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WB 18.05.20 Week 7

Update - 21.05.2020

Happy Thursday Persevering Pumas! I hope you're all enjoying the glorious sunshine that we've been treated to this week. Thank you for all your emails and photos so far this week, you're really trying your best to end what has been an unusual half term on a high, well done! There'll be no home learning next week as it's half term and you all deserve a well earned rest, however, on Sunday, I'll post some fun activities for you to have a go at next week if you wish!

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is Kindness. In our current climate, it's more important than ever that we look after each other and therefore, as a school, we have started the #Greensidekindnessmovement. What kind gestures can you do at home? Take a photograph of yourself doing something kind (it could be for anyone) and send it to our email address to join in with the #Greensidekindnessmovement. See more information on the Wellbeing Resources Page (link below). 

To start us off, I'd like to post something kind that one of you has sent to me! I received a really kind message from Ava this week and it really made me smile. I can't wait to see what other kind gestures you do for your grown ups, siblings and friends! 

Miss Winkley

Ava's wonderfully kind message for Miss Winkley

Hello Persevering Pumas! 

I hope you're all well and still enjoying your home learning! I had lots of lovely emails last week and you've all continued to work hard, be active and be extremely creative. I have lots of fun home learning for you this week as it should have been our Science Week if we were at school and I know how much you all love science learning! Mrs Beckett, Mrs Robertson and I still miss teaching you all and we continue to be really proud of everything you're doing at home! As always, please send me a quick update and some photos via email as I enjoy hearing from you all and it's great to see your fantastic learning! 

Stay safe and enjoy your week, 

Miss Winkley


This week you will be revisiting your learning on fractions. There are four lessons for you to complete this week, along with a challenge on Friday! Each lesson comes with a useful video teaching you the skills and a worksheet for you to complete. White Rose are no longer providing the worksheets or answer sheets free on their website, where you will still find the teaching videos, however, as we have paid into this scheme, we still have access to all the resources and I have provided a link to each of them below. 

You have already completed Lesson 1 on the White Rose Hub Website, however there is an alternative for you. Please follow the video link below to ensure that you are learning the correct information for the worksheet provided, rather than the video on the White Rose website. 

If you have a printer, feel free to print out the worksheets and stick them into your home learning book. If not, you can simply just write the answers straight into your home learning book instead - it's entirely up to you! We are on Summer Term, Week 5 this week. 

Lesson 1 Teaching Video - What is a fraction?

The White Rose Hub have decided to work alongside BBC Bitesize. If you would like some extra maths learning or extra resources to help you with any of the lessons, I have posted the link to the BBC Bitesize home learning where you will find more worksheet resources, interactive activities and teaching videos. However, you don't need to complete these if you feel confident in your knowledge and understanding once you've completed the worksheets above.

Please continue to practise your times tables. Use Times Tables Rock Stars for around 15 minutes of practise each day. There aren't any new Mathletics activities for you to complete this week as you've already completed the fraction activities. However, I would like to congratulate the following pupils who have completed all of their Mathletics activities up to date. If your name isn't on the list, please make sure you complete any outstanding Mathletics activities. 

Mathletics Shout Out 

A huge well done to Lola, George, Sophia, Evie J, Harvey, Ellie, Hannah, Ava, Naiah, Zach and Ellen for completing all of your assigned activities on Mathletics! 


This week's English writing task is linked to our Anglo-Saxons topic. The Anglo-Saxons were famous for their imaginative stories with mythical beasts, gods and superhuman characters. The story of Beowulf is the most famous of all and is over 1,000 years old! Whilst the author of Beowulf is unknown, we would like you to become authors yourselves by rewriting this timeless legend. Read the document below to find out more about the different tasks you should complete before rewriting the story of Beowulf. You will also find details about this week's Spelling Shed and Bug Club activities in the document and as always, please continue to read your favourite books at home too!


As this week is Science Week, it's only right that your topic this week is on Science - you will be learning all about forces and magnets! The learning planned for you begins with some research, so that you can learn all about our new science topic and present your findings in an exciting and creative way. You will then explore household objects that you can push or pull and that are magnetic to complete the small experiments and creative tasks outlined in the document below. I hope the budding scientists within you enjoy this weeks learning! 


Our Music this week will be based around our wonderful Anglo-Saxons topic. We have found a great song for you to listen to and learn. We would then like you to get your creative juices flowing and find something around the house to make music in time to the beat with. If you learn the song AND manage to add music to it, you might even be brave enough to take a video! We would love to see any videos of you singing the song, or playing music to it so please don't forget to send them in!

Creative Time

Illustration to Creation:

As part of your daily creative time, every week we will be posting an illustration to create ideas for you to use at home. It's not just about writing and reading but how an image can inspire art, creativity, design, science, knowledge etc. More examples can be found using the hashtag #Illustration2Creation. 

This week's ideas are inspired by Roberto Innocenti's beautiful images for Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio.

  • Look at the image in detail - list all the sounds you can hear & count the number of children sitting, falling, riding, sliding.
  • Create a fairground ride inspired by your favourite cartoon/game character.
  • Design a fairground park including rides, food stalls, games and shows.
  • Make puppets and then write and perform a show to your family.
  • Describe the scene using powerful verbs, adjectives and figurative language - similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration, hyperbole.
  • Interview and record your families experiences of fairgrounds and rides.
  • Make a musical instrument (drum or trumpet?).
  • Make a fruit salad for your family using melon or make toffee apples (with adult support).
  • Design a carousel or tree house.