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Wb 11.1.21

Monday 11.1.2020

Monday is our PE day! Please refer to the PE and Sport blog to find exciting information regarding PE lessons you can follow to complete at home. You can also find links to other resources including Joe Wicks, Go Noodle and Cosmic Kids Yoga!

Tuesday 12.1.21 RE

This week in RE we are looking at why it is so important to say thank you. We are going to be thinking about all the things that we are thankful for, and a little birdie needs your help.

Wednesday 13.1.2020

This week for Art we will be making silhouettes of the Great Fire of London. Please see below for information and resources! 

Thursday 14.1.21 PSHE

This week in PSHE we are learning about what responsibilities are and why we are important. We are going to learn about what different responsibilities you have in school and at home and how they affect you.

Friday 15.1.21 Music 

It's the second lesson of our Ollie Tumner Body Beats body percussion unit. Simply follow Ollie on his video below as he takes you through lots of fun body percussion activities. Join in the best that you can- you can always pause if you need extra time to perfect a skill. This is what we did in class for lesson 1 and we still couldn't get some of the mouth percussion quite right but the most important thing was we learnt something new, we kept trying and we had lots of musical fun. Ollie used to perform in the group, 'STOMP!' and you might want to watch some examples of STOMP performances below too, just for fun! 

'Body Beats' - online body percussion session Tuesday 24/03/20

STOMP London | Dustbin Lids

The STOMP London cast show off their skills using dustbin lids. Find out more about STOMP London on the official West End show website.

How To STOMP: Hands & Feet

Members of STOMP show you how to make some rhythm with your hands and feet.