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W.b. 11th January

Guided Reading

This week we will be completing the text "A little bit of a daredevil' by Michael Morpurgo. Follow the lessons 6 through 9 by reading the marked section of the text and completing the designated activity each day.


We will be looking at Homophones and Homonyms in our SPAG sessions. 

Homophones - Words which are pronounced the same but have different spellings and meanings. E.g. witch/which or bored/board.

Homonyms - Words which are both pronounced and spelt the same but have different meanings. E.g. rose (a flower) and rose (to get up) or right (correct) and right (direction) .

You need to do the following: Log on to Education City and work through one of the 6 assigned teaching video clips/interactive activities each day (two on Friday as there is no guided reading!). Then complete the linked activity sheet below.

Remember to go to the Spelling section on our home learning page too to revise your spelling words and complete the related activities for this week.

"Free" Write Friday

Today's writing challenge is to apply all you have learnt this week about homophones and homonyms and create either a poem, short story/diary entry, set of instructions, joke/riddle etc that uses homophones/homonyms. Look back through all the tasks above that you've completed this week to decide on a list of words to include. Or watch the clip below and use some of the words in there. You could highlight or underline each one you use in your finished piece of writing.

We'll share our examples in our Friday pm zoom lesson and please also send them into the email address so we can post your efforts in the photo section.

Click on the examples below for inspiration: 

Commonly Confused Homophones Illustrated with Pictures & Examples