings behind these names. Complete the activities outlined in the document below and use the information provided to support you. 


Finally, and also linking to our topic on the Anglo Saxons, I have set you some art activities researching, designing and creating belt buckles and brooches, items which the Anglo Saxons where very skilled in making and wore as a symbol of wealth. Look carefully at the document below which takes you through a series of activities to complete. I look forward to seeing your excellent creative abilities in action! 

Creative Time

Illustration to Creation:

As part of your daily creative time, every week we will be posting an illustration to create ideas for you to use at home. It's not just about writing and reading but how an image can inspire art, creativity, design, science, knowledge etc. More examples can be found using the hashtag #Illustration2Creation. This week's image comes from 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey.

Possible ideas:

  • Make a film about your favourite toy. 
  • Interview your family members about their favourite toys when they were a child.
  • Design the ultimate space toy. 
  • Design a rocket to blast off into space.
  • Write a story about toys that go on an adventure in space.
  • Create the solar system using a box - how could you make the planets?
  • You’ve seen Toy Story - make a film using some of your toys.
  • Write a letter to astronauts in space telling them what's happening back on Earth.
  • Learn about Helen Sharman or Tim Peake and report your findings in a fact file.
  • Paint a scene of your toys in space. 
  • Design a new space craft to travel to Jupiter.