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Wb 12.7.21

Spelling- Adding -er and -est 


In Year 1 we learn to add -er and -est to adjectives where there is no change to the spelling of the adjective before adding the -er or -est (such as high, higher, highest). For Lesson 1, please follow the Powerpoint and then complete the L1 task sheet. For Lesson 2, revise the pattern using the poster and then complete the L2 task sheet.


In Year 2 we revise the above pattern but also learn how to add -er and -est to words ending in y and e and learn when to double the final consonant as in thin-thinnest. Work through the Powerpoint, pausing to complete the task sheets shown on the slides (ignore the game part). It may take you 2 lessons to complete the task sheets. 


Time left? Why not use Spelling Shed to practise your year group spelling patterns or work on your year group common exception word targets.