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Wb 1.2.21

Monday 1.2.21- PE

Today would be our PE day in school! Please log into Real PE at Home (passwords sent out) to complete an activity, or choose an activity from the PE and Sport blog. 

Tuesday 02.02.21 - RE

We have a very exciting RE lesson this week. This is our themed afternoon where we are learning about Chinese New Year and we have some exciting craft activities planned for you. Enjoy finding out about this festival, and take lots of pictures.

Wednesday 03.02.21- History 

Today you will be finding out what happened after the Great Fire of London was finally put out. Where did people go? Where did they live? Were the houses rebuilt? What changes were made to make it safer in London? Find out by looking at the Powerpoint below (PDF version also attached in case you cannot open Power Point) and then put your knowledge to the test with the true or false quiz. 

Thursday 04.02.21- Computing

Lesson Option 1 (tablet required): If you were able to download the Scratch Junior app last week, then this week you will be choosing one or more of the Scratch activities below to follow using the Scratch Junior app. The activities show you how to use the programming blocks to code your own algorithm (set of instructions).


Lesson Option 2 (no technology required): If you are unable to download or access the Scratch Junior app then below is an 'unplugged lesson' where you will still get to work on your programming and coding skills but without the need for any technology. You will be programming a bee robot around a grid to find the flowers. 

Friday 05.02.21- History 

In our final History lesson about the Great Fire of London, we will be learning about the fire service today and how fire fighting has changed since 1666. Once you have looked at the Power Point with a grown up and completed your sorting sheet, have a go at singing along to the song London's Burning.